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Truly Blessed Lives

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Truly Blessed Lives


I.       Blessed Man

A.    Sits, Stands, and Walks

1.      Not with the ungodly, sinner, scornful

2.      But with God

B.     Delight and Meditate always

1.      Loves the Law

2.      Always in the law

II.    Blessings to Man

A.    Like a tree

1.      Planted at the river

2.      Becomes Fruitful

B.     Will not wither

1.      Eternal life

2.      Prosper in all that he does

Truly Blessed Lives

What makes a man blessed or not? Has anyone wondered about this question? We must look deep into this to fully understand it. First we must look at what it means to be blessed. In society we have come to the notion to be blessed is to mean we have great wealth, or fame. We believe that truly being blessed is when we receive abundant supply of materialistic things. But what does the bible say is a blessed man. Do you believe it is the one who has the biggest house, nicest car, or the largest bank account? I don’t think so. God does not judge us on our earthly possessions. It is measured on a standard that most cannot comprehend and most do not care to comprehend. It’s sad that this is the American way but it is. America is caught up in what makes us great with the things we have. Look at the commercials on TV. We always have to have the greatest and best of everything. The best phone, the best clothes, and the best personnel belongings. This is the reason we have forgot what it truly means to be blessed. In the past to be blessed could be as simple as to have good health, or even a place to live no matter the size. We would be blessed just to have a family and friends. But instead of pointing to what I have to say and others lets look at the bible and what it says. If you read Psalm 1 we see that right at the begging we see that he tells what a blessed man is. The first psalm first verse and first word starts out blessed is the man. So we see how important this must be. But who is blessing this man. Is other man, is it he, or who? Some would say it is just a game of chance. But there is no reason behind it except it just happens. But the truth is that God I behind it and is the author of all blessedness. He is the one that choices and lets the things happen that will. If you take him out of the equation it is the same as taken parents out of the gifts of Christmas. Since we know where the blessings come now let’s look at how we begin to receive them in our lives today. Verse 1 says that blessed is the man that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly. What is the psalmist stating here? It is stating that a man of God should not be participating in the things that they do. Should a man of God be in the bar with ungodly people that are his friends and drink, should he participate in the same things that they do in there life or should there be a change in his heart. Will he not want to live a life for Christ and not for man? Is this not one of the main ways to know that a man is changed that he no longer lives the way he did before but lives now to glorify God. Then it states that he will not stand in the way of the sinner. It is a reference to the above to he will no longer stand in the wide path that Jesus talks about in Matthew 7:13 but will enter through the narrow gate. Which do you stand before today? Are you on the wide path to destruction or the narrow gate that leads to life? Finally it states that he sits not in the seat of the scornful. That is to reject or dismiss the Christian faith, church, Jesus and God.  We should not sit with these as they do this. We should instead take a stand for Jesus in the world today. I have just one thing to say about this before we move on in this text today. As a Christian and parents, grandparents, children or friends of other parents, we must take a stand against this. We are letting atheism, and other so called gods (notice that gods are lower case because they are not the true God) be brought into the schools and our kids to learn about these things as they are taking out Christianity. If we want to make a difference for our young ones and ourselves we need to request that the school board take a different look at what they are doing we cannot sit in the seat with scornful as the psalmist says just watching and wishing something could be done. We have to stand up and walk together down the path and stand strong in our faith to make a change it is our duty and responsibility to the young people to do this. If not generations that come in the future will have no clue what the bile is and who God is but just believe he is a imaginary character in a fairy tale book. Because in school when there taught history there is no talk anywhere about Jesus, or God.

Now with that said we must take a look at what the bible says about the good things that make a blessed man. We look at verse 2 and see the word delight. This word carries the meaning of desire or longing to do something. My question is what do you desire to do in your life when you wake up, what do you desire to do before you go to bed, what is the desire you have when you go through the day? Is your desire to follow the people in verse 1 or is it to follow God? It states that we must desire to follow the law and law here is the teachings in the bible. This also will include the teachings of Jesus and all the New Testament books and their teaching. So do we desire to learn, and read the law the book? Or is it just a task that we partake in because we should or have to. Do we just not worry about it at all on our own because we have the preacher to read it 1 or 2 times a week and that is good enough? But we should also meditate on it day and night. Meditate is to utter or go over in our head all the time. We should constantly be thinking of what scripture says and where it guides us in our lives. That is the reason it is called the living word of God. Not the dead word or word. It is not just called a book or collection of writings. It is the living word of God infallible and without error. It speaks today just as it did in the beginning when it was written and will forever. But we have to read it, meditate on it to understand it. Think of this when you read this verse. God is before you and he has this book open, you are sitting before him, he places his hand on your shoulder, and says son or daughter have you heard about being blessed and then he begins to read from verse 1 to 6 and you see his face light up with the glow of love as he looks at you to see the impact it has on you and your life. This is what scripture is for, to impact you to change you to guide you. Don’t leave it shut, and don’t just take it for any other book that you can take off a shelf it is special and has a place of its own in this world. It should be exalted before any other writing.

Then in verse 3 we see what happens when we take all the above. We will become a tree planted by the rivers of that produces fruit in his season, will never die, and will always prosper. What does this mean for you and me? If I follow the Lord I will be blessed in this way. I will be fed by the living water of God. I will never thirst, I will never be hungry, and I will be taken care of. In Mathew it talks of how if God takes care of the birds of the air, and flowers in the field ho much will he take care of us. This is what we are talking about. A tree cannot live with the water to live, so can we not grow with out God in us. With out the shed blood of Jesus we would not be able to defeat the sin our lives. But his blood now flows through us so that we may grow in him and be part of him. When we become part of him we will produce the fruit that should be produced. Not just when we want it to but in its season. Everything has a season and we must follow that path. All things we endure will make us ready for our season. Look at an apple tree. In the fall it starts to make the apples ready for picking it is in season and ready to be eaten, but during the winter it is undergoing a true test of its strength. It will be tested and will endure harshness but only the strong trees will survive and the weak ones will die and new trees will be planted in its place. I seasons are the same we go trough different ones that will test our faith and obedience to the lord. But the true blessing is in the end of the verse. He shall not wither and will prosper. People if we accept Jesus as our lord and savior no one can deny us eternal life. We will live forever under his authority and security. He will not forget or forsake us. He will always be there to lift us up. He will also make us prosperous. We will prosper in all things. All things we do will prosper because it has God in it. Why? Because we would be in the will of God. We would seek his counsel, we would walk with him all the time, we would sit beside him when we get tired and listen to his voice. No matter what we did it would always be in his will and grace. He would bless us beyond our dreams. No money or nothing could buy the blessings that would be placed upon us if we submitted all to him as the verses state. Have you submitted to him? Are you following his commands here? Or are you just following yourself. Have you taken a step back and examined your life and what he has blessed you with. Have you examined why you have not received the blessings in your life. It is you time now to look inward at your heart and see what blessing is awaiting you. This is not a sermon on getting rich quick or you do this and that God will make you a millionaire but that if you follow Gods will and guidance you will be blessed with things you never thought before, you will never want again because you will have peace with yourself and God. If you have not known of anything as this and never accepted Jesus before let the spirit move upon you today this is the first step to be receptive of God starting to work in your live not to deny him, but to accept what he has to offer you as his children. It is not blessings that we are here for though it is the love and acceptance of him. That we shall know that he is happen with the way we are living and doing for him. Where do you stand, sit, or walk before God. Don’t b left behind and cast out in the end. Be redeemed and become one of the blessed.


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