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The Problem with Money

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This day and I trust that if you were here with us last few weeks, you haven't been terrified of the fact that we were going to be doing a series money. The reason I hope the money is because I have been terrified for all of us.

It seems like unfortunately people get the wrong idea when we talk about money in church is often translated as they just want more of them. But I want to just a little bit and kind of before we even get into the text before we even go anywhere. That's why I talk about money and I didn't tell you guys have been here for the last week. We should know this is where we were going with her sermon series. If you're a guest of ours this morning, or at least you're joining us after being away for a little bit. This may come as a shock to you, but we are going to talk about money. But why I really want I really want you to understand the why because it is not it is not because the church is desperate for more of your money. That's not where but here are several of the reasons. Why as I was praying and as I was asking what do you want for your people at Red Hills for us to open the door? And the reason why I think you put this on my heart. The first thing is 15% of everything that Jesus said no money. 15% now if you think about everything that you understand that 1.5 words out of every ten I think I did that matched correctly had to do with money Jesus. This was important Jesus came preaching and teaching the Kingdom of Heaven he came to

I need to go to the significant amount of time to talking about money. And as people who together have said as if it felt everything we do in this is a topic we must address at least 1.5 out of every ten Sunday to know about money because Jesus dealt with a lot of the Bible is really important. I don't want you to miss this your spiritual health is directly tied to your attitude towards money. Yes. Yes. That's why I said just because I was looking at this right Are Spiritual help John the Baptist. How do you guys know John? The Baptist was one who came preaching the Kingdom of Heaven preparing the way for Jesus?

Is there in Luke on the screen and just have to check me on this is in Luke chapter 3 if you want to chat.

He said you're fleeing the wrath of God. Who warned you. Rap God is going to judge sin. God is going to be known as righteous and the crab gathers. They all say it. What would we do? and every single group that asking that question John gives a financial application to every single group Captain Townsend in the Kingdom's telling what should we do every single group of financial application. If you have two blokes give one to somebody needs one if you have enough food yet. If you're a soldier don't extort money from you can spend with your wages. The kingdom is coming and he gives financial application because in the Bible your spiritual health is directly tied to your attitude towards my house.

We live in America and money is one of the foremost Idols in our context money is made is the greatest Idol in our culture. What is an idol?

and I work is something that I worship and you think why do you worship an idol because you think it can take care of it? You did it can provide security for you think I can give you the things that you need. That's why you were so you see people maybe not bad, but it's sending that money is going to fix them money is money is an idol and ads with so many things when the culture is just something is really hot. for us to kind of separate ourselves out from that as the people of God and getting a Biblical understanding of this time because we're so used to just Being American some of you in here are not Americans and I don't know what your culture I don't know if it's the big Idol where you're from. I want you to understand. The reason you were talking about money is because it is one of those things that can keep our heart from God and keep us from trusting God it can lead us to imagine that we are self-sufficient why talk about it. There's three regions. Read but the house wants to know if you think just because when we talk about money or the church several mistaken assumptions often come up before we jump into this text that we're going to detect that we're going to be looking at us.

It's not about.

If you're curious about my thoughts on giving to the church, I preached about a year ago. No, that's not 1.5 out of every ten sermons, but this isn't about giving to the church that is about money. And how do you think about it how we use it right on the money? What do we do now? Secondly?

We are called as the people of God to look different from the culture around us. We are called and Aliens people who are out of step with the custom of the land of the living.

approach to things that are True Values values money and so as Christians we have to think about it and use it in such a different manner that people are curious about why I got to walk tonight and we've been by our cultures views and uses of lemon and not given where are the use of money you can use money. Urban Latin for Heavenly purposes that's what those spots are. What are going to be guided and here's the thing if you're one of those cuz like

I knew it was asking for my money convicted in this sermon and you feel like you ought to be giving more as a reflection of what God is doing changing your attitude bringing your attitude for money out of the line with your culture in into a lamp. But you could give doubtful of our motives here at Red Hills don't give money to the church.

I'm serious. We are trying to manipulate you into giving please please please do not give money to the church. I want you to understand something. This goes so much bigger than Red Hills. This is about your spiritual wrote. This is about your relationship with God. This is about as a matter of fact taking your eyes off of the temporal world and looking at the internal world. This is about much more. Then the offerings we take is here and so is God.

