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Sermon Themes for Summer

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Sermon Themes for Summer

                                          Theme/Title                                                Reading                       

July 29th                            “Alive in Christ through Baptism”                Col. 2:6-15

                                          (We can be confused and wander,

                                          yet we are united with Christ in

                                          Baptism and have purpose through



August 8th (Wed.)             “Our Eternal Peace”                                  John 14:27

August 12th                       “Be Ready!…For Our                                Luke 12:35-40

                                          Heavenly King”

                                          (We are to watch and “be ready,”

                                          meanwhile Christ is filling our

                                          lamps and keeping us awake)                                             

August 26th                       “No Narrow Perspective”                           Luke 13:22-30

                                          (Though it seems difficult to “strive

                                          to enter through the narrow door,”

                                          Christ is our door)

September 9                      “Christianity…hard or easy?”                      Luke 14:25-35

                                          (Christianity is not like joining the                 Deut. 30:15-20

                                          Rotary Club, Christ wants us to give up       Philemon 1-21

                                          not half but all of ourselves. He gave of

                                          Himself so that we could give up


September 23                    “We are Unjust Stewards and Children       Luke 16:1-15

                                          of Light!”                                                    Amos 8:4-7

                                          (While we are planning ahead for                1 Tim. 2:1-15

                                          ourselves we are called to be children

                                          of the light through Christ)

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