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Sunday February 3, 2019

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"Be Holy, as He is Holy"  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  28:25
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Being set-apart. HOLY unto God.

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Hey here.

even you Bob

I'm so glad that when people come in and they're they're getting seeded. There's always seats. There's always room and the no one has to take Bob's place and then and then tell him that no, that's my seat.

Our message this morning is a good one. It is be holy as he is. Holy be holy as he is Holy, and I know that Lee someone the same. Yes master it's easy to say but it's hard to live and that's true. It's hard to live the Christian Life and to walk as he walked to live as he live to be as loving as he was loving

but as hard as that road is if we choose to be the children of the most high God and that's who we are when we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and savior. He adopts us into his forever family. I say forever because this life is but a fleeting breath It comes and it goes in and sometimes it goes much quicker than any of us could ever imagine.

But and there's a big but God is in control and as we've said before then nothing ever catches him by surprise. He knows what you're going to face each day the trials The Temptations.

and when we send and we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God Scripture tells us that

But there is hope to live. the kind of life that he calls us to To be holy as he is Holy. We're going to go to First John and the chapter 2. I was going to do the whole chapter, but I realized it. what I needed to say and what I really want to talk about is in those first six verses so Bob is going to bring that up and we are going to to look at well, actually there is a scripture just before that and that is a little video clip thing is it just it is a scripture Bob and that explains what we looked at last week in in first John chapter 1

And if you could read it, it says if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and in big letters to cleanse us from all unrighteousness, if we confess with our mouths our sins and little later we're going to be taking communion and Paul. Tells the body of believers. Incur in Corinth and he tells all of us that before we take communion we ought to examine our hearts to make sure that it is right with God. Are we right with God? So now we are going to go on to our scripture this morning and noticed how John is writing to the Believers?

To the church. He says my dear children.

It's always amazing that there are people who are older than me who see me as a kid. And when I hit 50, I was thinking I'm getting old then I hit 60. It was really starting to feel old at 68. I'm thinking I'm pretty old and then when I'm around some of you who are in your 70s and 80s and some who are 90. I'm a kid. Is my mom was 90. I know that. The song I'm a kid and I like to be around those kinds of people if you want to feel younger, hang around older people. It'll make you feel younger. My dear children. He says because we're dear to him. as he writes to us I write this to you that what but you will not send so the first charge that we have from the Apostle John. is showing us that he loves us and he's considering that we are but flesh and he hopes and his prayer is that we will not send I want you to know this morning. It is my hope for you my prayer for you that you will not fall into temptation and sin. but had to insert that but if anybody does Sim not at desk for the showing of hands, but I would not embarrass you like that. and you know I can

How many of us have ever send?

Sometimes all it takes is someone to jam on the brakes right in front of you for that temptation to?

Say no no, no. No, I'm not going to send I'm not going to send but if we do seeing if anybody does sin, we have an advocate, you know, what's an advocate is. Say what Bob? Adieu had road rage and Advocate. Is that person? Who is that that lawyer on our behalf that person who speaks for us in the cart. He is our advocate.

the one Who can complain on your part to the judge who takes your concerns to the judge? We have an advocate a person who stands before the judge on our behalf. If we sin we have an advocate. with the father And he goes to the father and he says, you know David really didn't mean to do or say what he said father. Would you forgive him? I'm pleading to.

As many as confess their sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, but we have an advocate who standing there pleading pleading before the heavenly father on our behalf. You messed up. You know it. Jesus Christ Our Lord The Advocate knows it but he goes to the father and he says yes, but David didn't mean to do that. You didn't mean to say that he didn't mean to act that way. That's not like him because he is your child father and your child you think of the prodigal son and how he thought to himself in my father's household. There are servants who have sandals on their feet and clothes good clothes on their back and they eat three meals a day and here I'm starving and I'm feeding pigs and and I've squandered my father's inheritance, but If I go back to him, I could say father. I'm not worthy of being your son. I have sinned in your safe. And and I have wasted The Inheritance that you gave me is my portion and I am willing to come back and be a servant in your household. And yet while he was a distance away, it says the father looked and saw the sun coming and had compassion on him and ran to meet him now in in the traditional family that the household in the Jewish Family you would not as the patriarch or matriarch. You would not go running to your child. You would have them come to you. But in this story Jesus says the father went running to his son threw his arms around him and said welcome home.

