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Connected to One Another

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This week. I want us to focus in to think about what it means for us to be devoted to one another to be connected to one another and so if you've got a Bible with you, I don't turn to the passage that's on your screen yet turn first to Luke 22:50. I hear the pages wrestling. I know what you guys are doing. You're trying to beat me to the punch, but turn first to Luke chapter 22 verse 50.

And this is what we read and one of them struck the servant of the high priest and cut off his ear.

I'll read it again. And one of them struck the servant of the high priest and cut off his right ear. I love the the specificity which ear was cut off.

Now the reason that First Corinthians was the text on the on the first slide there's because that's where we're going to spend the bulk of our time, but I want to just a minute take you to the setting of Luke chapter 22 in Luke chapter 22 Jesus and his disciples are in the garden Judas has come to him with an army at his back and he's going to betray Jesus. And as they come up one of the disciples Luke doesn't tell us but John spills the beans it's Peter we knew it was going to be Peter Peter pulls a sword out and Strikes the high priest's servant and cuts off his right ear. all four gospels record this event There there are events in the life of Jesus John says that if all the things that Jesus did were written down there would be enough books in the whole world to contain them and said that the authors of the Gospel had to under the direction to Holy Spirit choose what they included and sometimes we have a store erepairable and event in one gospel. Sometimes we have it into sometimes in three. This story is recorded in all four Gospels.

Do you know why?

Neither do I?

But I want to set the stage here for where we're going to be going in 1st Corinthians and you can turn the 1st Corinthians. Now, I'm not preaching a sermon about the high priests serving getting his ear cut off. But I do want you to imagine that it is not a pleasant thing to imagine, but I want you to imagine that setting for just a second and I want you to imagine why it caught every single gospel writers attention. Because ears are not meant to lie on the ground. They're meant to be attached to our head. And when we see a part of the body like an ear laying on the ground having just been struck off. We recognized there's something wrong with this picture.

That little detail makes it into all four gospels because they act or the instance of a body parts being separated from the body.

Catches your eye and not in a good way. And so that then brings us with that image now entrenched in your mind. I apologize, but the gospel writers did it first but I with that in mind, I want us to look at 1st Corinthians 12, and we're going to start reading in verse 12. I want you to listen to Paul as he takes this image of the body and its connectedness and applies it to us to the church. 1st Corinthians chapter 12 verse 12 for just as the body is one and has many members and all the members of the body though many are one body. So it is with Christ for in one Spirit. We were all baptized into one body Jews are Greek slaves were free and all were made to drink of one spirit. For the body does not consist of one member but of many if the foot should say because I'm not a hand. I don't belong to the body. That would not make it any less a part of the body and if they ears should say because I'm not an I I I don't belong to the body. That would not make it any less a part of the body if the whole body where an i where would the sense of hearing be if the whole body were an ear where would be the sense of smell but as it is God arranged the members in the body each one of them as he chose if all were a single member, where would the body be as it is? There are many parts yet one body in the head to the feet. I have no need of you on the contrary the parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable and on those parts of the body that we think less honorable. We bestow the greater honor and our unpresentable parts are treated with Raider modesty, which are more presentable parts. Do not require. But God is so composed of honor to the part that there may Be no division in the body, but that the members may have the same care for one another if one member suffers all suffer together. If one member is honored all Rejoice together. Just pray with me this morning.

Father we come to your word and your word impacts Our Lives. We recognize God that we are not here by ourselves. We are gathered here together. We are gathered here with one another and that matters. It matters that we do not pursue you alone. It matters that we do not praise you alone. It matters that we do not study your word alone.

