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SeI was in debate at Sharon, Tennessee, once with a Methodist, T. P. Clark, and to prejudice the audience, he propounded the old question of what would happen if the penitent should be killed on the way to baptism.  Dr, Bondurant, who fought in the Civil War wrote out for me the following incident:  ‘Down at Dalton, Georgia, a fellow named Peoples was having a Methodist meeting; the mourners were on logs and a tree was set afire to give light; the tree fell and killed some of those mourners, while mourning.’  So, with that information, I took the offensive:  ‘Now, Mr. Clark, you tell me what happened?  They didn’t get through and the tree did fall on them.  He wanted to doubt the case, but Dr. Bondurant couldn’t be doubted and Dr. Nowlin, of Greenfield, spoke up and said he was present at the same incident.  I still have the signed statement somewhere.  I left Clark with the proposition, ‘Now, Clark, that’s what happened to your folks, you find something that happened to mine.”

N. B. H. Biography of Nicholas Brodie Hardeman, James Marvin Powell & Mary Hardeman Powers, page282, 283

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