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A Wave a Whale and a Worm 2

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A Wave A Whale and a Worm

Jonah 2:1-10

To help the church realize the mission of the church




Jonah called to God and God answered him


God called Jonah and Jonah ran and ignored him


Jonah is having a bad day and he called for help


God was wanting others to have bad day and wanted Jonah to help but he ran


Jonah thinks it was God who caused his problem

            He states God hurled him and that he was banished


Today when we have problems do we look to blame others or God instead of reflecting to see if we have hurled ourselves in to the problem


Is this Jonah having a pity party


Don’t we have a hard time accepting responsibility for our problems


We will do we can short of admitting and repenting


Jonah does the same thing


What do we do when we feel our lives getting out of control?


Do we need to have our life come with a hair of our death

Do we need God to send a storm into our life to get our attention


Do we cry out to God

Do we beg for him to save our life


Do we thank God for showing us the errors of our ways

Do we then confess and repent


All we need to do is be obedient to God’s call on our life.

Acts 1:8





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