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Matt. 22.34 thru 40 Exegetical

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Matt. 22:34-40

Exegetical Work

  • Lev. 19:18 “You will love your neighbor as yourself”
  • Pharisees are trying to trap throughout previous texts but He is too sharp for them
    • Chapt. 23 He will preach a scathing sermon
    • 24 Predicts temple destruction
    • then eschatological sermon
  • 34
    • Psalm 2:2 Great messianic psalm
      • Rulers have “taking counsel together” against Yahweh as now against Yahweh’s Son!
  • 35
    • How is this a test?
      • Are they still trying to entrap Him?
  • 36
    • “Which is a (semiticism=the greatest) great commandment of the law?”
    • How is this a test?
      • No answer is correct. 613 laws in the Torah not (just the Decalogue)! One is picked then one will be more important.
        • Hopefully will confuse Him and He will pick the wrong one.
  • 37
    • You will love Yahweh…Deut. 6:5, Josh. 22:5
      • Matt. Brings in mind as a conflation of both
      • Is there any part of us that should not love Yahweh our God?
        • Answer; No!
  • 39
    • “You will love your neighbor as yourself.”
  • 40
    • All the law of the prophets “hangs/depends” on these two laws.

·        Mark has the guy answers, “You have answered well” and Jesus says, “You are not far from heaven.”

·        Jesus emerges victorious-There is no way you can get around this answer again as a great answer.

·        He can’t be trapped or defeated!

·        Jesus is the gospel guy in Matthew so what does this mean

o       Yahweh expects us to fulfill this law like Matt. 7:12 “do unto others as you would …”

o       Sermon 1

§         Law

·        Love your neighbor..

o       You haven’t done this

§         Gospel

·        He died for your sins…Amen

o       Sermon 2

§         Response that Jesus is looking for is repentance

·        If you Pharisees don’t fulfill the heart of your system of law then what?

o       If people in the church feel that they have been fulfilling the law this will convict them.

o       God continues to expect us to do this as we are in relationship with Him.

·        We are not saved because we would do this but because Jesus gave His life for us and we are only in relationship because He did this for us!

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