Find a playlist. Find me a Denny's but I want to tell you on that right off the bat so we don't misunderstand. When we talk about money in the church, it is not for selfish gain. Paul says in Philippians is he right? Thank you, whether the flipping the given him a gift of money. They provided for his ministry. He writes them for my sake. But for the blessing that would be yours and giving all of this out of the way, right understanding the why we're doing this and understanding through some of the background through my head is on preparing these messages. I want to look at the first question. And that this there's a problem with money. the problem with money we think we own it. That's the problem of money. I want to determine versus Timothy. Washington the first Timothy chapter 6 and we're going to look at this if we're going to stand what the problem if a Christ follower thinks he owns his money there if you are not here this morning. I need to make something very clear. I'm going to be saying this morning does not apply to if you are not a Christ follower. And this does not apply to me. If you don't recognize the sovereignty of the Lord Jesus Christ if you've not submitted to him as King in your life. The last thing you want to do is try to earn God's favor by giving money. The last thing you want to try to do is burn God's favor by giving more money, but if you are a Christ follower This is a word for you today living 1st. Timothy Chapter 6. 1st Timothy Chapter 6 verses starting Version 9 But those who desire to be rich. Stop right there.

Those who desire to be rich, I'm not asking for a show of hands.

But how many of you have been there? Will make you show your hands off your mind been there. Thought that

Paul is he's riding to Timothy has some strong words for me. Those who desire to be rich fall into temptation into a snare into mini senseless and harmful desires that warns people into ruin and destruction.

The Prague money is we think we can own it. The problem with money is when we want it. Even worse when we get it. It often ruined the problem with money as we think we can phones for the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Now. I just want money is the root of all evils know that I would call saying as a matter of fact

Jack and talking about this thing money can make a big difference in the Kingdom.

Money is a gift from God but the love of my money this is not talking about the self giving kind of love that they were supposed to see between a man and his wife is not talking about the self-sacrificing love crosses the Love of Money. He's talking about the consuming desire to control this. When we desire to control the desire to own money is the root of all kinds of evil. Even if we go into it with the good intention either way so that I can provide for my family for my children so that I can invest it wisely to use the proceeds to further the kingdom has be careful. If you think you can own your money, it's going to end up going. If you think you can control your money toward the side or for it is ultimately going to control you and it's going to lead you to all kinds of evil. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the fake. and pierced themselves with many pens

Love of Money a desire to own money exactly control money Could X cos to your faith Christian? Could lead you away from the truth? of the Gospel Those who desire to be rich? Fall into temptation those who love money have in them the root of all kinds of evil the problem with money. If you think we can own it always ends up owning us when if you went that way ownership is an important ultimately have an effect on us. The first thing that ownership does to us is it makes me think I can do what I want with my money. If I do not owe my money, I think that I'm the one who says what I do with it. I can do what I want with my money. this friends Is the American dream?

This is the American dream brutal nasty core. If I have money I can do what I want money is freedom, right if I have money. I don't have to worry about my bills if I have money I can spend and I can go on that cruise if I have money. I can do these things that I want to do it. Maybe it's not even supposed to be to buy a money. Pay for my kids college education. Money I can take care of my aging parents right now. I can do what I want.

What happened is that I can do what I want with my love. But that got a nasty little twist to it, doesn't it? I get to do what I want with my money. And so therefore I need to get more money so that I have the freedom to buy the bigger house get the newer car go to the more prestigious school, right as I have no money.

I'm in control. And anything that would attempt to tell me what to do with that money anything that would decrease that money. I need to resist it with all of my strength.

even if Jesus Pizza and says you lack one thing.

Give everything away. Get rid of your Mana. And follow me into poverty.

If you think you own your mind and Jesus has the adjectives to say that to you. You're going to resist it on the ball. This guy's asking the right questions.

Jesus said as you can manifest your father and mother is little now if I was Jesus. How do I tie my dude perfect for all have sinned and gone astray with turn each one to his own way right? We we

The problem is not that this guy. Is a good guy but not good enough. The problem is that he's got something other than eternity that is most important in his life. He's got some gifts of eternal life in his heart and that more important thing is what is money. The Jesus says well you only like one thing to be perfect and I sent a little bit of sarcasm. Maybe that's just me reading into the text.

