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Tre Ore

Jesus’ 3rd to Last Words

       (were standing)(but)(in the presence of)(the)(cross)(of)(Jesus)(the)(Mother)   (His)   (and) (the)(sister of) (the)  (mother)        (His),    (Mary)(the(F))

 25  Ei`sth,keisan de. para. tw/| staurw/| tou/ VIhsou/ h` mh,thr auvtou/ kai. h` avdelfh. th/j mhtro.j auvtou/( Mari,a h`

    (pluperf/ind/A/3/P)                                         (gen of poss)


  • Ei`sth,keisan Time sense is equivalent to perfect.
  • Significant family presence at the cross.
  • Also the priests and their secret police (officers closely allied with the priests)
  • The crucifixion is shameful along with being brutal (martyrdom is popular but not shame, so crucifixion used).


(the)(wife of Klopa)(and)(Mary) (of)   (Magdelene)

tou/ Klwpa/ kai. Mari,a h` Magdalhnh,Å


  • 4 Women at the foot of the cross


     (Jesus)     (then)  (saw)(the)(afore mentioned mother)(and)(the)(beloved)(disciple)(standing alongside),(he said)(the)(mother),(woman)(behold)(the)(son)

 26  VIhsou/j ou=n ivdw.n th.n mhte,ra kai. to.n maqhth.n parestw/ta o]n hvga,pa( le,gei th/| mhtri,\ gu,nai( i;de o` ui`o,j






·        gu,nai “Woman” is not distancing.

  • Disciple is the referent for part.
  • i;de Stereotyped particle, it’s an interjection


      (then)(he said to)(the)(disciple),(behold)(your)(mother).     (and)(from)(that)           (the)(hour)    (he took) (the) (disciple)   (her)  (into) (the) (one’s own)

 27  ei=ta le,gei tw/| maqhth/|\ i;de h` mh,thr souÅ kai. avpV evkei,nhj th/j w[raj e;laben o` maqhth.j auvth.n eivj ta. i;diaÅ


·        Future task will be the care of the Mother.

·        They are family, this is what church is all about, they are being prepared to be the church. Caring for the children, gathering, ministering.

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