And God we thank you for it. But Lord as we live in a highly individualistic Society. I ask that you would help us to overcome the constraints of our culture. To think Beyond ourselves and our individual needs in to recognize the work that you do when we gather. And indeed father help us to understand that unless we gather you cannot do your work in and through us. Help us to see your plan in your purpose for the body of Christ us together following him help us to understand that guide and help us to live that as a result of this word being applied to our hearts by your spirit and it's in Jesus name we pray. Amen. This image of Christ's body matters. It's a metaphor you and I are not literally the body of Christ and yet metaphorically speaking. We are the body of Christ and what do we know to be true of a body? We know that all the parts have to be together. For it to work as it was intended, but before we even know that we know that the body takes the identity of the head of the body takes the identity of the head. How did you know it was me standing up here this morning. What some of you don't know me and so you just have to take my word for it. My name is Brandon Boone. I'm 33 years old. I've been hearing Utah for about two and a half years. You just have to take my word for some of you though. You've had to live with me for those two and a half years. Sorry. And you recognized me because of this part of me, right? You recognize my face when the world looks at the church. They are meant to see Christ when the world looks at the church. The first and foremost concern is not that you and I are here when the world sees the people of God. What is foremost in that moment is that they would see Christ. We didn't sing it this morning. We occasionally sing a song called Christ be all around me Christ be all around me Christ in the eye of everyone that sees me Christ in the ear of everyone who hears me right? This idea. Is that as the people of God we would represent Christ that matters it matters that when we gather together when we do this hard thing tell church and don't get me wrong churches hard. Remember I said, this is serious about things that are crazy that are hard but are worth it. It's really hard to gather together as the people of God. Do you know why? Because I'm a sinner. And because you are a sinner. I'm a sinner. You're a sinner when we gather together. There's an immense possibility that what would be seen would be sin. And yet what God is doing is he's calling us to Showcase Christ. He's calling us to showcase the head of the church. Who is Jesus. So when we gather we're meant to portray cry, so it is crazy for us to gather. It would be so much easier to do Church by yourself in the basement or depending on your proclivities in the woods on the mountains on the lake wherever it is, that is your excuse. I'm just going to have some goddamn know you're going fishing.

It would be so much easier if that was church. Just you doing what you love in the midst of God's Amazing Creation in the midst of a place that makes you feel safe and comfortable. Guess what that does not portray the body that does not portray Christ to the world. It's When We Gather in spite of the fact that were sinners in spite of the fact that when we gather I'm going to say something I'm going to do something that's going to rub you the wrong way and you can get mad at me. Guess what? I'm going to get mad at you from time to time to you're going to do something. I don't like in my personality is not going to hit yours in all the right spot. Guess what it's worth it because our job is to portray Christ. So why do we do the crazy hard worth it work of gathering of connecting with one another because our primary purpose is to Showcase Christ to the world. The other reason another reason that we do this crazy hard work of gathering together is that just like that servants ear laying on the ground when we cut ourselves off from the body we can't do what we were made to do a body part removed from its body is unable to function as it was intended the high priest's servant didn't hear so well. After that sword took his ear off. Right. We we recognize the fact that when the body is all present and accounted for it works better than when it doesn't some of us have had to deal with that parts of our body going on strike parts of our body rebelling. The fact of amputation is very much alive and well in our world and yet we recognize that even though we can overcome some of that. There's always the fact that the thing that is removed from the body no longer works the way that it was intended. So what this means for us is the reason we commit to the often heartbreaking process of coming together of gathering together of connecting with one another of allowing somebody whose personality doesn't line up with mine. Somebody whose tastes don't line up with mine. The reason we do that hard work is because if we don't We don't work. We can't demonstrate Christ The Way We Were Meant to Sure, Naturally, I may be a peacemaker short. Naturally. You may be an advocate for justice. Sure Naturally. You have a heart to reach out to kids who are naturally you have a heart to reach out to widows. But the very rare person indeed. I would say non-existent person is the one who can do all of that. The one who has a heart for justice in a heart for making peace. The one who has a heart for kids and for the elderly the one who is able to do the work of an evangelist, but also do the work of the disciple maker the one who was able to lead in worship and yet I also teach the scripture. You can't do that on your own. And yet time and time again in the world. That's what we're told. This is what you do Christian and if you can't do it by yourself. The world's not going to get a accurate understanding of who Jesus says we need each other to function. We need to connect with one another in order for that to work. The other fact that matters this just as a body part doesn't function apart from the body. So a body lacking apart can't do what it's intended to. Rights of the third thing. I want you to understand is this that when you cut yourself off from the body of Christ when you say I'm not going to gather with them anymore when you say I don't want to be in fellowship with my fellow believers. You're not just impacting the gospel that you're living your actively doing damage to the body of Christ. You're harming what we're doing together. When you cut yourself off from fellowship and that is a big deal, right? And so most of us are most of us have grown up in this world of individualism. We've been up in the sense of what matters is what I get out of something. What matters is whether or not it hit my needs and Strikes my fancy. But I want to submit to you that just as important as the fact that you are negatively affected by failing to do the hard work of connecting with your brothers and sisters. The church is negatively affected when you failed to do that. Did you see what Paul was saying here in 1st Corinthians? Look back at that. If you got it, we don't have to put it up on the screen and got Bibles, right? Sorry, sometimes I forget to put things into my notes. So this is a not really an indictment on using Titan on me failing to remember to have the words on the screen but find 1st Corinthians 12 again, if you lost it and look at what Paul says he says it is when the parts are all there that the body is as it should be and he says God arrange the parts. God put this together it is no accident. If you are a part of Red Hills, it is no accident that you're here. It may feel like an accident sometime. You may look at the circumstances in your life that brought you to this place and think what in the world happened.

