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5 Йоан - Нов живот (учителENG)

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Jesus and Nicodemus

John 3:1-21

What does real faith look like? (3:3-8)

  • Nicodemus wanted to talk about the LAW
  • Jesus talked about a New Birth
  • Jesus compared this new birth to the wind
  • Real faith is not some outward event but and inward one.  
  • Real faith is meant to be experienced.

How is real faith put into practice? (3:9-16)

  • The first step to real faith is to believe in Jesus – to experience a new birth, however the New Birth must be put into practice
  • Jesus talks about a very interesting example from Numbers 21:4–9
  • Religion wants rules and regulations, but real faith requires only that we focus on Jesus.
  • Ask yourself, how much am I focusing on Jesus?  Is Jesus the focus of my life or is Jesus one small part of my life?

What is the alternative to real faith? (3:17-21)

  • God sent His son, not to judge the world, but to save it.
  •   Why do people reject God’s offer of a new life, or real faith?
    • They are afraid of not being perfect.
  • Real faith is not about judgment, but it gives us the freedom to live as God has created us.
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