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John 1.29 thru 4 Sermon Preparation

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“God Reveals Christ To Us”

Text:  John 1:29-42


Points from the Text:

  1. Jesus comes to John the Baptist in his life and where he is located
    1. John recognizes Jesus as “the Lamb of God”

                                                               i.      This was revealed to him through sight (vs. 29 and 32)

                                                             ii.      Through God’s word spoken to him (vs. 33)

  1. John understands that Jesus is the Son of God/Messiah, who will “take away the sin of the world”
    1. John was told about Jesus entering His world by God (vs. 33)
  2. John now testifies to this…repeatedly! (vs. 29, 34 and 35)
  3. We see the effects of John’s witness
    1. Jesus coming into other people’s lives
    2. Holy Spirit’s work (vs. 38, 39 and 41)

Points in the Sermon “God Reveals Christ to Us”:

  1. We don’t always see Christ and His working in our daily lives
    1. We are distracted by sin-idols etc.
  2. We have an underlying Christian theme that emphasizes the “I found it” or human effort religious experience
  3. Because of these two problem
    1. We don’t see how Christ reveals Himself to us in our daily lives
    2. And then we don’t effectively witness Christ to others
  4. God reveals Christ
    1. To John the Baptist

                                                               i.      Through sight-when He comes into his life

                                                             ii.      Through the word of God-in this case delivered by an angel (

                                                            iii.      Through his living his life as a Christian (vs. 31)

    1. To Others in the text

                                                               i.     Through sight-when they are shown Christ (vs. 36)

                                                              ii.     Through the word of God spoken by others (vs. 32-34)

                                                            iii.     Through seeking Him out (vs. 38)

  1. God reveals Christ to us in the same ways!
    1. He comes to us in our lives                                                                i.      Glimpses or Manifestations of the Glory of God or “God sightings”

1.      The heavens declare the glories of God and the firmament show us His handiwork…the way He uses His power in our lives


    1. He comes to us through His word
    2. He comes to us through others pointing to Him

                                                               i.     The Holy Spirit works through the witness of experience, His word, and “brothers”

1.     Those whom the Holy Spirit has found then follow Christ by witnessing to Christ

a.       Through this witnessing the Holy Spirit leads others to Christ

Law in the Sermon:

  • That the hearer sinfully ignores Christ in their lives and therefore doesn’t testify to His presence to others. Gospel in the Sermon:
  • That the hearer sees that God reveals Christ to us throughout life visually, through His word and through others.

Mission, vision, and values of King of Kings:

  1. We emphasize “testifying” of Christ at King of Kings!  This is our decided mission and it is stated in our mission statement.
  2. This is to be our vision here at King of Kings, we are to avail ourselves to Christ and the many ways in which God reveals Himself to us and then point Him out to others whenever given the chance.

Is the message clear?  Well?

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