God happens. God saw a body in Enoch, Utah and said, hey, here's a church that needs just the gift that this person has. I'm going to orchestrate a ton of life event to bring that person to Enoch, Utah. Some of you have lived here longer than we've been apart of this body longer some of you are new here. Some of you are guests here in your thinking this is kind of weird. Ignore me for just a second. If God has brought you here and this is the church that he has put you in. Hear me say this if you are not exercising the gifts that God has given you here. The whole church is suffering for it and some of you look at what our worship team does and you're like all I could never do that. I can't play guitar. I can't play piano. I can't sing good. No, seriously, that's good. Paul says if everybody's and I where's the sense of hearing of everybody's in ear? Where's the sense of smell if all of us are musicians?

Then all those seats get pretty empty in this stage gets pretty full. We need each other's various gifts. We need those with the gift of leading and worship. We need those with the gift of teaching. We need those with the gift of administration.

We need those with the gift of hospitality. We need to give those with the gift of compassion and concern for needs in the body. We need each other or the body doesn't work together Dietrich Bonhoeffer. If you're familiar with him, he was a theologian martyred under the Nazi regime in Germany. And if we got that quote if you can put that up there I want I want to see things through this Dietrich Bonhoeffer does not make himself readily accessible but it's worth kind of digging through what he says in a Christian Community everything depends upon whether each individual is an indispensable Link in a chain only when even the smallest link is securely interlocked is the chain unbreakable every Christian Community must realize that not only do the weak need the strong but also that the strong Cannot exist without the week. The elimination of the week is the death of the fellowship. If we get hung up on the people who we put on the stage, if we get hung up on those more public gifts and we start to pretend that the people whose heart is for kids and they serve selflessly serve in the nursery every week in there in children's church two out of four weeks and they're they're doing so much behind the scenes. If we forget the people that run sound if we forget the people that sweep the floor if we forget the people who do those things the church fails And if you're sitting here and you thinking I'm a strong link.

I want you to understand you maybe. And the role that God has given you may be a crucial one, but don't imagine for a second that somehow that grants you more importance. Then a weak link and if you're thinking to yourself while I'm most certainly the weak link, let me tell you God has given you more important than you could ever imagine the strength of this church Rises and falls on your selfless service. And so even though we fail so many times to say it if you serve behind the scenes. Nobody knows your name. Nobody recognized you I want to say, thank you. Ennis Church ought to want to say, thank you. because the weakest member if it's not working. the whole thing breaks down if the weakest link, we take it out all of a sudden we've disrupted the fellowship. So why does it matter that we connect to one another because when we don't and when we fail to take in the importance of that our fellowship fails and when I say our fellowship, I mean our church and when I say our church, I mean the group of people who said to Jesus you're calling the shots from now on the group of people who said to Jesus your lord and what you say goes and so we're going to do what you tell us to do through the power of your spirit. We fail when we fail to take into account that we need one another so why do we put up with each other? Because without one another we're not a church. Okay, the next thing that I want us to look at is here at the end of chapter 12 or in our passage rather is verse 26 Paul says if one member suffers all suffer together this matters, why do we connect with one another because when one part of the body suffers the whole body suffers when one part of the body suffers the whole body suffers, I think we lose something when we fail to suffer together. I think we lose something essential to the nature of Fellowship when we fail to recognize that there are pains and hurts in one another's lives and we failed to come alongside one another. That's a problem. Paul says when there's a need in the body when one part of the body suffers the whole body suffers and you're thinking well, that's not true.

I brought an object lesson today.

Do you know what this is? You can't see it. It's too far away. It's a Lego. Do I have a volunteer who remove your shoes? And come step on this Lego.

