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                Revelation 1: 1-3

John told his readers that reading the book of revelation will bless them. An exegetical examination of revelation 1: 1-3 is important for and a blessing for the student.


a)    Grammatical

Study of the grammatical context of rev. 1: 1-3

                Lexical Study- Dictionary

                Syntactical Study- Sentence Study- Structural Analysis


Rev 1:1 

A Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave to Him to declare to His servants things which must shortly come to pass. And He signified it by sending His angel to His servant John,

Rev 1:2  who bore record of the Word of God and of the testimony of Jesus Christ and of all the things that he saw.

Rev 1:3  Blessed is the one who reads and hears the Words of this prophecy, and the ones keeping the things written in it, for the time is near.

                Morphological Study- changing of a word (ex.) Look, looked, looking

All sentences in any language will have each of these

Noun and Verb


These will be in commentaries

Nominative- Subject of naming = (House)              oikos

Genitive = Description= Such as (of the house)                 Oikou

Ablative Case= Separation = (from the house)   oikou

Locative= Location= (in the house)          oikw

Instrumental = case of means= (she was mashed by the house)               oikw

Dated Case= Case of direction= (after work I will go to the house)            oikw

Accusative case= Case of limitation= (I made a house) It is the direct object         oikov

The word house in Greek is OIK if there is OS in the word it is the subject no matter what word it is OU

Practical Application-


Five physiological categories in Verbs

Tense= Time  English( Past, present, future, perfect) in Greek(Imperfect, Present, part, pluperfect,

Voice= Relationship of the subject to the verb ( active or passive, or middle)

Mood= Relationship of the action to reality= (indicative mood (I will), subjunctive mood(I did) , optative( I wish), Imperative (commanded to do it)

Person= First, second, and third=

Number= Singular or plural

b)    Historical Study

Study of the Historical Context of Rev 1: 1-3


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