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I remember as a child my dad took us out on a trip. It started at in Duluth Minnesota and it went over to South Dakota and we saw the four presidents at Mount Rushmore. And then we traveled over and we went to see Old Faithful. The geyser that comes out Faithfully all the time and and then you go a little further down the country and then you see the Grand Canyon. And then we went to the West Coast and we saw the amazing amazing Ocean Pacific Ocean and we went up to Oregon and finished in Seattle inside Mount Saint Helens is in the beauty.

and I think about the people who came from other countries I came to our nation. to escape religious tyranny from the government and they came because they wanted a relationship with their lord and they came over the pilgrims. And it came to this land and what they went through and then that the amount of heartache and turmoil in the deaths that were lost. Because they wanted freedom. He wanted the ability to worship their God.

And I countries for Founders George, Washington.

We need those guys back.

It wasn't perfect. But the foundation of our country was based on. All men are created equal they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

God was intertwined with everything and honor coins. They wanted to make sure that we all always understood that is in God we trust.

Is God that we would look for to give us strength? This beautiful song by Ray Charles that it shows that God is the center of it. All it is the moral fabric that has brought our country together. And as you look at the flag United with the red in the White Stripes in the stars and what they signify their significant is that the states have come together one nation under God.

Indivisible with liberty and justice for all Justice based on God Justice based on his laws on his Commandments. That is how it started.

We see that aren't even though we had Godly men started Country Wasn't perfect. We had slavery and we see a man like Abraham Lincoln who comes reading his Bible Abraham Lincoln they call him Honest Abe because he could not look past the sin of our country any longer and it was worth it for him to go up and stick his neck out and say I'm willing to die for this any day. Because to him he saw that all men were created equal not just some men.

These were great Matt. These are the kind of men that we need today. men of character men who understand God's word and when they read it, it comes out of their pores and they run the country just lie. That is what we need in America.

sadly today

We see a state, New York.

Which was the welcoming place the Statue of Liberty. Welcome to all the immigrants all these people over to us and this week this state. Cheered cheered that abortion was going to be protected in their state forever. cheer

How far have we gone in our nation that are men that we put our men and our women are leaders that we put up sheer over the killing of The Unborn here?

Sadly today our nation is on life support.

Our nation is in the emergency room and now little heartbeat that's going is starting to have some signals that show its flatlining.

We have a new majority that has risen up. That is believing and I'm going to tell you exactly how I feel. I hold nothing back. We have a new group of people that has come up that wants our country to not be Democratic. They want us to be socialist.

What happened to our country? How did it get away from us?

folks here's the most amazing thing about God. I'm going to talk about predestination Free Will for 2 seconds. I don't believe in predestination even though it's in scripture. I don't believe it Like It's Hot I believe God gave everyone Free Will choice. You and I all have the choice to choose what we are going to believe and what we're not going to believe. We have a choice to say what what we're going to serve what we're going to believe in as a nation in God and that is one of the most amazing things about the United States is that it was always built on our democracy that we have the ability to choose our leaders our votes matter. We don't have a dictator. We as a people can choose the direction of our country.

But sadly enough with that freedom we have chosen poorly.

And where do you go to find the fault? Where do you go to find? What happened? Where do you go to say? Where did we go wrong will folks I'm going to tell you today. It's going to be hard for you all to hear. It is the church. Is the church?

It is the church. It is the people that are called by God's name is the people that have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. It is the people that claim to be Christians.

We are the reason the country is in the place. It is not those people who cheer it is us that our reason why our country is in this place.

I want to read to you. some scripture to start today Revelations 3:14

And to the angel of the Church of the layout of cn's write these things say the amen the faithful and true witness the beginnings of creation of God. I know your works that you are neither cold nor hot I could wish you were cold or hot. So then it because you are lukewarm and neither cold nor hot. I will vomit you out of my mouth because you say I am rich and have become wealthy and have need of nothing and do not know that you are wretched miserable poor blind and naked counsel you to buy from me gold refined in fire that you may be rich in white garments that you may be closed at the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed and annoy your eyes with I sell that you may see as many as I love I rebuke and chasten therefore. Be zealous and repent. Please hold. I stand at the door and knock if anyone hears my voice and opens the door. I will come into him and dine with him and he with me to him who overcomes I will grant to sit with me on my Throne as I also overcame and sat down with my father on his throne. Let's prep. Lord our heavenly father. We thank you for your word. We thank you that throughout history. We have Nations that have fallen away from you. And yet you have always been a guy that says if we will humble ourselves and pray and come back to you with passion that we need you that you will heal our land.