You'll die. Right? No joke literally this Lego I walked into my son's room this morning and said Ben can I borrow one of your Legos? My son's room is a minefield. Of these Legos and when my foots my Barefoot encounters one, there is a direct line of connection from my foot to the top of my head. And there is a pain that shoots out from that small points that small very sharp very rigid points. And unfortunately because I have a background in automotive and I spent a lot of time in the shop that direct line sometimes connects from my foot to my mouth.

When one part of the body suffers the whole body suffers Austin after the service, this is yours to step on man. I just have to give it back to bed when you're done with it. Or Mason I could give it to you too. Which are you guys fight over it? when one part of the body suffers the whole body suffers

What happens when one part of the body suffers in the rest of the body doesn't notice? You know, that's actually a condition right when you guys are familiar with the disease of leprosy. Do you know how leprosy kills you? It cuts off the pain receptors. From the extremities of your body so somebody with Leprosy who loses feeling in their hand lean on a hot stove and not realize that their skin was burning until it was too late. Church when we fail to suffer with one another when we fail to come alongside one another in times of difficulty and hardship. We are killing ourselves. We need each other when somebody is experiencing a hard time the rest of the church needs to dive into that not run away from it. Not safe. Sorry about your luck, dude. But how can I engage in what you're going through? How can I meet a need for you? That would lessen this burden of suffering I feel for you. Literally needs to be what the body's about. Why do we do the hard work of connecting together? Because when we suffer together that means that we are together when we suffer together. It means we're connected together when we suffer together. It means that we are capable of doing that which God has called us to do which is to love one another.

When we ignore the suffering in one part of the body, we're setting up the whole body for failure. for sepsis for Destruction

But it's not all bad news, right? Because verse 26 goes on and Paul says this if one member is honored then all Rejoice together.

How many of you were going to watch the Super bowl next week? This is like confession time. Send me your like I don't do that. Right? It's okay. I'm going to watch the Super bowl next Sunday if that makes you feel any better Alright, you're going to watch the Super Bowl and if everything goes right.

I'm looking at Dave so I'm not going to say what I was going to say.

if every credible game and it'll come down and I'll be like one second left on the clock and I won't say which team comes up to line up for a winning field goes like tide 2424. Everything is on the line and the kicker's got to make this kick and the kick is up and the kick is good and the team wins fill in the blank which everything you want to put in there. And if they win into the whole team does what when that happens when the kicker kicked the game-winning goal what happens? Celebrate they rush out to the kicker. Now. How hard would it be? How absolutely in name would it be if the team rushes out to the new just made this game winning field goal pick him up turn them upside down and begin to congratulate his foot. What is a gold foot? That was an awesome kick? Yes, it's supposed to be ridiculous. It's okay. That's not how it works. Right when when one part of the body succeeds. Then we recognize the whole body. Did that work? The kicker's foot is attached to the kicker's leg which is attached to the kicker's body, which is attached to his head. You know, it's so all of this attachment means that the whole person gets credit for what just happened when we as a church see one another succeed when we have any AAA worship set. That's fantastic when we have an event like Vacation Bible School and it just goes off without a hitch and we want to celebrate when we see the children coming out of children shirts. Like that was awesome. I can't wait for next week when we see that. We ought to be able to celebrate that together not say. Yeah, they've got it together. But man I tell you what this group in the church. They can't get their act together. Write like they did a fantastic job, but man, that sermon was weak.

Right, we recognize when the whole body works together for the goal. When one part succeeds, it's it's a product of the whole body working together. And so when we succeed when we have those just inspiring moments of God blessing our labor and says, yes. We have those moments of joy and gratitude that overflow. We recognize it's not just that Ministry that did that is not just that group. It's just not that one part of the body that succeeded the whole body succeeds. This is the part that I'm really bad at frankly as your pastor. I don't do a good enough job of calling us to celebrate the successes that we see within the body this week. I got a text and I'm not going to name any names but this week I got a text from somebody and they said hey, I've been having a conversation with my friend and and she's committed to following Christ and she wants to get baptized.

Wow, you know how cool that is for me as a pastor to hear that that one of our people has been engaged in the community. They've been engaged in his friend's life and they've been pointing them to cry and encouraging them in this friend is now jumped into the word and has a hunger for the word incomes independently to the conclusion. If I'm following Jesus, I need to get baptized. That was an amazing moment and yet normally I wouldn't have shared that with you if I hadn't been preaching this text this morning, I wouldn't have thought. Hey, I need to make sure the church knows about this church. You need to celebrate that. One of our number one of our fellow members has done the work that Jesus called us to do go and make disciples.

