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The Kingdom of God - and Christ

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The Acts of the Apostles

Chapter 1:6-8


1.) Concerning the return of Christ – highlight Acts 1:6!

A.)    This should be matched up with Matthew 24:36

B.)    This means:

1.)   The books and charts are only guesses

2.)   The “prophecy experts” are only guessers (who tend to have a very American outlook)

a.     The church in America may be in decline

b.     The church in Europe may be in the abyss

c.     South America – revival for nearly a decade

d.     Uganda – great move of God for fifteen years

e.     Korea – largest congregations in the world

f.      China – new estimates, 70 million Christians

2.) Concerning the coming of the Kingdom -

          A.) The Kingdom of God has never been based in human

power or politics.  John 18:36

B.)The Kingdom of God has never been based only on the

Children of Israel, on the Jews. – Matthew 3:9

C.)    The Kingdom of God has been proclaimed by Jesus as

“at hand” or “near” – Matthew 4:17

D.)   The Kingdom of God has been defined by Jesus

a.     In His purpose statement in Luke 4:18,19

b.     In the Model Prayer He gave to us, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.” – Matthew 6:10

c.     In His teaching on the Kingdom – Matthew 7:21

3.) Concerning the power of the Holy Spirit –

          A.) Acts 1:8 must be tied in with Matthew 28:18-20

                   a. We witness under Christ’s authority

                   b. We witness in the power of the Holy Spirit

          B.) Witness is the first call of the Holy Spirit to the church.

                   a. Witnesses tell what they know

                   b. Witnesses do their work through words and deeds

                   c. Witnesses (martus) are loyal regardless of the cost.

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