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Lay aside every weight

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Lay aside every weight- Heb12:1

A stressed out traveller at an airport was worried about missing his flight so he asked a man “What time is it?”

The man set down two big heavy cases, looked at his watch and said “Exactly 5:09, the temperature is 73 degrees and it will rain later

In London the sky is clear with a high of 28 celsius. In Singapore the sun is shining brightly and the moon will be full over Los Angeles tonight”

“Your watch tells you all that?”

“Sure, in fact it tells me much more. You see I invented this watch and I assure you there is no other time piece on earth like it”

“I simply must have that watch. I’ll give you £10,000 for it”

“OK” said the inventor “it’s a deal” and held out his hand for the money

The traveller grapped the watch and put it on smiling with delight

But before he could take a step, the inventor stopped him”wait”, reaching down to his heavy cases and said “Don’t forget the batteries”

We hope the latest high tech gadgetry will be the very thing that will set our schedule free

But in the ends it weighs us down, it increases our dependency on something that will eventually break or become obsolete

Those batteries become awfully heavy once the novelty has worn off

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