And we should be real there's a hole board out in the hallway. And if your new with us, you may not have known what that is. You may have seen it as you come in. You may have walked by a couple Sundays in a row. I haven't talked about it for a while. So let me talk about it for a second. We have a board out there in the hallway and at the top it says pray share disciple. Three simple things and then you'll see clothespins underneath with little scraps of paper hung on it. Those are names that members of this church have written down and hung out there and said, this is the person who I know does not know Jesus and I'm praying for them to know him. But more than that, I'm willing to share Jesus with him if I have an opportunity and when we share we move those papers over somebody I'm praying for the receive the Gospel somebody I share the gospel with when that person submits to Christ as Lord, they become a disciple and I take the responsibility for introducing them to what it means to follow Jesus.

It's happening. Have you guys looked at that bored lately or do you have shop blindness? We should call it shot blindness. They're in the store that I ran we would get so used to the junk in the corner right that we just walked by it and not notice it. Have you walked by and not noticed we're seeing names move people that we've been praying for have not had the gospel shared with them. We haven't seen any of those names on the board moved over to being a disciple. But you know, what I'm convinced of is we're faithful to pray as were faithful to share inevitably the holy spirit will do the work that he does. And we will see those names moving across that board. It's so encouraging to me. Let's celebrate success together. Let's celebrate that because when the body succeeds not just one part, it's all of us together. So all of this is true. We have a vital work in connecting with one another it's crazy. It's hard and yet it's worth it because when we do we glorify Christ our head when we do we recognize that we're going to be more successful we're going to be able to do the things God has called us to do as individuals when we connect with the body. We recognize that win. When were all connected the body as a whole does what God intends it to do? When one suffers we suffer with them when one rejoices we Rejoice because we're connected together.

But are we? connected together

spiritually speaking. Yes, but sometimes our practice of that. Falls a little short and sometimes it's very tempting to come and kind of put our two hours in on Sunday morning and you're thinking he's going to preach for 2 hours. Sorry. I was counting if you came to Sunday school to put our 1 hour in. And we're like, all right, that's enough connection for my week. And hay sometimes it feels like that's enough connection for one week. We're not always the easiest bunch of people to hang out with But is that what scriptures calling us to? When you get up Monday morning and you go to work. And you walk into work and you do your job for your 8 hours 10 hours, whatever it is. And you walk back out and you go home. Do you proceed to take your arm off and set it in the entryway? And then do you walk a little farther and take your leg off and said it by the couch just in case you have to get up later, you know. No, you stay together all through the week. Your body all through the week. When Paul uses the metaphor for us being Christ's body, I think he intends that picture as well. We're not Justa sembled on Sunday. We're meant to be connected to one another through the week. So what do we do about that? If our primary means of connection is a church has been on Sunday morning. How do we begin as as we seek to grow our vision as we seek to be what God has intended us to be together. How do we begin to overcome that? Will the first thing I would say is that start with Sunday morning. Be more intentional about how you spend your Sunday morning in tensionally connect with one another. Don't come in late. I know that's stepping on some toes not going to name any names. Don't come in late come early. Don't be on time. Right as a service is starting because you don't want to miss anything. If you come when the service start you've missed something you've missed the opportunity to connect with your fellow Believers you miss the opportunity to have some conversations with one another and while we're on the subject conversation. We can talk about more than just the weather and sports. In church, did you know that? You can legitimately ask one of your brothers or sisters here. How was your week? What insights did you gain from your time? And God's word? Are there any things I could be praying about for you that you're worried about next week. We can take conversations to that level on Sunday morning before intentional. We have to be intentional come early stay late. One of the things that I talked about was I thought all we need a gathering space for us on Sunday mornings when I still think that'd be a great idea, but we don't have to do it. You know, why because some of you've already got this figured out and instead of jumping up from your row and turning and heading out the door you turn around and you find somebody you start talking to him and some of you can talk man. Some of you are staying late and you're connecting and you're engaging with people some of you though aren't and I get that's a personality thing. I get that some of you that would be the hardest craziest thing for you to do would be to come early so you can talk to people and stay late so you can talk to people. Let me just challenge you try it. Try it. Not this week. Maybe next week.

