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Introduction to Acts

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Acts 1:1-5


The Author:  Luke, a Gentile – the only Gentile author in the New

Testament - and, according to church history, a physician

The recipient of the book: Theophilus; “God lover”

          Perhaps an individual being protected by Luke’s address.

          Perhaps to all who would know more of God and Jesus.

The sources of the book: 

          Eyewitnesses and testimony for Chapters 1-15; Luke 1:1

          Personal experience for Chapters 16-28

The purpose of the book:

1.)   To commend Christianity to the Roman government

a.     Luke consistently shows Roman magistrates in a very good light.

2.)   To show that Christianity is a universal religion

a.     For all men and women

                                                                         i.      First the disciples

                                                                      ii.      Then the Jews

                                                                   iii.      Then the Samaritans

                                                                    iv.      Then the Gentiles

                                                                       v.      And the first Gentile convert was a woman!

b.     Of every country

                                                                         i.      Luke begins with Jesus and disciples in Israel

                                                                      ii.      Luke concludes with Paul in Rome, soon to stand before Caesar himself!

c.     To prove the fulfillment of Acts 1:8 and to show the power of God is at work in our world today!



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