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Peer Review Pat Simmons

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Mark Airey


P-431 Problems in Preaching

Dr. Glenn Nielsen

Peer Review-Pat Simmons

General Comments:

Great delivery, good eye contact and expressiveness!  I liked the way Pat addressed the hearers at the place that they were at when he didn’t know the congregation at all.  He really spoke to the congregation and used inflection and pauses well.

Handling of Text:

I like the way Pat took the text for what it was saying and applied it well to this small part of the body of Christ.  Grood explanation of the text and what Paul was saying between illustrations.


If I were to guess the goal I would say: That the hearers have a renewed joy in being part of the living body of Christ.


I would say this was a Lowry Loop with the “Ugh” happening when they realize they are the little pancreas that is still part of the body.


Again, Pat did a beautiful job of depicting the hearers where they were at.  I have preached at these little congregations and struggled with speaking to their situation.  He showed them who they were as both saint and sinner in a compassionate way.


Good use of Law/Gospel throughout.  Pat utilized narratives to illustrate the Law/Gospel tension in different ways always using the same theme.


Excellent delivery!  Pat had a strong presence with the congregation and was very expressive in his gesturing, tempo, moods, and pauses.  He had good eye contact throughout the sermon with a very personable presentation.


I thought this sermon would have been easy to follow and understand for the hearers.  He seemed straightforward in his relating the narratives and kept with one “big idea” well.


If I were to make any suggestions I would say Pat could develop his story telling skill to really capture the hearer and take him on a ride (not that I can do that), in his developing narratives around the text to relate to the hearer he could have developed the understanding of the text and Paul’s contexts a little more (I’m reaching, good job).

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