Not this week because we have a membership meeting right after and if you're talking in the midst of membership meeting where to have a hard time getting anything done. But next week come early stay late have intentional conversations. Here's a big one. Go outside of your circle. We all have circles we all get to know the same people. We want like to interact with those people. Break out of that shell. Greet somebody you don't know. Somebody who's way older than you don't tell him that's why your greeting in that would be offencive. Greet somebody who's way younger than you who's experience of Life must be completely different from yours and see how you guys can start pointing one. Another to Christ better greet. Somebody who doesn't look like you Great somebody who may look like you, but you've never talked to. Go outside your circle use your Sunday mornings more intentionally. That's the first step to being a body that is connected to one another but it goes beyond that to do this. We have to have a common Foundation that were connecting around and that's why the is the pastors prayed about this. We ask the Lord to guide us on this one of the things we thought of his we need we need some sort of like common foundation. And so we've got this idea for a welcome one where people who are new to the church or people who've been a part of the church, but can't figure out what we're about that's very possible can come to this welcome lunch and we'll just schedule it once a month once a month will have a welcome lunch and people can come and it's my hope that in doing so we're able to introduce the pastor of the church really able to talk about the ministries of the church places that you can connect ways that you can get involved and by having that common Foundation that will be setting ourselves up to connect better. But then there's the other one other thing. I did were talking about his we want to not only do that on Sundays, you know have this intentional Sunday morning not just have this welcome lunch once a month, but we also want to be able to connect with one another through the week to gather outside of these walls and inside of some of our own walls.

Most of you in here have a home. I'm going to assume.

most of you in here

never invite anybody else into your home some of you for really good reason. I have three young kids. There are sometimes when you're not welcome to come into my home. But we're trying we're trying I promise. But our homes are such a gift to as an opportunity for the body to connect an opportunity for us to gather outside of this place. As a matter of fact, this is the model of the early church. At Red Hills for the last two years. We've been talking about the early church. We've been looking at their example of what they did and kind of how that works in what characteristics that played out in as we talked about the characteristics of the one thing I never said was where the those things we talked about the fact they were people of prayer there were people of worship. They were people who study the word together. They were people who Fellowship together they gave together they served together. They discipled one another they went on Mission together. They share the gospel together. This was the church in the book of Acts. But literally over and over and over again in the book of Acts were told where they did these things in public.

And house-to-house in the temple. And in one another's homes, and so it's with that in mind that we are going to be launching in the near future. We don't have a firm date or anything like that. We're prayerfully approaching this we want this to be a God lead thing. We're prayerfully going to be starting some small groups that meet in homes various Knights of the week various communities within our range of influence to do those things together in a small group. You guys feel comfortable laughing at me, you know in this setting how many of you feel comfortable stopping me right now and asking the question

Hey Nathan, get to see you, babe. Hell, yeah, if I see that hand. For most of us this would be a difficult place to ask a question. right It's not all that conducive to the kind of discovery of God's word that needs to take place. How many of you feel comfortable asking your spouse a question over the dinner table asking a friend to question over coffee? Little bit easier, right? We need to provide both environments the opportunity to come in to gather in a big group and say this is what God does he takes all of us from all of these widely varied backgrounds and he brings us together and he does this thing called church and it's amazing. It's all credit to him because we're we would make a mess of it if we left to our own devices. But we also can be people gathered together and Holmes praying together getting to know one another eating together eating together man. Let's talk about eating together. No, we don't have time. We won't talk about that. But that is where it happens one Rider that I read this week said if you were to describe the early church, And if you were to say what what place really typifies or gives you the best example of what the church is. He says it wouldn't be a Pulpit when you look at the early church. You don't think Pope when you look at the early church. You don't think songs when you look at the early church. You don't think Sanctuary. He says when you look at the early church what you think is table? Table, there's something about eating around a table talking about Jesus together that changes God's people and so these small groups when we get ready to launch those don't worry. We'll be talking about that a lot. But when we do that that understand that's the goal is it we would be taking the example of the early church and bring it into today's context and saying yes, we gather is a large roof on Sundays, but we're connected with one another all through the week where the body of Christ when we're here and when we're at home, we're connected to one another.

All to the glory of Christ because the body displays the head the body points to head the body points to Christ. And when we do these things when we use our Sunday mornings more intentionally to connect with one another when we use our common Foundation together, when we connect with one another outside of these walls, what we're doing is worth pointing to Christ. It's in my challenge my crazy hard but worth it challenges Church be the kind of people connected to one another in such a way that you showcase Christ to the world that needs nothing but him

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