Sell everything and give the money to the poor. And the young man went away sorrowful because he had Rings well. Ownerships effect on me is I can do whatever I want with my money when I start thinking I can do whatever by walk with my money and somebody tells me to do something else with it. My reaction is and no I'm not going to do that even sad. But clearly the context of town as he didn't go and sell everything at a barbecue. He clung to that money because it was his nobody can tell him what to do with it. And this is this is why I was a little bit scared to preacher series on money. Is because when I get up and I say, well here's what Jesus has to say about money. You're the Bible has to say about monies effect on our spiritual life. I know are going to be like that Rich Young Ruler. It's my money. How dare you tell me what to do with my money. And you're going to get mad at me. for clothing cheapest or you going to be sad or going to walk away to be like why I don't like going to that church that just made me feel bad.

Sorry, Jesus.

Ownership when we think we own our money if phones us and anything that comes to us and says no you need to rethink this weed recessed it as much as we can. Is it true that we are money? Get your price follower. You do not own her money. If you are a Christ follower or you need to recognize this truth this morning God owns your money. Got on you Christ follower.

Hold on a second. Grand opening. What is this? The wall last week last Sunday and his last Wednesday. We got to see a couple people get baptized and we talked about how baptism is a symbol right? It's a picture of a lower price due to that. You're always I just said you're raised to walk in newness of life. You know what I'm so glad that neither the people who got baptized in their wallet at before getting baptized and then they went under hell

is it got you on everything except for my wallet?

If you are a Christ follower. You are hot. Holy and totally. He has claimed on your life. You have to claim on your kids. He has claimed on your career. He has claimed on your time. He has claimed on your relationship and he has plenty on your money. We get this in Psalm 24 David somebody who is seeking God wholeheartedly David Psalm 24 verses 1 and 2 says this you know what? I hope I've got on the screen.

Go to have that first person. You don't think you is the Lord's and the fullness thereof the world and those who dwell within what is left out?

Mars if you move to Mars, if you give him healing must get back, they know I'm kidding in the implication here is very much.

He created. crestfallen if you are following Christ, this is truth for your life. If you are not you're not going to accept that. All right with Christ. You must accept is getting God created it.

If I create something. for good or for ill timer not really because I'm just rearranging stuff that got out. I may have a claim of ownership against you that's why I put a lock on my door because I know some of you people. All right, so I claim ownership. But as a Christian, I have to recognize that even as I have this is my thing the problem with money as we think we can we can we can own it. Listen to all kinds of people and some by Desiring money have wandered from the faith in Pierceton through cells through with mini trouble most everything and everything we do to rebelling against that is going to cause us from soap.

a relationship with your wife is it not ownership? What is it?

Well, you don't give us 90% 90% of the stuff in my wallet is mine says I own 10% facts about in the New Testament. But if we think that means God has 10% iodine percent we miss something. get that out of your head was a preacher several several many years back and Martyn Lloyd Jones tells the story when he was talking about this issue of ownership, and he said, you know, a lot of people think of this is my story of a farmer and it's always the case with twins, but both have survived in the farmers excited to go see Because we only expected one Capital what are the cast and what are the Cavs schedule?

And so she said okay, which ones which there's a red one?

He says will praise him today and will treat him the same will feed him just as well Bible or staff just as well. It would be dark. And so we'll just wait to designate which one which one's ours.

Couple weeks ago by a farmer, stretching into the house space is kind of downcast. He says well. When I feel the pain this morning, I hate to say it, but the Lord's cap dyed 10% of item 90% We misunderstood something. Because it's always the Lord's cast The Dice first easy to say will. You just have to get you or somewhere else? I want you to understand something. Typing that got him some percent of 90% tithing giving offering with 10% I don't get wrapped up in the percentages.

I am giving is not a percentage thing. It's not as much as God.

How does he want me to use 100% of his money John Wesley coming even know the names on Western?

Your mom by the way church and John Wesley was a man of God and he has just of amazing things that I've learned from him as I read his writings and heard about me. But one of the things that you stood out to me was he had been out on a preaching Journey Wesley man Oliver preaching he was away from home for weeks on it preaching the gospel. Genesis riding back home after a long preaching tour. Somebody comes running out of the village leasing office for Wesley. I don't even know how to tell you this but your house burned down while you were gone.

