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Sabbath            Gen 2 v 1-3      Sir James - Crinchton-Browne

A distinguised physician once wrote

We doctors are now constantly compelled in the treatment of nervous diseases to prescribe long periods of absolute rest and complete secluson.Such periods are, I think, only Sundays in arrears. Such discipline is only necessary because the weekly rest has been neglected"

Sir Cecil Wakeley a former Queen's physician wrote in a similar vein-

"purely from a physical point of view it is essential that everybody should get one days rest a week and this has been proved over the years"

The Sabbath then began at creation.It was part of the moral law originally written on the hearts of our first parents and as such was to be a universal institution for the whole of the human race.

(predates the giving of the Law at Mt Sinai by hundreds of years)

Revival            Ulster Christian

It is significant that in 1859 the year of the great spiritual revival in Ireland, the Twelfth passed over quietly and peacefully and instead of processions, there were great meetings for prayer and praise.

Good works     Jn 3      Bernard Langer

No-one is so good that they can save themselves and no-one is so bad that God can't save them.

Tongue            John Mathews

Before you give someone a piece of your mind, make sure you can live with what you have left.

Seed               Mr K Percival

Don't just say--"the seed is sown, it's over to God" but pray on believing.

Obedience                   Gareth Hewitt

What have we done to You,I bow my head in shame,we've sold you so far short,misused your precious Name,took away the holiness,took away the fear,watered down your words of truth,tried to twist your arm in prayer,to obey is so much better every time.


If I am so close to God that He will use me to save others I can be assured of provision and money.

Marriage                     Calendar

Every man who is happily married is a successfull man even if he has failed in everything else.

Tongue            calendar

If you say nothing,nobody will repeat it.

Work   Mk 6  Feeding 5,000    H Lategan

Don't do nothing because you can't do everything

Little is much in the hand of Jesus

Lame man at gate                    Gypsy Smith

If you want to lift anybody you must stand on solid ground yourself.

Open air preaching                  ET Feb98  Andy Banton OAM

It may be generalizing but it seems to me that by and large Reformed people love preaching but not in the open air,and the Charismatics love the open air but not preaching

Bitterness         Ruth 4 v 14,15 wft

When Naomi's husband and son's died,she changed her name to Mara meaning 'bitter'.

Child of God,don't give in to bitterness,for God is not finished with you yet.Remember how her story ends,"And the women said to Naomi,'blessed be the Lord...He shall be to you a restorer of life and a nourisher of your old age'.

Forgive Mark 11v25     wft

When you forgive ,you'break the link' between you and your past.

It's impossible to inhale new air untill you have exhaled the old.I pray that God gives you the grace to release what you've been through and to receive what He has for you now.Exhale then inhale!

Jesus said,"If you hold anything against anyone,forgive him".The opposite of holding is letting go!

Tithing  Gen28 v 22     

But we are no longer under law but under grace!

Before the law was given,we find in the book of Genesis that Jacob promised that he would give a tenth of all his goods to God.Even before this we find Abraham giving a tenth of his goods to Melchizedek Gen 14 v 20


Many Christians have found that God's real blessing is evident in their lives when they allow God to put His hand in their pocket and take control of their chequebook.

Tithing  Mal 3 v 10      

Failure to tithe is described as "robbing God".

Edwards Jonathon                   Dr Haag

Said of Jonathon Edwards-

"His voice was not commanding,his gestures were few,and his sermons were overwhelming."


Radio & Marconi--if you wreck it,do you blame Marconi?

The world & God--if you wreck it ,do you blame God?


God,grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.                  

Life                 Daily Bread

Many people living in their twilight years suddenly realize how empty and pointless their lives have been.They've made some deals and had some fun,but in terms of satisfying friendships or lasting accomplishments,their lives have been zero.They have climbed the ladder of success,only to discover that all along it has been leaning against the wrong wall.

Criticism           Proverbs 13 v 10          Daily Bread

If criticism comes your way,

Welcome it's intent;

It may be that some truth from God

Through it is being sent.

A teachable attitude and an eagerness to learn is a mark of true wisdom.

Room for improvement is the biggest room in the world.


Value of a soul=Christ paid the full price,He paid the ransom price

Behind the filth of sin,there is something valuable to God=a soul.

Criticism                      Mr D Chambers

When we criticise the F.M,we criticise ourselves,because we are the F.M.


Time dosn't heal,it's what you do with the time that heals.

Death   Ps 23   Dr Barnhouse

Q-Tell me sweetheart,would you rather be run over by that truck or it's shadow?