Guide me the scripture today just this little piece of scripture wake our church. May we realize our heirs may we realize the path? We have taken in the little little roads that have gone off path. May we figure out what we need to turn around and turn that car around and come back and get on the right one Lord convict our hearts today with your word and your precious name. Amen.

I got some slides here. 1962

prayer in the United States was declared unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court is hard to believe that in our nation. That there was a time or kids in Public School parade. I never was a part of that. I'm 47. I was born in 1971.

I never had the opportunity in France will but my brothers did.

So that was a very first step our country took the very very very first choice. Wrong path. We took as we took prayer out of school.

Few years later. I haven't written as a 1962, but it's actually 1968 Evolution officially became Todd in the US public school system. Understand what is happening here? The Congress declares that are the the Supreme Court declares that prayer is no longer the separation of church and state and no longer can be in the schools. And the next thing we do as we say this science takes place in creationism. We pull got out of our science books. We've figured out of teaching our children that God was the one that created the world and we have said now that we come from monkeys we come from animals when we come from evolution.

Few years later when I was 2 years old 1973 Roe versus Wade.

I got to tell you I struggled with this all week. I I just was the hardest message I ever will give. Cuz I went and did all this research and I watch the original broadcast of Roe versus Wade on all the channels. And I saw the newscasters give out this news and I watch that that the actual live footage of of the outcome 1973 the Supreme Court ruled 72 that abortion will be legalized.

hard to believe

But since 1972 I'm not going to give the numbers down when I give it to you a little bit. It's going to just blow your mind. How many babies we have killed in our country?

1980 the ten commands to Commandments were declared unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court.

fast forward to 2015 same-sex marriages by the Supreme Court legalized in all 50 states

people look at that in our generation the younger folk thing as no big deal. They do it's no big deal.

God's word says it's a very big deal.

God's word says marriage was created be between a man and a woman and a man and a woman to have a child. And a man and woman should share and bringing up that child in each has a responsibility. The man has a responsibility to lead as family. No woman has a responsibility to submit to her husband. The man's responsibility. Does he love his wife like the lord loves the church and gave himself for it you sacrifice for your wife your wife. You respect your husband's let's not forget what God says. I don't care what the world says that's marriage.

Children were to obey their parents.

All of those things have broken down and we wonder why we are in the State of Decay. We are in because marriage has been destroyed.

Another one people don't think it's a big deal, Colorado. Yeah. Marijuana is not a big deal. It is a huge deal saying this causing you guys to believe that taking drugs for a children. Is it? Okay thing to do?

Just got to wake up. We have to wake up. Marijuana will be legal in Florida with an 8 years. I guarantee it. And people will cheer.


next we look at what's happened in the church. We see a graph here that is not going up. It's not flatlining. The church is a shell of what it used to be. When I was in England a few years back, I went and saw the churches and England in England is basically 20 years ahead of the United States. They have become that they are Godless Nation Christianity is a shell a shell a shadow of a shell over New England. I was on a plane with a man who said to me he goes. I'm so excited to go to the United States use from England. We're on the way back to the United States. I'm so glad and I said why it was a rarity because somehow God put me next to it a guy from England who was a born again Christian and he said to me I love coming to the United States because when I pray in the United States, my prayers are unhindered He said there is such a difference over and England when he feels the oppression over there. It was like a dark cloud folk. I get it now. I feel it here. I feel like here everywhere. I look everything I hear everything I say is from Another Side. It's from the other side. It's satanic influence in our country and it is kind of like a black fog that is coming over all of us and it is smothering us all that's what it feels like. It's oppression. And there's a battle right now that's happening in something is holding it back and it but it but it's coming.

