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Judges 5.1 thru 31

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Chapter 4 and 5 tell story in 2 distinct ways

    • Historical and poetic song
      • “Dark ages” of Hebrew history
        • Right in their own eyes
        • Reverted to an arbitrary morality, which led them back into idolatry.
        • Deborah observes, “When Israel chose new gods, war came to the city gates”
      • King Jabin ordered his general Sisera to assemble a massive, “mother of all armies”
        • 900 iron chariots
      • The people cried out to God (Show Video)

Vs. 31-The triumph of the Church. The triumph of Israel after the overthrow of the Canaanites is an illustration of the ultimate triumph of the Church.

I. Church will not only be saved, but will be saved with honor—will triumph.

1. Implies the destruction of her enemies.

1.      Not look for that in violence, after the manners of the Crusades or of the Inquisition.

(1) Spiritual foes, such as sin, temptation, death, will cease to exist.

(2) Human foes will cease to be foes by the turning of enmity into submission to Christ. Sword of the Spirit (the Word)

2. It implies honor on the Church. She shall shine “like the sun”, no longer despised.

3. It implies the enjoyment of great happiness. Darkness represents sorrow; sunlight represents joy.

4. It implies the gift of power. No influence on earth is as powerful as that of the sun.

5. It implies the exercise of benevolence and peace. The sun scatters light, warmth, life. He brings new life out of the death of winter, and spreads beauty and glory over the face of the earth. There is healing in the wings of the Sun of righteousness.

II. The source of this triumph.

1. It is victory through God. Deborah speaks of it in prayer. It was not the courage of the warrior, but the unseen help of God that secured the victory to Israel. We grow fearful as we see the raging might of evil, and compare this with the trembling weakness of our own hearts. But God is with us; he makes the cause of the Church his own. Christ has already conquered, and now he calls us only to meet defeated foes.

2. It is secured through devotion to God. The enemies of God perish. These are not men whom God treats as enemies, but such as set themselves in enmity against him. Those who triumph are the lovers of God. The essence of religion is love to God, and this is here the ground of the assurance of victory given by Him.

3. It is attained by silent and gradual means The sun does not burst out suddenly, he makes no noise to announce the coming day. So the triumph of the Church is gradual as the growing dawn, silent as the spreading light. Yet, like the light of the sun, it will be recognized by its visible presence and its bountiful fruits!  We will have victory! Amen.

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