A-Shadow,it cannot hurt you,your Mother has not been overun by death but by the shadow of death.That is nothing to fear.

Pain      Ps 41 v 3         

God dosn't free us from the pain,but from it's power.

"The Lord will sustain him on his sickbed".

Fruit     Jn 15    Rev Howson

The best fruit is nearest to the vine.

Crucified life                A.B.Simpson

Man on the cross=

 1.Facing one direction

 2.No turning back

 3.No future plans

Farther,going a little      Matt 26 v 39    WfT,Florence Chadwick

He left the crowd,He left the twelve disciples,including the three closest to Him and went "a little farther"

If we would just go a little farther,rise a little earlier,stay in His presence a little longer,dig a little deeper-if you only knew how close you were to the answer.

Florence Chadwick failed in her first attempt to swim the English Channel because of fog.She couldn't see,yet she was less than half-a-mile from the shore.When they told her how close she had been,she broke down and wept.But she went back again and broke the world record because she understood that everything she had lived and worked for could be hers if she would "only go a little farther".

Tongue            William Penn

Believe nothing against another but upon good authority;nor report what may hurt another,unless it be a greater hurt to others to conceal it.

Purity   Phil 1 v 10       

To be "pure"

"eilikrines"=combines the words for sunshine and testing.

ie-washing glass and holding it up to the sun

Do you pass the sunlight test?

New birth                    B Smith

Communist preaching-join our party and we will put a new suit on every man

Gospel preacher-come to Jesus and He will put a new man in every suit.


Believers are set free from-

the prince of this world

the principles of this world

Revival Luke 3v1-6      Wallis

"Our hearts are either a highway or a hindrance to God's Spirit moving"

What are you doing about "building a highway for God"

Bible reading               Rev A Hardy

I read untill God has come and I hear His voice.

Victory            Napoleon

If we have a good base and a clear line of supply then the battle is ours.

Remembrance Sunday            

They shall not grow old as we which remain grow old.Age shall not weary them,nor the years condemn.At the going down of the sun and in the morning,we will remember them.

Victory            King George VI

"we give thanks to Almighty God for the victory He has granted us in Europe"

Unity               Puritans

For the wolves to worry the lambs is no wonder, but when the lambs tear the other lambs,it is disastrous.

Unity               McCheyne

The Christ in me won't fight with the Christ in you.

Quiet time

It's a lot easier to do things for Him than to spend time with Him.


Many older people feel they have survived this far in life that they can make it the rest without God.


The first look may be an accident,but the second look is a choice.                    

Crucified life               

Christians that have come to the cross but have never got on it

Prayer  Acts 2v37-47   A Passmore

Instead of fasting and praying the Church is feasting and playing


As soon as we cease to bleed, we cease to bless


There is a cross in the closet

Seeking soul     Woman touched the hem          Gypsy Smith

A lady once said to Gypsy Smith-

"I wish to speak to you about my soul.I am very anxious.I have been seeking Christ for ten years".

"Well,"I said"there is something surely wrong.It does not take a seeking Saviour and a seeking sinner ten years to find one another if the sinner is in earnest"

She had gone to hear the best preachers and read all the best books she could get hold of but still she had not found it yet!

I showed her where she had failed.

"Were I you,I would refuse to hear another sermon or read another book,or even another chapter.I would go home now and shut myself up with God and settle the matter there,for it is not men nor meetings nor methods that you need,but an interview with the Son of God.And like the woman who touched the hem of His garmet,when you pass through the crowds and get to Jesus your present troubles will be all over,and rest and peace will come".

She did as advised and the following day with face beaming replied-

I struggled and wrestled to win it

The blessing that setteth me free

But when I had ceased from my struggles

His peace Jesus gave unto me.

Faithfullness                 Hudson Taylor

Little things are little things, but faithfullness in little things is a big thing

Christ in us & we in Christ                   Gypsy Smith's father

Some people may think it is impossible;but it is not.The other day I was walking by the sea and I picked up a bottle with a cork in it.I filled the bottle with the salt water, and driving in the cork,I threw the bottle out into the sea as far as I could throw it.

Turning to my wife,I said,"Look,the sea is in the bottle and the bottle is in the sea.So if we are Christ's,we are in Him and He is in us".

Word  (personal)                     J Shearer

Your word--the one thing you can give yet still keep

Tongues                      Sidlow Baxter

When a man is converted the first thing he does is not to speak in tongues but to learn to control his tongue

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