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Luke 18.1 thru 8. Sermon Outline.Bill Hybels

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God’s Attitude Toward Prayer
by Bill Hybels
Text: Luke 18:1-8
Topic: How God feels when we pray to him
Big Idea: We are children of God, who always have access to him in prayer.
Keywords: Blessings; Children of God; God, goodness of; God, love of; God, righteousness of; Hope; Judgment, divine; Parables of Christ; Prayer; Prayer, persistence in

A persistent widow seeks justice.

  • At the time of Christ, widows were social outcasts.
  • This widow sought protection from a “villain.”
  • The judge had no fear of God or respect for people.
  • The judge refuses the widow’s request for justice.
  • Undaunted, the widow pesters the judge until he grants her request.
  • Many people think the moral of the story is “it pays to pester.”
  • Many Christians think we are like the widows and God is like the judge.

We are not like powerless widows.

  • Jesus explains the meaning of the story.
  • We have hope because we are heirs of Christ.
  • Illustration: Following his father’s example, Hybels gives his kids permission to call anytime on a private line.
  • We can talk to our Father any time.
  • Unlike the judge in the story, God is willing to bless us.

God wants to hear our prayers.

  • God is interested in our prayers because he is interested in us.
  • God is able to answer our prayers.
  • God invites us to pray to him.
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