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A Wave a Whale and a Worm 4

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A Wave A Whale and a Worm

Jonah 4:1-11

To help the church realize the mission of the church





Wanting it our way

Getting upset about change

            I knew things would go wrong it we changed

So upset that they left the church because of change


The question is till the same for us


When we put up with change how often to hope for it to fail


Happy for what God has provided for us




            Things for our comfort

I would rather leave then put up with this change

The building is used by the youth and it becomes messy

Who provided the building?




             If this is shocking, it was meant to be.

          Jonah come off as a selfish, petty, foolish

Vs. 2  

          It may seem strange to us   but to the hearers of this Jonah      would have found many agreeing with him.  It was   inconceivable that god could be with their enemies. that God could show the same kind of mercy and grace that God   has shown to the Israelites.

Vs. 3

          Jonah thought his life would end when he was thrown     overboard. but God rescued him. Jonah would rather die      then live. He just could not stand the fact that God could         rescue the Ninevites.   

But before we dismiss this and think to ourselves we would never get ourselves into such a position. Ask yourself – ever not read your bible in a fit of temper? Ever decided I am not going to church because of such and such? Ever thought in your head; “God, do you know what they did? No way do they deserve forgiveness.” Ever sulked over something in church fellowship? Ever taken offence because someone is forgiven? We are really not that different than Jonah on occasions.

Unlike God, Jonah has no compassion or mercy in his heart for Nineveh. His heart is one with a pharisaical spirit in residence. Although he had a right understanding of God (verse 2) and he was obedient in going to Nineveh yet his heart had not changed. He did the right thing. He preached the right thing. He knew the right things about God. Yet his heart was wrong and when the pressure was on, when his heart was put to the test the truth came spilling out of his mouth in anger. The result is that if Jonah cannot live his own way and if God will not behave as he expects him to then he doesn’t want to go on living. Jonah is not willing to change his attitude towards the Ninevites. His prejudices are so ingrained that he would rather die than give them up.







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