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Creating Space for God

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Father. Thank you.

That there's something you're doing in our life. That tells us of Your Love. And we want others to see that.

at the words that speak from the sacred writings need to remind us of the Father's Love. Lesotho. In this moment we share your word for this day. Be glorified exalted be lifted up. Let us hear your voice not mine, but let us hear your voice in Jesus name. Amen. Thank you Kate for AB you can give her just fine trick.

Thank you, Dominique for reading.

I thought y'all was hollering at me.

children's church go

both Dominican I think eight do remind us that The Church Must Be A a place where where all can participate in praise and honor to him. Amen. And I'm realizing that you ain't you ain't got to be so old before you can get a part become a part of the church. How come sometime when we got Old Town? We we we quit. But these young ladies in Ian and others who are being raised in church and Church believe in the ownership. early in faith with God

It's easier to convert a child to Christ. Then it is a young adult and an adult.

Are y'all didn't catch that?

Statistics prove that when children are recruited to whatever it is. They're more early to receive it if it comes from a trustworthy person or vehicle. And I I challenge you to raise your children in the church.

when your child gets to be 15 + 16 + 17. It's a whole lot harder.

And God help us when we become 21 and 23 and 25.

We know just about everything I think the young people for showing who God is in their lives today. Today, I I want to look at with if you bear with me creating space for God. Create in space. I think we create space for a lot of things in our life.

and I would tell you you need to create space. For God God doesn't just show up in your life.

There may need to be a situation and ordeal a challenge that God May allowed to touch you, but God cannot force you to love him. Noah to serve him and I realize one other thing just because you're going through something is not going to make you trust God.

Man who got praying to God God. I need you to help me. He got himself into fix. Thanks for going tough for me. They say God if you today. Will change my life?

If you today was show yourself. I promise to start going to church. I promise to be a great work in the church. I promise to give you everything. That you can use in the building of the Kingdom. All around 12 noon the sun just seem to be down. Clouds move away the sky was Blue the guy I saw things turn around and he began to feel his life was getting back off on up on the horse. Hey. It's all right. I don't need you right now. Haven't found a good day to do what I need to do. I'll get back with you.

How many of us try to do god like that? When it's fixed when it's worked out. I did it.

I found the resource. I pushed harder. I use my whip my wisdom. I use my intellect. I just turned it down but friends. I need you to know it doesn't matter what you did God have to open.

But we try to take the credit.

I just want to just say that we need to create space. for God

every year in this church prior to Easter y'all tell me if I'm telling the truth. We call the church the fasting. We call the church the fasting and prayer for those of you who haven't been around as long as it's important that we do both of them at the time of the year where members are asked to disconnect from areas of their lives that have addictive light controls. Hello.

You don't have to be on crack to have an addiction.

You don't have to be on opioids. They have an addiction. Don't don't don't let don't let the news mislead. You you you you you you you ain't got to be a gambler down after you know horse races and think you have an addiction boys and girls will use anything. I become addicted. I heard I heard the lady said she was addicted to that turn to crush thing. Y'all know what I'm talking about Candy Crush lineup the jewels for three or four in a row latest that I get up in the morning playing Candy Crush Candy Crush go to bed pan Candy Crush. She admitted, candy crusher.

You can have anything and become addicted to it. And when it becomes addictive you also lose sight of the things around you. No matter what it is. But because your time is being consumed your brainpower is being forced a week old people to pass. We call people to 24 hours of Prayer.

And I'm sad that the church folk Alton other people who pray the list.

We we we pray the less. again, we pray when when I need a job.

God just give me a good job. I need to make over $20 an hour. It working evenings.

I don't get up early. So God, if you could could get me something after 9:10 then God I serve you and I I even payment. So God if you could work that out, and I'd prefer God not to work on weekends. God that some stuff I need to get done. So God in Jesus name.

God I give you praise.

I hate to tell you God is no fool.

And if that's the kind of God you have created in your life that God eventually is not going to be able to sustain you.

I walk around with people who Halle I need it and I claimed it.