And that is what is taking place and we see our church declining and when I was in England what what I was getting at when I was in England, I would go to these churches that were once filled with people and they were beautiful. We have nice windows with these killers. These windows are so beautiful. They let me tell you something when I was in those building it was cold and it was empty. It's a shell of what used to be life. It's just a shell. I can go on that ocean and you grab a shell and there once was an animal in that show, but now it's just a shell that's a church in England and that's what's happening to us. We are Becoming dinosaurs everyday As a believer in Christ passes away. There's one less to pass on that torch our younger generation the amount of people in our younger generation that believe in God is at all time low. Before when you would go and talk and witness to people when I was younger and I witnessed two people one thing was clear and understood what the Bible said and was now when you go to preach to young people, they don't even know what the Bible is barely. They are so far away from God. You got to understand if you don't people are not Christians and they grow up in our society right now, and they go to a public school system. They never hear about God ever. He is just something a far thing that used to be in the past and we have we have evolved past the craziness of God. There is no God there isn't there is no God. I my own God. I mean if you want to talk about this, it's what I am. That's where we have gotten to.

Let's take a look at this next Slide the shootings in schools.

You take God out of a school you take prayer out of the school. You take the Ten Commandments out of school and what has happened to our schools. They become a bloodbath of murder.

Let's take a look at the marriage. Divorce rate you can see that crap. I'm not even to go to with you in the numbers, but it's well over 50% of all marriages end in divorce.

Doesn't matter. My needs aren't getting met. There's another person across the street. That is more like me.

God Lives don't matter. It is hard marriage is difficult. Marriage is not easy marriage is two people that are very different that come together and they're living together for the rest of their life in your buddy has my marriage is not easy. But I love my wife. And I will stay with her to the Grave.

Because I made a bow. I need a bow before my God.

Today is far too easy to go get a piece of paper and sign it and split your assets and get everything done illegal. It lead to it have a marriage this about it. There are people right now in our congregation say this cuz they're hurting. I'm so sorry. That is not the way God designed it. children how to read raised in broken families and how can we expect our kids to be faithful to be committed to do things when weaning it?

folks we have taken our cars as Believers and we have said God. Get out of the way. I'm driving my car.

And then we started piling up things in it. And we said God you got to sit in the back seat.

And then we said God, I'm sorry. I'll come back to you in just a little bit, but I need you to step out of the car for a little bit. Some have room in my life for you right now. I have room. I'm so busy.

When I ask people to come to Sunday school when I ask people to come to Bible study when I ask people to do anything that has to do with God there is four letters that I hear all the time busy too busy.

God I'm in the car right now. It's too busy for you.

Ten Commandments coming out of our schools

You should have no other gods. This is the first one and other gods before me Church attendance has continued decline people are in the horoscopes witchcraft zombies communicating with the dead atheism is rising people chosen sporting events in extracurricular activities over church event. Number 1 number 2. You shall not make Idols sports figures movie stars musicians in rich people are held in More Steam than God. kids Turn off Lady Gaga. When she starts criticizing the president's wife the vice president's wife.

Don't look to them for your moral compass. They're going to lead you on a path. You're going to regret. Don't listen to Lady Gaga. As your moral compass.

Number 3 you shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain follow language is allowed on television radio and movies that use Embrace swearing-in music and daily speaking cuz they were not talked to honor God. You can't listen to the song. You know what I'm noticing in my life cuz I like music.

I like music. The problem is is what's coming into our our our mind. Sometimes you don't even think about the word that we start paying attention to what they are. There's always something in a lot of these songs that is about fornication sexual impurity.

And we sit there we put it and we feed in our brains over and over and again guess what folks garbage in garbage out? You become what you listen to you become what you watch. Folks my wife is right.

You go to you go to any place right now you go to a sporting event in this is what you see. You go down the road and you go to Eagle walking on the beach. I was on Clearwater it walking in Clearwater Beach and everybody's doing this while they're walking are you kidding? You going to stand in line to wait for something? What are you doing?

