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The Ascension of Christ

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The Acts of the Apostles

Chapter 1:9-11


Key points in the life of Christ:

          The Incarnation                                            His birth

          The Baptism                                                          The ministry beginning

          The Transfiguration                                      The affirmation

          The Crucifixion                                            The sacrifice

          The Resurrection                                         The culmination

          The Ascension                                             The coronation

Key points about the Ascension:

1.)   We don’t make enough of this day!

a.      After Easter

b.     On a weekday

2.)   Luke shows this as an actual, historical event; Luke 24:50-53

a.      Place – Bethany

b.     People – The Apostles (different from the Disciples,   

          Apostles were followers who saw the resurrected Christ.)

c.     Point in time – 40 Days after Jesus’ resurrection

3.)   Luke shows this as an important spiritual event

a.      A specific conclusion to Jesus’ earthly ministry

b.     Special significance to his actions

                                                                          i.      Bethany  – place of His anointing

– home of His friends

- place of Lazarus’ resurrection

                                                                        ii.      Blessing – “Jesus raised his hands and blessed them”

c.     Sign that the Spirit would now come.

4.)   Luke shows us this is a practical event

a.      Gives testimony to His return

b.     Tells us what Jesus is doing now – “Seated at the right hand of the Father”.

c.     Challenges us to be ready for His glorious second coming!

                                                                          i.      Don’t just stand there!

                                                                        ii.      Be filled with joy!

                                                                      iii.      Live with an eternal perspective!

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