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Once, while conducting a meeting at Slate Creek, Kentucky, at Methodist preacher was in a meeting across town.  Smith attended a service by the side of the creek when the Methodist preacher applied water to a screaming infant.  When “Raccoon” had a baptism the next day, the Methodist preacher was standing nearby on the bank.  After the ceremony, Smith approached the preacher and began to pull him toward the creek.  The Methodist preacher asked him what he was doing.  “I am going to baptize you, Sir,” replied Smith.  “But I do not wish to be baptized.”  “Do you not believe said Smith.  “Certainly I do,” stated the Methodist preacher.  “Then come along, Sir,” said Smith, “believers must be baptized.”  “But,” said the man, “I’m not willing to go.  It certainly would do me no good to be baptized against my will.”  “Raccoon” then stated, “Did you not but yesterday baptize a helpless babe against its will?  Did you get its consent first, Sir?  Come along with me, for you must be baptized.”  But the man protested and Smith released him.  He told the preacher to go his way, and then remarked to the audience on the creek bank,  “Let me know if he ever again baptizes others without their full consent, for you yourselves have heard him declare that such a baptism cannot possibly do any good.

Restoration Principles and Personalities, Dabney Phillips, page 122

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