You can name and claim all you want. What do the cycles of life God has a beginning and an end for us. That's when he became that bad boy out. He died 1972. Boys and girls if you're not going to be here forever. And just because you know God just because you can pray are you you've been in a church a long time doesn't mean God preemie to you. God is a type of God. That's what I want to buy those who how many feet in meter Hoosick. My name above all other things don't come into them. It's don't change their Wicked Ways to heal the land to get to thank you got to know prayer is not a push button to make God come running to you and God is not obligated to you or just going to have to tell him I'll be up. Now it's a privilege. To let God work out something in your life, but it's a pretty place to find golf pants and change in your circumstances. It's a privilege that when we pray we got to know we're praying not just for the moment that I'm praying for the kingdom. To be extended see my prayer whatever God is going to do for me. It's got to change the kingdom somehow you got it interrupts the universe. You got to say something. So when we pray, it's not just God. Give me is that God something can bear witness to what just happened? You know so I can look back and tell my sister girl. Girl, I I was betwixt-and-between, but I saw God and I prayed and I passed it and I went about my life and I did everything I could and I left it to God. Anybody here know what I mean when I say I left it to God. I left it to God. I don't believe Somewhere In God's Time. Peace God's going to change my condition and changing my condition may be changing my heart to work. But let me tell you your prayers. Do not let God change the world your prayers. May God change you.

Will pass if I don't know I've been known that I got this sickness in the God don't change this. Why didn't have happened at the baby when he didn't change his what's going to keep you close to McDowell. I had a thorn in the flesh. We don't even know what it was but it was something that he went to bar three times removed. If you remove I know that God, can you change baby before you even tell me what time does handicapping you you're going to make it through it? Because I'm with you and every time you see that handicapped you won't know you could not have made it if the Lord had not been on your side. That's what they will do for you. We can come by myself. If I pray and tell you to take this out, I'll serve you boys and girls men and women often we hit rock. Prada men still are not drawing to God.

Yahoo mail when I called the church the past when we have asked us to fast. Some of us good Christians began to say stuff like this when I pass I can't I can you fast. Pastime old medication I can't pass cuz I have to eat.

Funny how we tell God what we can't do but weigh the same ones. You would say With God all things are possible With God all things are possible. Don't you think God can work out through your medication if you calling if you're trying to draw I wish I had a witness, but that's just me. I just mean I'm just still stupid. I can't say it because because I have to eat. I've heard people say I can't I can't give up food.

I can give up food passing. You. Just don't know when I pass Burger King.

I don't like it when people get harness with me cuz I ain't going to lie. Thank you for not lying. I'm going in the back. I'm golden prize. I've got to win them and then I might have God for forgiveness after I come out and get that Jesus name, but I didn't hate boys and girls you ain't doing nothing.

Now there are another group on the other side of fast, and I just been waiting to tell you about the this group now there are those on the other side. Who who was

this is the reason they want to pass. I need to lose a few pounds. Reverend I'm the right there with your rabbit is we going to have one of them dying fast is a reverend. I want to know we going to have what we can only eat vegetables and pineapple since I need the shed at least 10,000 and I know a fast was so it will work for me then. They said it's going to clean out my system.

That let me tell you that's not why I'm calling you to fast.

Fasting in the Bible does not emerge from health concerns.

Somebody somebody hear price at what I am passing that's on you. It is not about. your health concerns It's not about dieting. It's not about cleansing the body. Even though books are going out the shelves by using those inside of fasting. That was never the intent of the scriptures. People fast with the desire to let nothing nothing interfere with them hearing from God and there's some stuff in your life. You need to hear from. No, no. No, there's some stuff in somebody in this church right now. You need to hear from God. There's some stuff going haywire in your own personal like you can't tell nobody about I know you hear I cannot tell. I can't tell the church. I can't tell my wife. I can't tell my children. I can't tell my best friend you need to pass.

You are enslaved by.

Past I'm just an angry person you need fast.

Pasta right now. I'm just going through you need to fast. What Pastor right now? You don't understand? I'm wait till things kind of calm down babe. You need to past one witness. And yes, there's some stuff you can't work out. I'll tell you there's some stuff you can put on delay.

But you still don't come back.

You can put some stuff down for a week. And thank you. Girl, I just added.

16 hours Since I had an experience that moment of craving it so I must be on my healing always been 3 days. I ain't went in there and free days free days boys and girls. Let me tell you if you can put it away but it ain't really going that's it's just it's just compartmentalize and nobody has a thing in the brain has a thing about re-access in. I'm putting it back are you going to do is have a smell with something? Zip you right back see something zip you right back boys and girl, there's some stuff in your life. You cannot wish away. Just because you came to church you can't wish it away. You got to give it to God. So we called the church people too fast. We ask people to come in fast with us. Because that you're going into this new year, you don't want to end the same way you started.