I got a chance to poke at Apple. I have them both. I get to phones for my business. I have an apple. I have a Samsung Galaxy I use them both and I compare I'm giving out for a chance, but let me tell you something folks apple is not a Christian organization. And everything on the news would comes up with you can't help but look at is everything comes up from a side that is not ours and everything is against our president. Everything is against everything that stands for any type of respect for our position of the president of the United States in our young folks think the apple is the greatest thing in the world folks. It's coming and creeping into your house and you don't even know it.

Number for remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy businesses are open on Sunday to make a profit we cheer when Walmart takes one day off at Christmas. But every other Sunday, it's wide-open. We have chosen wealth over Church sporting events I go down.

Chi-Chi Rodriguez Golf Course right next to that their soccer fields. If you go there on a Sunday, you will see more cars lined up and I think to myself or any of those people that are Christians. Are there any people and you know what the truth is? Yes, there are but you know what they've done may have allowed the world to say that Sunday morning Sunday Sunday morning soccer is okay.

passive soccer cares your kids not Pele

I'm sorry, he's not and he's not going to be Pele.

You guys got to make a stand because if you don't make stands. We're going to keep having less and less people in this place. Honor your father and mother the home does not expect expect respect of mothers and fathers anymore. The divorce rate has skyrocketed many women choose to raise our children without a father Blended families struggle to unify same-sex families transgender families are all on the rise more and more elderly parents are forgotten in child abuse cases have increased twenty-three hundred percent.

You shall not murder. The crime rate is unbelievable youth are bringing guns to school to kill people who made them. Angry. We hear murder everyday television movies video games. Have glamorize killing, you know what we put these kids in front of a thing and we gave them first person shooter games and we wonder why kids killing kids.

Teen suicide rate since 1960 is up 450% not so not commit adultery number 7 divorce continues to rise even in the Christian communities. We had become self-centered. It's all about me and my needs people lack commitment divorce rates have increased 350% and teen pregnancies have escalated. Number 8 you shall not steal people have come to the point when they see something they want they find a way to steal it instead of work for it. Number 9 you sell beer you shall not bear false witness. All you have to do is look at our government leaders who demonstrate that lying is acceptable. Just don't get caught. violent crimes increased 350% you shall not covet our society wants to keep up with the neighbors home vehicle close and private school in order to look good. in the community

I'm even going to go to something that's going to challenge you to the core Facebook. Ho ho ho ho ho don't say Facebook. Don't take away my Facebook.

I'm just addicted like it when I get likes. I put something funny on the Facebook people when they created it. I've been come addicted. To being liked cuz we like to be lights. We like to be glorified our selfish nature wants to have people like us so we go on there and we watch and then we put something out. My brother said it best. He goes I put something else and I got less than I wanted to likes and I started feeling depressed.

Folks, let me tell you something about it. This is why I wanted my wife here as for it. And is he all of you as my witness? So that my last day on Facebook? I'm done. I'm done. I told my wife she like that. She's been after it for years. She made that decision years ago. My wife is a virtuous woman. I love my wife. And I'm sorry.

I'm giving up Facebook and it's not because there's not some good things with it. Because I don't want to bring glory to me anymore. I want to bring glory to God. My relationships are going to be based on you guys people. I see people I talk to people I develop a relationship with this Moyers or hang out with you. Have more time. I'm not on Facebook anymore.

Oaks we got to live differently than the world.

The world's ways are not going to restore our nation.

I have some points. In your bulletin to go over these real quick with you.

