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     Yesterday minors were trapped in a caved in mine in Utah.  Authorities are still looking for the lost from the bridge collapse accident in MN.  And it looks like that some major mortgage companies are in real trouble.  We hear everyday about the war on terror and how our brave soldiers work hard and risk their lives. How can we have PEACE?  How can we have PEACE when we have to go to the dentist, pay our fuel bills, and find the right school for our children?  How do we find PEACE when friends move, when we find out we have to have surgery or chemotherapy…again or when our dear Grandmother passed away?  Where is PEACE?

     You’ve seen those tombstones at Halloween or in old Western movies?  Remember what they have on them?  RIP. And what does that stand for?  (responses) Right, Rest In Peace.  I think what that was suppose to imply was that whom ever was sporting the tombstone no longer had to worry about taxes, illness or physical limitations.  They were done with all that.  They could rest in PEACE. 

     What is PEACE anyway?  I was thinking about that.  I guess I feel peace when I don’t have worries or trouble, when nothing seems to be bearing down on me.  I picture a white sand beach, the sound of the waves gently lapping on the shore, no one needs me and I don’t have to be anywhere.  Ahhhhhhh.  How can we have PEACE in this world?  We’ve got all those things going on- war, illness, loss.  How can we REST IN PEACE?

     Jesus said, “PEACE I leave with you: My PEACE I give you.  I do not give you as the world gives.  Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” (Jn. 14:27  se also Jn.  16:33)  He didn’t say He would make all you’re worries, troubles, illnesses and bills go away He said, “He would give us PEACE.”

Think about His disciples.  They new the Son of God first Hand.  He blessed them with His own Hands.  Yet they still experienced beatings, trials, some were martyred; but in Acts we read how they had His PEACE in the midst of all the troubles. 

We too are given His PEACE.  When we come together and worship, fellowship, seek Him in prayer and in His Word.  We don’t loose all our troubles but we can REST IN PEACE.  We can rest in HIS PEACE.

     Just imagine if we had to face all our troubles without Him.  I lived that way for years.  You think it’s tough with God’s love and support, just picture how it would feel without Him.  What if you had to do it all on your own power and strength…alone?  If this was all you thought there was?  Pretty scary.

     But we are not alone and we know our Savior is ready and willing to give us His Peace in the midst of our crisis.  And we know that when we need one of those tombstones that we will have much more that a relief from the terrors and limitations of this physical world.  We will be with Him in all His glory and we will REST IN His PEACE. 


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