You want to get the December going 19 was just like 18. Oh, I did some good stuff, but I had more failures than successes. You need to come near God. Inattention away. Let me tell you what some of the father said you're really father Saint Augustine. They always saying Augustine reminded why fasting is necessary. He writes these works of the Flesh in respect to the list of Pleasures in order to keep it from yielding to elicit Joy. Are y'all to catch a bass and he says we fast because it's it is sometimes necessary to check the Delights of the of the flesh. Sometimes you need to check what you finding gratitude. You need to check what what brings you happiness and joy somewhere you need to pull over and check and see if it's healthy things might be available to me, but all things are not good for me. So you need to check the Delights of you when you do that thing. You just get you just get euphoria. You get pressure out of this.

Some men want to go around saying where I'm just caught up in young girls. You need to check some. Are you always listening to me?

We have to focus Church.

pour into children No, turn around cuz y'all don't like me. Do you know the church deal today has to be on guard for folk who may pray on our children. And I'm not trying to make you scared run downstairs and sit in the room with here. That's not what I'm doing, but I'm going I want to make sure that we're praying that that spirit is not up in here.

Augustine says you need to check the Delights of your flesh. What is drink in the morning?

I drink at 10. Because it calms me down when people tell me I have to get up in the morning my coffee.

Laughing right now, but I ain't got nobody.

All I'm saying is you just got it. You got a check what it is that brings you and calms you down.

I'm not saying don't drink all that nothing don't drink alcohol. I'm just saying but when it becomes the motivator of your happiness. You better check it. That's what all these things in a meeting with John Calvin said John, said about fasting John Calvin said whenever men are to pray to God concerning any great matter, it would be expedient to a point fast along with prayer their sole purpose in this kind of with a full stomach. Our mind is not so lift it up to God.

Let me translate that got in trouble, but forsake Him in prosperity. That's all we did when you got stuff you don't need guards. But when your stomach gets a sip through your finger, that's what you want to get in the boat and about and you want to come and say that have prayer pal put me a chair in the middle play some hands on me. God. Let me tell you if you got to serve God when there's a month and you got to survive when there's an empty. That's when there's little you want to be a queen ant with them because you only know how God works. Boys and girls when our stomachs are full we often not very close to God. And I don't think I was mad at that but I think that's a truth. When you ain't got no job you go to prepping.

You got it when they give you a job and put your don't don't give your new office.

Days, can you work some hours later? We need some it's on Wednesday. I know you ain't got to go to I need you to work on Sunday because there's some stuff when you when you when your bread basket is full of yourself to walk away from God. God have to want to bring something in to refocus you.

We fast and pray for 24 hours and I am serious everybody here all to be praying for one of those hours. Nobody to tell me what I can't.

You want to be get praying 1 hour and you need to bring your children? Let them sit there with a map.

miitopia can watch

Chipotle we were raised where you went to church Monday. You went to church Tuesday you with the promise that it Wednesday. You went to Flushing mean on Thursday Friday night that's charge came in Saturday and Sunday all day long that made Jesus Sunday school at 9:30. We went back and got a piece of bread church is your why not now. I know you can't serve God. I'm too much.

You see your post out daughter's lips. I went they going to have to call God.

Your boy who giving you the evil eye.

I'm going to be honest one day how God forbid he already lcdc. Y'all don't know what that is. That's Larimer County Detention Center in the middle of the night with me and have had you pick for this morning and I just walk in there and they got there, but I'm sure why didn't you have your Barber open before you went to jail?

All I'm saying don't let that put that lips get you.

Now I know how my mama never made it. I'm glad to be the chicks.

Sill the sermon this week is challenging you. to fast and pray

the last Church Bothell it spoke about prayer with Andrew Murray. Andrew Murray says fasting helps us to express to deepen and to confirm the resolution that we are ready to sacrifice anything even ourselves to a King the kingdom of God.

Same to you ready to sacrifice yourself. You ain't really ready to walk with God.

Until you will let nothing separate you. from hearing God

and all I'm saying is it'll get tough.