And true to what he said, he would say the prodigal son said father. I'm sorry. I messed up royally. I've sinned against you and I've squandered my inheritance and I'm not worthy to be your son. I'm not worthy of you hugging me and loving on me. I just want to come back and be a servant at your house because you run a great house and you take care of your servants those who work for you you you care for them, and I just want to be numbered among them and the father said. Serpents bring some sandals to put on his feet and a robe to put around him and put my ring upon his finger for my son who was lost is now found.

That's how God looks at you. You are a part of this family when you mess up. He's willing and ready to forgive if we ask for forgiveness and we have an advocate. Who is there standing? The Lord's presence Jesus Christ, the righteous one is our Advocate and we continue.

He Jesus Christ is the atoning sacrifice for our sins. He is the sacrifice for our sins. He is the Lamb of God who takes away our sins. He died on the cross for your sins.

And I'd only for your sins. That would have been plenty, right? But also for the sins of the whole world. That includes all of us and including me he died for all of our sins are previous generations. And those generations to come of all have their sins washed away. If we would just accept what he did on the cross for us. He did it for us. And until we come to that place where we say Lord. I know you died on the cross for me, then it's no avail to me. He did it for me, but it's like the gift that sits under the Christmas tree that's never unwrapped. It has my name on it and it's it's for me, but if I never open it, I never get to experience the gift. Someone said that a gift is not really a gift hell, it's both given and it's received. Navigates been given that what you receive it open it his forgiveness his son died on the cross for you for. All of our sins, it says here not only for our sins but for the sins of the whole world.

And we know that we have come to know him. If we keep his Commandments. This is how you you show the world and you show him that you are his and that you love him by keeping his Commandments. Whoever says I know him but does not do what he commands us to do is a what? liar if we say it, but we don't act upon it. We're showing him to be a liar and that we are a liar.

And the truth is not in that person. But if anyone obeys his word love for God is truly made complete in them. And this is how we know that we are in him whoever claims to live in him. And for him must live as Jesus did

That's verse six whoever claims to live in him. to live for him must live as Jesus did therefore I bring the summation that if we say that we Are Holy then we need to be holy for him.

Someone once said to me is I was talking to them about the lordship of Jesus. They said you know, he's really not Lord at all if he's not Lord of all. And I said you were so right. We need to surrender all us this song says I surrender all I surrender all to Jesus I Surrender I Surrender and when we give up the stock of our life, he doesn't take anything away from us except our sin. He gives everything back to us. He when I give my life to him. He he gives me my wife my partner in life.

and my children

and all that I have he gives back to me. He just blesses it and says now it's mine, but I give it to you for your use. Freely all things he gives to us out of his riches out of his abundance he gives to us because he loves us whoever claims to live for him must live as Jesus lived.

So this is a warning and encouragement.

I used to watch a show called monk the defective detective. I don't know if you've ever watched it before but he he was able to solve all sorts of crimes. Just he'd look at the situation. He'd look at the evidence and he'd figure out who done it. And people would say wow, that's really good. They can say it's a blessing but it's a curse. It's a blessing. But but it's a curse because if it with it came all of his idiosyncrasies and its problems that he had. And so this is the warning but it's an encouragement. It's a warning. But it's an encouragement. Let's read this together Hebrews chapter 12 verse 14. Let's read together make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy without Holiness. No one will see the Lord. Do you know what you just read?

The we are to make every effort to live in peace with everyone everyone there people that we don't want to be at peace with they don't want to be at peace with us, but we are called to live at peace with everyone and to live our lives. Holy holy for him and holy in in in the ancient world. Before Jesus Christ, there was a temple. And in the midst of the temple, there was a sacrifice altar where the people would come and yearly lay a lamb upon the Altar and they would lay their hands upon me this perfect unblemished lamb and all of the sins of that family would go from the head of the household who would lay his hands on the lam and there was a transference they believe of our sins upon that perfect innocent lamb in the Innocents in the Perfection of that land would go back to the family for that next year and then the following year they'd have to do what come back and bring another land until Jesus Christ came. As the attorney Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world for once and for all. There was also in the temple a place that was set apart. The holy of holies behind a veil there was the the altar to the Lord.

and upon that altar the high priest who was appointed would come and burn incense at as the incense Rose of the people. Saw the incense rising from the temple. They would pray their prayers of asking God to forgive him and those prayers would join with that smoke up into the nostrils of God, and it was a special incense a perfume of sorts at in Aramaic incense and it was special unto God and it was for God and they knew that because it smelled a good that these prayers would rise into the nostrils of God that he would hear our prayers and that he would answer our prayers.

But Jesus Christ is come.

