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Filled with the Spirit

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Filled with the Spirit- Eph 5:18

A drunk man doesn’t get that way by just talking about alcohol or looking at advertisements for alcohol

No he gets drunk by drinking

And the more he drinks the more the alcohol controls him

We say he “is under the influence”

Another power takes over which transforms him into something he was not before

One minute he is nice and quiet, the next he is loud and boisterous

He may even think he is Pavarotti and start to sing

When a police officer stops him and tells him to walk a straight line he can’t do it

Why? Because something else is running the show

And what alcohol is to your body negatively, the Holy Spirit is to your new body positively

When you are under his control, he makes you walk in ways you wouldn’t normally walk and talk in ways you would not normally talk

That’s why rather spending our time and energy trying to change, we need to concentrate on being-and staying-filled with God’s spirit

A sober man doesn’t have to try and stagger, all he has to do is drink, the alcohol takes care of the staggering

What are you drinking?

Jesus says I am the water of life………

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