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3 Анна Как да се справим с критисизъм (бележки)

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Анна – Как да се справим с критисизъм

1 Samuel 1:1-2:11


  • There are people that God puts in our lives that help to build our character.
    • The boss at work who is unreasonable
    • The child who shows us no respect
    • The “friend” that only uses us.
  • These people help build our character.  How we respond to these people shows what we really believe.  Faith is not merely in our heads, but is also actions say the apostle James.
  • Maybe you are that person in someone’s life.  Maybe you help build up character in someone.
  • Preacher’s Special Book—Will You Sign? A preacher had on his desk a special book labeled “Complaints of members against one another.” When one of his people called to tell him the faults of another he would say, “Well, here’s my complaint book. I’ll write down what you say, and you can sign it. Then when I have to take up the matter officially I shall know what I may expect you to testify to.” The sight of the open book and the ready pen had its effect, “Oh, no, I couldn’t sign anything like that!” and no entry was made. The preacher said he kept the book for forty years, opened it probably a thousand times, and never wrote a line in it.
  • We will not only have conflict in our lives, but if you live your life for the Gospel you will also be criticized.  So how do we respond to criticism?
  • We are going to look at a woman of faith who endured and overcame the criticism in her life.

Hannah’s situation

  • Read 1 Samuel 1:1-8
  • She is married to Elkanah (Елкана).
  • Elkanah is also married to Peninnah (Фенина)
  • Peninnah has children and Hannah has none.
  • Societal views. Something is not right with Hannah – it is her fault.  For some reason God is angry at her.  Criticism from society. (vs. 1-2)
  • Every year they would go to worship God, and the feast (double portion) was a reminder to Hannah that she had no children.  Criticism in church. (vs. 3-5)  Peter Guzeliv and my guitar playing.
  • Peninnah would make fun of her – YEAR AFTER YEAR. Criticism at home. (vs. 6-7)

Hannah’s very helpful husband. (vs. 8)

The results of criticism in Hannah’s life

  • Reduced to tears
  • Would not eat
  • The biggest danger in criticism if we start to believe what other people say about us we begin to take our eyes off God and it all becomes about us.
  • This is very dangerous, because one of the greatest differences between Christians and non-Christians is in this area.  It is natural for people who do not know God to think that the entire universe revolves around us and our needs, but believers know that real life is found in serving God and others – not in serving ourselves.
  • All this criticism caused Hannah to take her eyes off God and focus on her own problems.
  • “The Voice of Truth”

Hannah’s response

  • Read vs. 9 – 18
  • What had changed for Hannah?  Did she have a son?  Did she have a different family?  No, but she prayed and believed God would take care of her.  RAINBOW.  Her focus shifted from her problems to the God of the Universe.

God’s Response

  • Read vs. 19- 28.
  • So, did Hannah get what she wanted?  Yes and No. 
  • She had a son, but she didn’t get to keep him.  Yet Hannah’s trust in God led to all of Israel being blessed by the ministry of Samuel. 
  • How do we respond to criticism? 
    • First, it is very important to believe the Voice of Truth.  What God says about us.  The difference between the Voice of Truth and our Accuser (обвинител).
    • Second, actively participate in the larger purposes of God instead of focusing on our own problems.  Get involved in serving others.


Допълнителните въпроси 

  1. По какъв начин говорите на другите – със сарказъм и критика или с добри и насърчителни думи?
  2. Кой е „Фенина” в твоя живот днес?  Твоят отговор като на Анна ли е?  Какво трябва да промениш?
  3. Може би ти си „Фенина” за някой друг.  Какво е правилното отношение към „твоята Анна”?

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