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Personal Purity 05-Our Father's Discipline

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Reading: Hebrews 12:1-13
Our fathers disciplined us for a little while as they thought best; but God disciplines us for our good, that we may share in his holiness.  Hebrews 12:10 (NIV)

I.   On your Mark; get Set . . .

     A.  The Crowd is watching

           1.  A great cloud of witnesses (ch.11)

                 a.  We aren’t the 1st to go thru problems!

                 b.  If they could do it . . .

           2.  We have what they didn’t (11:39-40)

                 a.  They never saw the promises fulfilled!

                 b.  We see the cross, the empty tomb

                 c.  We have the H.S. within us!

           3.  Watching and Cheering us on!

                 a.  The old guard cheers on the new

     B.  Get rid of our Street Clothes

           1.  Nobody competes in street clothes!

                 a.  Everything that hinders (boat & trailer!)

                 b.  Not everything fashionable is helpful!

                 c.  Clothing: metaphor for behavior

           2.  Our sins stick to us and trip us up

                 a.  Sin so easily entangles (besets) us

                 b.  “The sin” perhaps 1 particular area?

           3.  We are to “wear” runners’ clothes

                 a.  Light and allowing full freedom

                 b.  Jesus’ way is light and full of freedom!

     C.  Run to Finish the race

           1.  Run with perseverance (1b)

                 a.  =when it gets hard keep running

                 b.  =when you fall, get back up

                 c.  =know it’s not all easy. Run anyway.

           2.  Don’t get worn out and give up! (3b)

                 a.  Follow Jesus’ example of endurance

                 b.  Weary: the mind tires of fighting fatigue

                 c.  Never, never, never give up (Churchill)

           3.  Be strong and run strait (12-13)

                 a.  Be strong (in the L. & His mighty power)

                 b.  Stand up straight

 25 Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you. 26 Make level paths for your feet and take only ways that are firm. 27 Do not swerve to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil. Prov 4:25-27

                 c.  Don’t be defeated but healed

II.  Stay Focused on Jesus (2-3)

     A.  He is the Beginning and the End (2c)

           1.  Author: One Who starts off our faith

                 a.  While we were still sinners . . .

                 b.  I sought the Lord and afterward . . .

                 c.  Thru the H.S. Jesus draws faith out of us

           2.  Perfecter: One Who fully matures our faith

                 a.  He takes us from point A to Z

                 b.  At 1st we only have potential

                 c.  He makes us world class athletes

     B.  He Marks Out the race for us (1c-2a)

           1.  He is the author of the race–His plan

                 a.  We don’t have to make our own race

                 b.  He lays it all out for us

                 c.  We just follow the markers on the way

           2.  He designs the race to bring out our best

                 a.  Every obstacle placed for optimal value

                 b.  No curve or hill is too much for us

                 c.  So keep running!

     C.  He is our Example and Coach (2a)

           1.  He wrote the book on obedience to God

                 a.  Look how Jesus ran the race before Him.

                 b.  Learn from how He ran the race

                 c.  For the joy set before Him (joy=us!)

           2.  He helps us (by the H.S.) to live like Him!

                 a.  He empowers us

                 b.  He encourages us all the way

                 c.  He is the wind at our back

III. Treated like Family

     A.  Don’t be Discouraged

           1.  We get discouraged, don’t we.

                 a.  Like in a race, in life we want to quit

                 b.  A lot of discouragement in Alger

           2.  Don’t be–even our fight with sin is from God

                 a.  It feels like God is against us.

                 b.  That’s a lie! Our Father treats us as His

                 c.  Trust our Father’s love

                 d.  Rejoice in your sufferings

     B.  Our Father is our personal Trainer (7-13)

           1.  Discipline=training.

                 a.  Not punishment for doing wrong

                 b.  Training for becoming better

                 c.  Even if it’s isn’t from God endure it as disc.

           2.  Training for life, not just a one-time race

                 a.  Our Father trains us for a full life

                 b.  He sees our whole life, not just today’s struggle

           3.  Training is hard, because life is hard

                 a.  A poor coach doesn’t push the limits

                 b.  A good coach makes ‘em work

                 c.  Our Father is a good father!

     C.  He shares His Holiness with us (10b)

           1.  Father knows best!

                 a.  The Father of our spirits=born again

                 b.  Submit to (=accept) His training (9b)

           2.  Really for our own good!

                 a.  Our dads did their best at the time

                 b.  Our Father does it for our good!

                 c.  For righteousness & peace (both!)

           3.  So we share His Holiness!

                 a.  He wants us to share in His holiness!

                 b.  In Jesus, thru the H.S. we do share in it!

                 c.  We want to be like Him

The Bottom Line:

We Submit to our Father’s training Plan for a life Set-Apart for Him.

( 9b)


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