You got to tell yourself. I got to go with God. Why I said don't worry about what the country going through. This ain't the first time we've been crazy.

Hello, I don't get ready to the district.

You know, whatever time somehow I think the church rolls up in the midst of its darkness and when the church gets it together the church will become a catalyst for the change in the charts get in partnership with the chaos. That change can happen what you need somebody outside saying we're going to be a bridge we're going to not be a war. We going to be a bread pre-made in Wilmington Delaware going to be in my local community in my neighborhood right where I thought I'm going to change my immediate surrounding.

In chapter to let me just say by Deseret Book is my young friend say Ezra is a book that is part of a trilogy. It just means there is a connection between other works. Ezra is one of a Trilogy of books in the Old Testament as deals with Jerusalem and the exiled from Jerusalem doing The Purge doing the Persian dynasties when Nebuchadnezzar and Xerxes and Cyrus, all of them were in power. They had taken Israel into exile to put them into slavery and from just about 70 years did slavery took them from their Homeland and put them way out in the middle of the East and there they they they they became a part of the new establishment. So we read about the Exile of the Jewish of the Jewish people not only in as rough but in the book of Nehemiah It's a Trilogy. It's a continuation and in the Book of Esther all three of these work together. They're talking about the the Captivity time how it was living in captivity. Then I talked about the time when they went back home to Jerusalem when they return back to Jerusalem, but what I want you and I hope you got your Bible out in the book of Ezra. There's two things. I want to point out first. I want you to turn to the chapter 2 in your book turn the chapter 2 in your Bible. If you've got the handheld and Zip It Up 2 / 2 - chapter 2

Are y'all going to put your Bibles up ready to go to sleep? But we ain't doing that today. It has a very tight correlation to chapter 8, so I want you to hold a time in Chapter 2 in one hand and if you're on a paper Bible turn over to chapter 8, so you got a little stack of paper in between in both of these chapters. You see in Chapter 2 you see a long line of names. Chapter 2 of Ezra there's a list of names that begin in chapter and verse 3 and chapter 2 and in chapter 8 there's a list of names that begins in Chapter 2. There's a whole line of both the tablets. Just go back to chapter 2 for me, but there's a whole lot of made you ever been reading the Bible and you come up to all them names and you get frustrated. Come O, come by those of you read the Bible. Come on. Tell the truth. You know what we do we skip over that part. So you don't I don't need to read them names nothing but names, you know who know where it is.

When you see a rider GIF details. writers often trying to tell you something it chapter 2 in chapter 8 the writer may be trying to tell you remember how God promised Abraham back in Genesis. I think chapter 12. I'm going to make you the father of many nations. He wants you to see here in Chapter 2 and chapter 8. He he's confirming his word. Y'all got think about that. If he told Abraham some years before that I'm going to make you into. I'm going to bless you. You're going to be a father many people here is the list of some of the many people.

See what you recall for sometime you need God's word to be confirmed to you. If God said I promise this will show you how I'm going to prom fulfill my promise. So in both of these chapters, we see God fulfilling his promise to one of his servants both chapter 2 and verse 8 you see a long list of names, but you might see in both of these both of these two chapters. There's something else that is recorded. There's recorded the number the number of folk so the second chapter in Chapter 2 if you read all those names and see them does yours have numbers on the side? You see them numbers? Anybody's book that you got no number. Imma send to the you're my bro. Look at those 172 zephyr zephyr zephyr Tire. He had $372 and seventy-five Ferrara and it goes on that. You see all that. If you don't you come up to around 50,000 people. 50000 people went back to Jerusalem after exile. Now when the next bus load went out. in chapter 8 he does the same thing, but now we have less than 15000.

So the question that you got to ask you if the numbers is getting smaller.

What you said they were passing what that got to do with anything? What is trying to tell you? But they took hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of people into captivity. But people got used to living in captivity. I was so used to living in captivity. They start at The Babylon and so they just got comfortable. I ain't going back. Thanks. So I'm going back to the Rouge the first ever tell you there's a danger that why didn't they want to go back to Jerusalem because it's in Jerusalem what they would have to go back and continue what they learned when they were a child. They would have to go back to the reason and pick back up on their Promises of God. And now that they're in Babylon schedule. I don't need them. Joanne going back to I'm not going back to Jerusalem.

Check this out. You got to be careful when you are in Babylon.

Babylon is dangerous.