2BR once and Pharrell high priest who takes away the sins of the world, but I'd like you to know that everything in the temple then. Was what they called, holy and anointed and it was holy because it was set apart for God's use. Set apart for God's use only there was the same bowls that were in the temple that they might have in their kitchens, but the ones in the kitchen weren't wholly the ones that were set apart for God and said that word. Holy means to be set apart for God Zeus you and I are to be set apart for God's use that's what to live a holy life means. It's no longer. My life. Paul said it best when he said the life. I live I no longer live for myself, but my life I now live for Christ that he might live in me and through me.

Is our life set apart for God? Is it holy? Holy set apart for God. Without Holiness. No one can see God unless you're set apart for him. Unless you have asked him to come into your heart to forgive you of your sins and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness Lord. I am a sinner in need of a savior. Would you come into my heart would you clean my heart?

And I will be whiter than snow. I will be pure Lord as you come in and cleanse me and make my my heart your home. and I want to live for you from this day forward and forever more and if you pray a simple prayer like that he hears and he answers and we are set apart by God for his purpose in the next scripture says this

But just as he called you. But just as he who called you is Holy. So be holy in all you do for it is written but be holy because I am Holy. I come to God in my filthy rags. I even dressed up nice today. But all of my righteousness all of my finery is as filthy rags to God nothing I can do can make myself good for him. I can't. Tithe every week and and and visit the poor and preach good messages or go to church every Sunday. That doesn't make me righteous doesn't make me holey doesn't get me into heaven what gets me into heaven.

Is being set apart? forgot

the teacher in the Sunday School room of 6 year olds Was teaching them about heaven?

And that's a hard concept for for little 6 year olds. But after she said that she said if if I go to church every Sunday.

Can I go to heaven? And in one chorus, all of the kids said no. And so she said again to the the kids what if if I give an offering in church, you know when they ask if I give an offering every Sunday will that get me into heaven and the kids said no.

And the teacher turn to the kids and say well, what do I have to do to get into heaven? And little Johnny in the back said you got to be dead.

And Johnny's right? But until then we can all be preparing ourselves to Go to Heaven by living. a set apart life a holy life for him I've got This that I'd like to share with you.

To be sure in biblical terms translated holy or Holiness or hagios. Means to carry a strong secondary. connotation of moral purity But moral Purity is not first and foremost. What scripture is talking about instead the most basic meaning of the word is to be set apart. Set apart to be made. Holy is to be set apart for God dedicated to God's work and God in his use to belonging to God is probably the best way to say it and I will be your God and you will be my people says y'all way says God and live Leviticus 26:12 Hebrews 8 and 10. Best prior to any consideration of morality biblical Holiness describes a unique relationship that God has established and desires with his people and that is this relationship has a moral ramification. But it precedes the moral behavior before we can ever be called good. We have to be called. Holy now. I want to be good. In all that I do and all that I say I wanted to be good. But I also in my heart need to be holy set apart for God's uses what that is. We are called to be holy unless we rightly understand in a firm the Primacy of this relationship we fail.

Inevitably in the Trap of reducing Holiness to just mere morality. It is just not me or morality. It is a changed heart. It is a changed life. It is a conviction that we live out daily. That's what makes the difference in our lives. And that's what makes a difference in our families. That's what will make a difference in this world if we surrender our hearts to him. And are set apart for his use that we live. Holy and that we Are Holy.

And that's not easy to do with it. Would you stand with me?

Are gracious and loving Heavenly Father? Your word has called us to live our lives as you lived yours to have you as our example ever set before us that we might not live unto ourselves, but we would live for you the life. We live we no longer live for ourselves our purposes our goals, but we live for you. What would you like to do in our lives? How would you like to see our lives? transformed and moving in a direction that pleases you Father we ask that you would cleanse us from all unrighteousness because you have told us your Apostle John instructed us that if we confess our sins your faithful and just to forgive us our sins.

But you say if anyone sins. There is forgiveness and we know that we are in this world not of it but in this world, we will be subject to the carnal thoughts and desires and actions that when we send your faithful and just to forgive us, but if we set ourselves aside. Apart, if you do that for us you do that action for us. Make us holy. We will live our holy lives for you. everyday in everyway now father forgive us and use us for your your glory for your purpose for your plans. For our family and for this community that we live in it for this world. Make us to be more like you may our walk be like you may our talk be like you in all that we do and say may we give you glory in Jesus name and everyone said Amen, we're going to sing a little song and closing and if you would like to come.

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