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Don’t Miss the Point

            Orville and Wilbur Wright finally succeeded in keeping their homemade airplane in the air for fifty-nine seconds on December 17, 1903.  They immediately rushed a telegram to their sister in Dayton, Ohio, telling of this great accomplishment.  The telegram read, “First sustained flight today fifty-nine seconds.  Hope to be home by Christmas.”

            Upon receiving the telegram the excited sister rushed to the newspaper office and gave the telegram to the editor.  The next morning – believe it or not – the newspaper headline stated in black, bold letters, “Popular Local Bicycle Merchants To Be Home for Holidays.”

            The scoop of the century was missed because an editor missed the point.  We laugh when we think about this incident, but far too often own reading of the Scripture produces the same result.  We read the clear, simple message that God has given for our life and we somehow totally miss the point.  We imagine that it applies to someone else or maybe we are just blind to our own weaknesses. - Terry Jones

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