Well pasta.

I know what's going on out here in Babylon. If you're going to clean it up.

with the pastor I don't I don't do much in the church because

I just do

I like to read everything but I just I got things to do.

But remember when you were in, Georgia.

Miss Randy one I'm picking on you. But with some of us was in our Georgia's. Mississippi's

South La and in the suburbs in the ghettos of Philadelphia parents gave us a vision. how to grow up and serve the Lord and we were like Kate and we were like Dominique we were raised in the church. We gave our voices to church we gave our readings to church we blush it in church. We played in vacation bible schools in church, but when we moved in Larimer County when we got the Fort Collins the choice City, that's great. Hole Recreation is running around but you won't walking around just trying to get a little Trail was that song that goes I Dare You Want To Praise? You were gone. I know you're lying up in here.

I got to wash my car.

on Sunday Dawn wash your car I got to get myself ready for my job tomorrow.

Don't you know? the job along the dog now you figured that out yet. Where they taking jobs in Mexico know they ain't taking job to Mexico God moving jobs.

You notice we didn't work out. In Mound Bayou, Mississippi only working out with picking cotton. And we was so happy to get away from picking cotton that we was at church pram me or help me Jesus you remember when y'all had to drive in driveway at that drove all around the house and went to the back. And you had trees online down your driveway after you have a swimming pool in the back of a grill and a mother's smile back through I got away. So y'all don't understand? You been living in Babylon to rule.

I've been living in Babylon.

So what did Ezra do?

ever called a fast

that novel he called a fast. Why did he call the fast so he can redirect people's thinking?

How close was this? There are no commands in the scriptures? too fast

But why we doing it?

Call Jesus did.

I'm not with him novel ideas.

the number for the 40 days Jesus was in the wilderness. Hope some of you Are really in a Wilderness right now. And you just don't understand it. And you're trying so very hard to just walk out of it, but you can't walk out of it until you learn the life lesson. Because if God clears it too fast if by reveals the life lesson 2 quick you will go back until the next Wilderness just as dumb as you were the one before. Oh, I wish I had a witness and soda. Same time alone. Jesus is a hey buddy. I know you talking with the father. Why don't you turn these rocks to bread?

How about a cup of Big Macs?

Please look at me says I repeat the scriptures man should not be raised by bread alone. But by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the Lord. See some of you trying to come out of your Wilderness with some crazy thinking. And you can meet all the popular books that you won't. What if God has already placed it in your heart that you need him? And you keep flirting with a church on Sunday. He's trying to take you deeper. But he cannot take you deeper sitting in the chair. You got a seek the Lord and you got to make space for God you got to tell God God. I'm over this part of my life to you that nobody knows I'm going to make some for you to deal with this. I'm going to pull over until you help me. Who is this? I don't make some space for you. And how do we make space we fast and pray?

Because X this is a part 2. I need you to read chapter 8. azra

Maybe next Sunday. I will preach the three things azra teaches about fasting even though I said, there are no command in the Bible that says you are commanded to fast except there's a Jewish holiday where they're refusing to an IB Rosh Hashanah. There's one day where it says when you commit to this fat when you commit to this day this holy day fast, but since we are not Old Testament dwellers, we don't have any commands to fast, but there's an invitation to

I thought we fat please we don't fast to lose weight. You could lose some. But that's not why you fat. I tell you this if you fast to lose weight you going to always be hungry.

You and your baby won't pass. Let me let me get to get the shakes.

We don't fast to clean our system. The way American people eat today. There's no wonder our system though. So jacked up.

We got out yourself on stuff.

I did wonder why we don't feel good. When is nation was more gregarious agrarian society, we raise our food. We can dog food. Cut off food. We we prepared our food fresh. We were a much healthier Nation.

I go from meet you I'm down.

A week we become junk food Junkies.

But that is not to get the junk off of you. Dancing is to get you back into alignment. with God For those of you who look at me, so well, I don't need fast by I'm not going to be mad at you. I love you. When I tell you this I couldn't hurt you. If you really want to begin to see your life turn this year. You've got to make space for God.

You would say what Pastor come to church at least once or twice a month.

Can you do and I thank you with this is not a beat up. I wish the church in America would stop doing that. I'm going to Grace the church. every few Sundays and then I go do what I'm going to do on those other Sunday. You may sit here and look at me. So what now? He's in my business. Yes, I am.

