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Mark 13.14 thru 31

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“Come, Lord Jesus!”

 Mark 13:14-31

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

“Come, Lord Jesus!”  This is the most basic prayer of the church.  Have you ever sat and waited for something? Have you ever sat and waited for a bus…in the rain! I have…this is something that can really drag on. One can get very cold in the winter time or can you remember playing some kind of a game to pass the time. As you wait you’re looking down the street to see if you can recognize the bus as far down the street as possible. Maybe you’ve waited for a certain numbered bus for your route before as I have. You see the bus coming down the street but you can’t quite make out the number. It’s coming but is it yours? It comes closer just as you recognize the number and before you know it, you realize it’s not your bus…and it blows by, pushing the dust rain puddles up from the street…or even just stirring the cold air.

In our text this evening we see Jesus setting up the end of the age. But listen closely to how this occurs and what is important about it. He begins telling about all this because the disciples are impressed by the “massive stones” of and “magnificent buildings” of the temple. This temple of stone is clearly not what is important. It is not what is the “main thing” here.

There is already plenty of evidence of sin and tribulation in the world today to be sure. But let us not get caught up in the temptation to start trying to figure out when he is coming.

The good news is that the Kingdom of God has arrived! It is here right now. He has not come again but His kingdom has already arrived.

Now may that peace which surpasses all understanding guard your hearts and minds unto life everlasting. Amen.

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