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Hosea – A Lesson in Faithfulness


I.         The Faithlessness of God’s People

a.       Physical Unfaithfulness –

b.      Mental Unfaithfulness –

II.      The Foolishness of God’s People

a.       Pursues her Sin

b.    Cannot Obtain Satisfaction from Her Sin 

III.    Ignorance of God’s Provision -

IV.    The Forgiveness of God

a.       The Punishment of Sin

b.      God’s Righteous Justice

But I thought we were talking about Forgiveness?

c.       Hosea 2:14-16 

V.      The Faithfulness of God

VI.    Transition:  Here comes the allegory, right?  Wrong.

VII.  The Faithlessness of God’s People – the Church

a.       Eph. 5 –

VIII.            Foolishness of God’s People

a.     We grasp at our gifts.

IX.    Forgiveness of God

a.     Romans 5:20

b.      1 John 1:9

X.       Faithfulness of God

a.     Numbers 14:18

b.      You can choose your sin, but not your consequences.

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