Because what we are is based on the Church of laodicea Revelation 3 Guys, there's a time. Like I said, I hope I get an opportunity to preach to you Revelation. What's going to happen? I hope you're all interested to know the end of the world and I hope you're all interested to know what's going to happen. Cuz I have a pretty good grasp on the Book of Revelation. I'm not an expert but I've been studying it for a long time and I cannot wait to preach it to you guys. It's a book. No one wants to talk about. I want to talk about it. I want to share with you. I want to know what tell you what's coming up ahead of you so you can see cuz you don't need to be a blind driver cuz God can be in your cockpit and he can show us what's happening. Revelation 3 the first three chapters of the Book of Revelation are meant for the churches. Okay. It's really an interesting book the Revelator Book of Revelation because of Revelation the first three chapters talks about the church and after that it is never mentioned again until the very end and I'll tell you why it's because the tribulation that's coming and we're very close Church to a time when the wrath of God will come down to man. It's called the seven-year tribulation and it's coming it's coming any given moment at any given time the trumpkin sound and what will happen is when Jesus returns, he's going to come back for his church and he's going to take us up to be with him. Like he translated Elijah Elijah was one of the few men that walked with God and he was translated what that means is he was raised up to meet the Lord in the air and that is going to happen to this church. Those who believe in Jesus Christ. There's going to be a time or he's going to blow up the compass going to sound and he's going to call us home. We're going to go up to be meet him in the air and forever will be with him and those who are left behind. Are going to go through what is called the 7 year tribulation. That's what the Bible says. That's the truth from the word of God. In the first three books of the Bible of Revelation talks about the church and its warnings to the church. It's the warnings. We don't care about the church in the tribulation, but he gives us warnings about the different churches that were at that time, but they also are models for church ages. So when we talked about laodicea, it was an actual Church in laodicea was a place that had a lot of wealth it was on the sea. It was basically had enormous amount of cash that went through that City and they had everything they needed. and this is America symbolizes Who We Are Let's take a look.

The first point I have for you on your outline is we have become lukewarm Christians lukewarm is like milk. My mom had me one time. She said Jeremy we're at an elderly lady's house. And she said the lady said would you like some milk? And if you had loved milk Christina's laughing my story I told that my last church but milk comes out of the other room and she has this milk and wash important in there. I could see the clumps for an into their mom was one that I love her to death, but she did some stinkers things to me. She said

I said Mom when I remember taking that class and I drink that warm milk in those crows went down my throat.

And then 3 seconds later, I threw up so hard when all over the table and I like that.

There's nothing worse than warm milk. Guys, that's what you are to God when you are lukewarm. When you do not obey God and what his ass from you to do is really simple. It's work when you accept Christ. That's a gift when you live for Christ get to work. He put Adam in the garden. He didn't say go on and watch go get out your your whole hoes and watch some TV turn the channel to ESPN. If you want take care of that Garden you got work to do church. If you want this place to be if you want this church this property to stay nice. You got to get up and work it right. If you want our nation to be cleaned up. You got to get to work a man.

Far too often. We are lukewarm. We see the things that are happening around us. I got a number to tell you folks. And I want you to think about it. I'm going to put it in front of you and I spent an hour looking at pictures of this 60 million abortions since 1973. 60 million abortions

I got to give you this the illustration What that looks like? The Holocaust one of we we look at it be one of the worst times 6 million Jews were killed and Raymond James. You could fill the Raymond James Stadium was 6066000 times. abortion

What's 91 * 66 thousand people 91 times we could fill raymond-james up with babies unborn murdered babies 880 times.

I want you to Fathom the lives that have been taken.

We can mourn as I remember watching videos of the Holocaust in and taking bodies and piling them.

And just because this little infant is Tiny doesn't mean they're not significant. Think about it it was you.

And no one is standing up for them in the church while there are but not enough.

Number one point we said we have become lukewarm Christians. number two as read the scripture because you say I am rich you have become wealthy and have need of nothing because you say I'm rich you become wealthy and have meet him nothing and do not know that you are wretched miserable poor blind and naked. America's wealth and prosperity as a gift from God because we turn to God as a nation because we honor him. The blessings poured out we became the wealthiest nation in the world and then what we did. as we forgot God in our wealth has taken and become our God. We have to have bigger we have to have better. We have to have boats. We have to have 5 rooms when we meet it. Only two. In our families have bigger houses or spread out. We're not with each other as much. We got to work like crazy and both husband and wife have to work because I need bigger and bigger and bigger. And so what happens is the kids are at home all by themselves are being taken care of by another no one teaching and raising them up.