So you're the one who committed yourself to Christ? He says every seventh day. He never said every 6/3 every two. He said every seventh day. Keep it and make it holy. See we've been in Babylon so long. That we don't even know. What's holy and what's unwholly? We've even made everything either Unholy or everything is Holy. I'm drinking is Pepsi Cola in the name of Jesus? Ben and Holly boys and girls

He said every seven days all you doing every seven days is a remembering creation. We all miss that didn't it every seventh day. He said I bring you back to how I started and took care of the world. Do y'all walking and thinking about how hot do I get y'all jumping has nothing to do with that. It has can I help you? Focus back to God. So every seven day we go and refocus because see when you at work Monday Tuesday Wednesday trying to get everything done get them papers. Don't get them report to don't get them bills done and work on that screwed up the people in the bed earlier.

All I'm saying is he just he just said every seven day to keep it. Holy.

I am going to keep it holy.

You should not be doing everything for 20 days. I had no day off in 20 days. You are a fool.

God says we all need a time to disconnect.

You know when the body does not get sleep the body gets thrown off a rhythm it track and you start to get real nutty.

Sleep is the closest thing that we have to death.

Sleep is the closest thing that we have to death. It's every day that you get in your bed and go to sleep and wake up. You just had a resurrection.

See what we miss. You. Just had a resurrection. God Rises you every 24 hours. So many of us are caught in Babylon and all we just hear me I got to get up and go look at Facebook. I got to look at Twitter. Got to look at this. I got to look at this. Look at that. God as I get ready to start this day God I need you to walk with me show me the pitfalls. Show me the way that I should go. I'm just trying to tell you you got to make space for God.

I want us to prepare for fasting wanted to prepare for 4 prayer. I'm not taking you tricks. Just telling you what I believe will save the church and community. and your homes it's saying is going to attack something. He's going to check your home's first.

Because God starts the family in Genesis. Satan has been trying to disrupt the family every since. I'm just telling you boys and girls make space for God.

When you walk out of here and go home, I want you to say hey God. There's some stuff I need to put on the table.

Don't start the past you don't start that but just telling there's some stuff I need to put on the table and that's between you and God there's some stuff I need to put on the table. Because I'm here. We all looked Rich if I'd have y'all noticed. I stopped wearing a tie and a suit by intent. Because sometimes we get caught up with the pastor needs to look like a pastor, but now there is no look of a pastor. I'll wear them certain site, but I just I don't want nobody to walk in this door and think that if I don't know if it's if you got a town that must mean you're closer to God.

If that was the Milky Way.

Let's close on this.

There's some things. Needs to rearrange and to refocus us. There's some things he needs to raise this church in as a corporate body. In the church together have to seek God In Prayer. Then there's some things. Wants to rearrange in your homes and in your own personal life individually.

By the challenging you to begin in your own personal walk. As you matriculate into the corporate body, so I know if they're praying people in here. There ain't nothing we can't do. Reggie's gone missing this morning

Hope y'all do know that. but somebody in here shouldn't I think Linda she looks so much better than

What are y'all tell Ricky that way y'all talked to Pastor was talking to you?

She stopped writing into word rigid left off. We need more people to step into some spots, but y'all keep looking at me saying no.

If something's God can't bless us unless it's corporate.

Andrew came out of the desert after 40 years as a people. And Moses didn't even get to go in. See, there's some stuff that wants to bless us as a church. Not just passed away use but there's some things I can get that we all go together. but there's some stuff that me and Debbie pray in our own lives for I'm just asking you to make space. I ain't asking him to take away your vacation. I ain't asking him to pull you out. So you can't go on your date with your wives and hold hands together pictures of the lamp.

What up in Colorado City, Colorado and down my back. She loved me about.

Some of y'all don't want to leave your spouse in case cuz I won't sit with my honey bun. That really like to go home with you. See how much honey bun in y'all doing at your house.

I want you to write this game all I'm saying I'll be preaching for the next two weeks on making space creative space for God. It may sound funny, but I think the text of Ezra is true.

Ezra knew that even though he was taking 50,000 people back to Jerusalem to rebuild it he knew that there was some things missing before he would go back. An eighth person says he calls a fast after three days. He says before we go back home. We got a fast. I want to deal with that next week. Come on.

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