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(a)  Consider the marvelous unity of the Bible.  Its 66 books were written by some 40 men over a period of about 1,600 years.  Its writers were kings, shepherds, prophets, priests, statesmen fishermen, unlearned men, the profoundly wise, apostles, tax agents, military leaders, poets, scribes, a doctor, a tentmaker, and a number – of slaves and. prisoners.

(b)  Consider also the variety of conditions under which they wrote: some in palaces, some in prison, some in exile, and some in captivity.

(c)  In the Bible we find a wide variety of materials: history, biography, autobiography, philosophy, proverbs, oratory, psalms, hymns, poetry, sermons, parables, doctrinal discussion, civil legislation, prophecy, romance, drama, direction for worship, personal and general letters, and apocalyptic visions.  Yet in all this, perfect unity prevails.

(d)  When all these factors are weighed, it must be admitted that the bible was written by one Hand and produced by one Mind.

How to Study the Bible, Waymon D. Miller, page 7

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