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            Late one stormy night a physician was aroused from sleep by a farmer who lived several miles out in the country.  The farmer, who had the reputation of being “a little near,” first inquired how much the doctor charged for country calls.

            “Three dollars,” snapped the doctor, impatient that the fellow would bargain under such circumstances.

            Thereupon the farmer urged him to drive to his home immediately.  So the doctor dressed and drove with the farmer to his house with as much speed as the muddy, slippery roads permitted.  As soon as they stopped in front of the house, the farmer stepped out of the auto, took three dollars from his pocket and handed them to the doctor.

            “But where is my patient?” demanded the physician.

            “There ain’t none,” answered the country man, “but that there livery man would have charged me five dollars to bring me out here tonight.”

Braude’s Handbook of Stories, Jacob M. Braude, page 43

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