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Matt. 9.36 and Heb 9.27 The New Age Movement

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The New Age Movement


Text: Matthew 9:36; Hebrews 9:27
Topic: What the New Age movement believes
Big Idea: The New Age movement must be counteracted with the truth about Jesus.
Keywords: Absolutes; False Religion; Falsehood; New Age; Relativism; Religion, New Age; Seeking God; Truth


  • Magazines, books, and seminars mark the popularity of the New Age movement.
  • Illustration: Polls show that 25 percent of Americans believe in reincarnation.
  • What is it that New Agers believe?

The New Age god is an impersonal force.

  • It is a pantheistic belief.

New Age teaching makes human beings god.

  • Humans only need to be enlightened about their divine identity.

There is no single source of New Age truth.

  • Truth becomes whatever we want it to be.
  • This is a recipe for moral anarchy.
  • Illustration: A man heavily involved in the New Age movement received Christ.
  • New Agers reject conventional medicine as a truth source.

Reincarnation is the New Age afterlife.

  • There is only an upward evolvement in New Age reincarnation.

The New Age Jesus is merely an enlightened man.

  • This human Jesus gained “Christ-consciousness” by studying under Indian gurus.
  • New Age beliefs differ radically from biblical Christianity.


  • Five reasons why people are drawn to New Age beliefs
    -Secular humanism has proven inadequate
    -We want to be god rather than bow to God
    -It is morally unchallenging
    -It promises an optimistic future
    -Churches have failed to demonstrate biblical Christianity
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