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Heb. 6.13 thru 20.Handling Your Insecurities.Sermon Outline.Stuart Briscoe

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Handling Your Insecurities
by Stuart Briscoe
Text: Hebrews 6:13–20
Topic: How we find security
Big Idea: For Christians, focusing on God's promises provides an anchor for the soul.
Keywords: Anxiety; Despair; Doubt; God, trustworthiness of; Insecurity; Promises; Security; Security in God


  • Deep down, most people have a sense of individual insecurity. -Illustration: Providing security in many areas of life is a main theme of the United States Constitution.
    -Illustration: The author of PsychoCybernetics estimates that 95 percent of people in Western society have a strong sense of insecurity.
  • In Hebrews 6:19, we are offered "an anchor for the soul" to help with our insecurity.

Insecurity is a real issue in our society.

  • The causes of insecurity include: experiences during childhood, mobility and change, and crisis.
  • Four characteristics of insecurity are aggressiveness, addictive behavior, affective behavior, and criticism.
    -Our society rewards aggressive, type-A behavior; in reality we should be trying to relieve the insecurity of those who demonstrate it.
    -We become dependant on things that initially bring us relief from insecurity, and we eventually need more and more.
    -Affective behavior is the result of insecurity; we are self-conscious and pre-occupied with the reactions of others.
    -Critical people tear others down in order to build themselves up.

Biblical examples of security

  • Paul was secure in himself and in God.
    -Illustration: Paul demonstrated security in dealing with a horrendous storm and shipwreck (Acts 27).
  • Abraham's life demonstrated security.
    -Illustration: Abraham left his home in an established city to pursue God's promised land.
    -Illustration: Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son, Isaac, because of his faith in God's promise.

God is the source of true security.

  • Big Idea: Focusing on God's promises provides an anchor of the soul for those who believe them (Hebrews 6:17).
  • God has promised to keep that which you have committed to him.
  • God has promised to keep that which you have committed to him.
  • God promises us a life of eternal purpose.
  • God promises to strengthen us when we are weak.


  • Illustration: When climbing cliffs as a marine, Briscoe would take comfort in the fact that the ropes were secured by another marine who had gone before him.
  • Christians can anchor their soul on the fact that Jesus has gone before us, promises to keep what we commit to him, promises us eternal life, and promises to strengthen us when we are weak.
  • Do you have an anchor for your soul?
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