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Thank you.
That there's something you're doing in our life.
That tells us of Your Love.
And we want others to see that.
at the words that speak from the sacred writings need to remind us of the Father's Love.
In this moment we share your word for this day.
Be glorified exalted be lifted up.
Let us hear your voice not mine, but let us hear your voice in Jesus name.
Thank you Kate for AB you can give her just fine trick.
Thank you, Dominique for reading.
I thought y'all was hollering at me.
children's church go
both Dominican I think eight do remind us that The Church Must Be A a place where where all can participate in praise and honor to him.
And I'm realizing that you ain't you ain't got to be so old before you can get a part become a part of the church.
How come sometime when we got Old Town?
We we we quit.
But these young ladies in Ian and others who are being raised in church and Church believe in the ownership.
early in faith with God
It's easier to convert a child to Christ.
Then it is a young adult and an adult.
Are y'all didn't catch that?
Statistics prove that when children are recruited to whatever it is.
They're more early to receive it if it comes from a trustworthy person or vehicle.
And I I challenge you to raise your children in the church.
when your child gets to be 15 + 16 + 17.
It's a whole lot harder.
And God help us when we become 21 and 23 and 25.
We know just about everything I think the young people for showing who God is in their lives today.
Today, I I want to look at with if you bear with me creating space for God.
Create in space.
I think we create space for a lot of things in our life.
and I would tell you you need to create space.
For God God doesn't just show up in your life.
There may need to be a situation and ordeal a challenge that God May allowed to touch you, but God cannot force you to love him.
Noah to serve him and I realize one other thing just because you're going through something is not going to make you trust God.
Man who got praying to God God.
I need you to help me.
He got himself into fix.
Thanks for going tough for me.
They say God if you today.
Will change my life?
If you today was show yourself.
I promise to start going to church.
I promise to be a great work in the church.
I promise to give you everything.
That you can use in the building of the Kingdom.
All around 12 noon the sun just seem to be down.
Clouds move away the sky was Blue the guy I saw things turn around and he began to feel his life was getting back off on up on the horse.
It's all right.
I don't need you right now.
Haven't found a good day to do what I need to do.
I'll get back with you.
How many of us try to do god like that?
When it's fixed when it's worked out.
I did it.
I found the resource.
I pushed harder.
I use my whip my wisdom.
I use my intellect.
I just turned it down but friends.
I need you to know it doesn't matter what you did God have to open.
But we try to take the credit.
I just want to just say that we need to create space.
for God
every year in this church prior to Easter y'all tell me if I'm telling the truth.
We call the church the fasting.
We call the church the fasting and prayer for those of you who haven't been around as long as it's important that we do both of them at the time of the year where members are asked to disconnect from areas of their lives that have addictive light controls.
You don't have to be on crack to have an addiction.
You don't have to be on opioids.
They have an addiction.
Don't don't don't let don't let the news mislead.
You you you you you you you ain't got to be a gambler down after you know horse races and think you have an addiction boys and girls will use anything.
I become addicted.
I heard I heard the lady said she was addicted to that turn to crush thing.
Y'all know what I'm talking about Candy Crush lineup the jewels for three or four in a row latest that I get up in the morning playing Candy Crush Candy Crush go to bed pan Candy Crush.
She admitted, candy crusher.
You can have anything and become addicted to it.
And when it becomes addictive you also lose sight of the things around you.
No matter what it is.
But because your time is being consumed your brainpower is being forced a week old people to pass.
We call people to 24 hours of Prayer.
And I'm sad that the church folk Alton other people who pray the list.
We we we pray the less.
again, we pray when when I need a job.
God just give me a good job.
I need to make over $20 an hour.
It working evenings.
I don't get up early.
So God, if you could could get me something after 9:10 then God I serve you and I I even payment.
So God if you could work that out, and I'd prefer God not to work on weekends.
God that some stuff I need to get done.
So God in Jesus name.
God I give you praise.
I hate to tell you God is no fool.
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