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            Here the Bible claims that Scripture is given by inspiration.  The word literally means “God-breathed.”  To inspire something means “to breathe” into it.  The word Paul used, however, is not the word for breathing in but for breathing out.  A more literal translation would be “all Scripture is given by expiration.”

            What difference does it make whether we speak of inspiration or expiration?  A significant difference.  Our doctrine of inspiration involves God’s aiding human authors by supervising their work; the Holy Spirit worked upon and in the human writers to insure that what they wrote was the Word of God.

            On the other hand, the term expiration does not refer to God’s activity in the work of the human writers but rather to the source of Scripture.  When Paul said that all Scripture is “God-breathed,” he was saying that the source of all Scripture is God.

One Holy Passion, RC Sproul, page 71, 72

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