Addison Wesley thought about it for a second as well as Lord's House. So I guess he's got a cramp. I don't have to worry about it anymore for that thing. I'm no longer Stewart and that's the word that redefines ownership. That's the relationship that we now have their money. We don't own I never said we don't own that hundred percent. We Stewart 100% of the money that God has given us stewardship Genesis 1:1. It's on the screen, but somebody could probably put that in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth Song 24 says because he created he owns everything but he does something amazing. Does something actually mating ketones everything but you go to verse 26 of Genesis 1? You see something really cool. Then God said let us make man in our image after our likeness. Let them have dominion over every creeping thing that creeps on the 11 have dominion over that. Dominion is not the same thing as ownership. Never transferred ownership of the world to us. Why because

but he does call us to stewardship. It does cost to rightly use these things that he's given us a cording to his original design and plan according to his wishes and the passage goes on in verse 26 of God created man is on every living thing that moves on the adapt Dominion. Potential minion is always under God stupid. He created the uncertainty gives us Dominion. He gives us stewardship is the word stewardship as a word that our culture understand how many of you are Lord of the Rings fans.

I see that the city-state's gone to work and now they have taken over but the stewards overtime and forgotten their place and now they're trying to sit on the throne or trying to take the kingship way. They were supposed to rain in place of the king. They were supposed to do what they wanted. They were still subject to the king while the King was absent. And yeah, they're trying to climb up the ladder. That's what we do. We are given stewardship over costly trying to take ownership christ-follower reject ownership seeks to achieve because stewardship has a much more positive effect on us Stewart citizen.

I do what the owner wants me to do. I'm not above the king. I'm taking care of the King's house.

I don't have to give an account on Monday to the owner when the king shows up. We'll talk about that more as we continue in these next couple Sundays looking at this subject write a Stewart's that I want to do what God wants me to do with his money. But here's the trick you have to have a relationship with the owner if you're going to know what it wants you to do. It's far too easy to say, I'm. Stewart. And having no concept of what he wants you to do with your money. You just received to do what you've been doing before when you find it. I'm about Stuart, but I don't have a clue what he wants to do. So I'll just do what I want to do. We can use stewardship the kind of low car ownership ambitions. So we have the first I'll have a relationship with the owner. His relationship with us is given through the holy spirit. It's because here's your manual. He tells you what he wants to do with his money. So when I say the Christ follower, you are. Stewart. You need to have a relationship with him in which you are asking. What do you want me to do with this guy? What do you want me to do? Is that a saying imma Stewart therefore blast every decision that I make?

Say what decision?

What do you want me to invest my time? And do you want me to dress my resources than what do you want me to invest your money in? Stewardship had that Affair I do with the owner wants to do which drives me to seek a relationship with him in which I understand when I look at the words. I say God, whatever revealed your people historically that tells what what you want me to do with your money. And then the amazing thing happens. Instead of beginning to look at this I can do what I want with my money thinking I own and therefore I would resist what anybody tells me to do with it. When we start with the stewardship in his desire anything that is contrary to what he wants.

Either that something is me. Is God is telling me I want you to sell everything and give it away and move overseas. My heart is my flashes said no, I don't want to do that. But if I'm a steward I resist my flash. It is it is God is telling me look you see that person in need. I want you to give up your Starbucks latte for the next month.

Drive to fill up their tank and get them where they need to go. When you get back from Starbucks latte to do it because your Steward in anything that would resist what God is going to do with his money. You say I don't want to call the homeowner changes the way you deal with money and now instead of your money becoming distracted away from Christ your money as you submit it to the owners desire need you closer and closer and closer in a relationship with him cuz you could possibly have to ask

And help me despite. My plastic want to do something else stewardships effect is to bring us closer to God through our line. Ownership sefat is to take us farther from God with our land stewardship is the goal. That's what God has. That just briefly just so nobody wants out here confused. I want to give Justin a a summary of the things that God has said to do with his money. He don't want to make it back next week. You still have to hear what the owner of your money says. This is what you want to do with it. The first thing he says if you work for them.

If it's God's money, why do I have work for you?

