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Every Life Precious to God

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Psalm 139 

            Did you know that one human life is more valuable to God than the entire non-human creation?  Understand what I am saying,  one human life is worth more to God than all the angels, all the stars and galaxies, planets, moons, oceans, mountains and all the animals combined?  These statements are true because human beings are created in the image of God.

            What is the image of God?  Is it rationality; the ability to think and to act upon thought?  Yes, but the angels are also rational.  Is it personality - that which makes us unique and different?  Yes, but angels also possess personality.  Is it the ability to have communion with the Almighty?  Yes, but once again, angels also possess this ability.  That which distinguishes us from angels is free will, the ability to either choose God and His purpose or to reject Him and His will.

              It was and is to us alone that God has elected to speak.  Jesus died on the cross that we might have more than just the one opportunity for obedience. Human beings were created to have dominion over all things.  Some would argue that abortion is man exercising his divine right to choose.  The problem arises when we consider that God has never said our freedom is exempt from responsibility!   We have the right and the power to choose but there are repercussions for choice.  Adam and Eve were entitled to choose what they would eat but always with the understanding that certain choices would bring a response.  In the case of their first sin, disobedience brought death!

*            Society understands that right and wrong exist and has in response established a system of law and order.  Any and every one of us is free to do whatever we want so long as we understand that our freedom is limited.  I can take someone else’s property but must realize there is a risk of punishment.  I am free to drive just as fast and as recklessly as I please but never without the possibility of accident and arrest.  I am able in anger to take someone’s life but chances are good I will be caught and punished for murder.  If we run the risk of penalty for violating man’s law, how much more are we likely to be held accountable for offending God! 



*I.                   Every Life Ordained By God


A.    God intimately involved in our lives (vs. 1-6)

1.      Not just our actions but our very thoughts

2.      His hand is upon us to shape our lives and make us whatever He will

B.     Is there any exemption?

1.      None whatsoever (vs. 7-12)

2.      Not just the redeemed nor those at the age of consent

C.    Every day and its portion is numbered (vs. 13-16)


*II.                What Our Response Should Be


A.    To seek an understanding of His will!

1.      Study the Word

2.      Spend time in fellowship with other believers

B.     To tell of what we have learned

1.      Not enough to hold correct doctrine

2.      We must be more vocal, more demonstrative


Our society has embraced many actions that are offensive to God.  The result of sin is evil, disease, and apathy.  We are the gate keepers!  Retribution begins at the House of God.  We must clarify our own thoughts on this subject and shape our lives to be in compliance with what the Spirit leads!

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