Because because we are not being tested on our ability to manage the silver spoon in her mouth. We are called to be able to give up the things we are tempted to think are ours to God. Yes, we just give God when he's giving us and we didn't lift a finger for it to get super easy. It is super easy to give away something that you put no effort into investing. It doesn't change your heart at all.

but if you sweated for it If you play if you've dealt with a classroom full of screaming kids for it.

Did that money takes on some significant and it becomes an actual King David and I find the place and got Liza's Place trouble is somebody else owns that David says Hey, I want to buy this place so that we can put a temple here and the owners like, oh man almost free get it. I'll give it to you and then you can give it to God a David says I would not give God something to cost me. So he pays for that land and then gives it together. Your work if the sacrifice to make so that when you give to God has a meaning and it begins to change your heart. So the first thing that got this to do with his money is you work for the second thing is that you provide for yourself and for your family.

Call tells Timothy earlier than in the book of you're looking at he's worse than an unbeliever. God gives us money. We work hard for it. And then he said it's used it to provide for the people around user to provide for those closest to you provide for your household. So God does provide the things you need for something to say if we have food and clothing with these we will be content providing for your family does not necessarily need a pool in the backyard.

But you need to ask. But it does say for 5 for the necessities of life for yourself. And for those closest to you fighting for those closest to us at the tenting for us to start thinking. This is me. I did this no go in and is the scripture said they're going to inherit they're going to live in Houston and they need to recognize its God.

It's God. I'm giving this habit ear said in the ability to make well-recognized and it comes from God. I need to be honest and how I go about getting any handling it. I need to have integrity in my approach to money about how you deal with money. It's tax time. right I am convinced that this is the most difficult time for a Christian. when it comes to my house to find a little extra reductionism where

but that's contrary to what the owner wants me to do with his money. If lying on my taxes gets me a little bit of a refund instead of having to pay. That means worthless to me because the owner said you should be honest and had to go back.

Pursue Integrity in how we approach finances. Jesus says store up for yourselves Treasures in Heaven where moth and rust do not destroy thieves. Do not break in and steal in. This is one of those things you can take early treasure and put it in a Heavenly account by using it for his glory. I want to have a nicer car for me to drive you can defer as a financial term

and that is an important part of a look at that next week the six thing. I want us to see that God has to do with his money his to give joyfully and generously those who are in me. Give joyfully and generously to those who are in need. Jesus says the poor you will always have with you. And some of us have taken that to mean we don't have to do anything for the poor. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a matter of fact Jesus says the things that Mark is people is he his people are the ones who give to those who can't give anything back. His people are the ones who take the money that God has entrusted them for stewardship and use it to bless the lives of those in need around. And so do not turn your back from the floor as you look at God's money you say what do you want me to do with it. Understanding? What he may want you to do is meet the needs of the people in your own Community. Make an Ender people ride around. Financial and use that money to do that and he says to give joyfully written you need to for the sake of the Christians in Jerusalem who are in need. And he says when you give give joyfully God loves a cheerful giver and he's talking about giving to those it means so don't look at it.

I like the White House to give to those in need polishing rewrite them. You're a steward and God has given you money. He says joyful.

Finally use it to further his kingdom. Use it to further his kingdom. What does God ask you to do with his money.

Use it to further his me to Advance the cause of Christ. I love I love.

William Carey was a missionary was sent out from Britain. This was kind of when the gospel the mission after the kind of fallen on hard times and then. Rufus Transtar saying no.

And so they had a meeting and they were sitting around.

I will take the gospel there. If you will hold the ropes.

meaning of us God is not calling to go overseas some of you got his calling to go over season you need to listen seriously don't ignore that he has to do is Holbrook. He's asked us to provide for the needs of those who go and that's what this passage supports xyo. Use your money to further the kingdom. What is God has to do with his money there set of things in there. The matter of fact Crown Financial class starting up on the 24th. It's going to be looking at how we Stewart about the resources into me Sunday school class in the Bible that tell us what God wants to do. your seven but there's a lot of Sikh Christian Seacrest hard desire to know what God wants you to do with his money because because God is the one who is model is for us John 3:16. Haven't even know it. For God so loved the light.

the gospel starts with God giving the gospel starts with God giving life and breath in creation. And then God giving the sun to meet demands. The righteous demands to save us from his rat the gospel starts with giving we respond in Paris.

What is he asking us to give?

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