There's a certain point where we have to understand that our expectations of standard and living our autumn.

We have countries around us that the average person makes less than $2 a day. When you tell me that you need both your husband and your wife to work full-time to make it in our country. I disagree. Your standard of living too high at this point in your life. I would much rather have you in a dinky little one-bedroom apartment, maybe even no bedrooms sleeping on the floor with your family, but the mom being home with a child and raising him up and teach him. What's right and what's wrong? been working like crazy Pour House you can't take with you. Why your kid is going to hell? Think about that. That's what you sacrifice when no one takes care of the little ones.

Phone number to America's wealth has let our people to forget God. Matthew 6:24 says this no one can serve two masters who he will hate the one and love the other or he will be devoted to one and despise the other you cannot serve God and money. Because we have made money Our God. God says we're in a horrible place where wretched were miserable or poor were blind or naked? That's Point number three. God wants his church to have a faith Tried by fire. I counsel you to buy from me gold refined with fire that you may be. Rich. What does this mean? I sat on that verse today is this week? You want this refined by fire?

You know what when you sit and come to church on Sunday and then the rest of the week you don't do anything. You're not being refined by fire. You know when your refined by fire is when you say to the opposing team that I'm getting in the game now. And I'm taking you on with my God behind me. Like David did was Goliath. That's when you're going to go through some fire. That is when you're in the game, that's when you went when he says you're going to go through. The fire. The world is your fire. If you're staying inside your house and you're watching video games or you're watching your shows and all this stuff that revolves around you you're not even in the Game of Life. You're not doing anything for the Lord you are self-consumed. He's talking to me and then you come to Sunny and say you know what the music just wasn't really good today. You're on the pastor you so boring. You're a consumer get in the game get in the game for Jesus do something get busy because when you go out there and you get to the other side with a but what the Bible says when you go out then your persecuted and you can stand up on the other side you're rewarded and God is glorified. If you sit in your house and you do nothing God is sitting there going on. I guess I got to call the rocks with the trees to glorify my name cuz they're not going to do it.

1st Peter 1 7 9 let the trial of your faith be much more precious than gold that Paris is still at we tried with fire might be found under praise and honor and Glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ women not seen you loving him now seeing him not yet believe in you were Joyce with joy unspeakable full of Glory receiving the end of your feet Faith, even the salvation of your souls. That's an action Faith folks get busy doing something.

Living a worldly life watching soccer games instead of going to church going bowling and bowling league. And then you know what? I'll carve out an hour or Sunday morning, that is not an action tested faith.

What time you want nakedness I counsel you to buy from me gold refined a fire that you may be rich with the garments that Uniqlo the same of your nacon. This may not be revealed folks. The last thing you want to do is you want to go to heaven you're going to go to heaven. If you know Jesus Christ your savior. It was a gift. But if you haven't worked for him, if you haven't got to know him, if you do not read your Bible and learn more and more about your savior and you go through your life. You're going to go into heaven naked and you're going to go into heaven ashamed because he did nothing for him. He did everything for you. And you said thank you very much for your gift. Now. I'm going to consume live my life for myself. And you're going to enter Heaven naked? I love you guys way too much to be too easy on you. Don't go to heaven naked. You know, what's interesting in Revelation that talks about a martyr group in the in the tribulation. There's a group of people that are going to give their lives for Christ in there going to be beheaded for the name of Jesus Christ. A lot of people and they're sitting there saying out to the Lord how long so we wait till till Justice comes in the people are killed for what they've done for us and Lord see what the Lord gives them a white robe and close their nakedness. You know what? I don't want to live in the tribulation. I don't want to go through that. But I tell you I'm a little jealous because those people are going to have something and having that I don't have a martyr's room. the guide for Christ I'm not asking to die for me today. We're not there yet. Not in our country yet. Maybe soon maybe is coming. I'm asking you to live for him.

We need to a number phone number for we need to get to work for the Lord to cover our nakedness and shame. The Bible says this read the word study to show thyself approved unto God a Workman that need not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of Truth. We need to pray Rejoice always pray without ceasing in everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. That's 1st Thessalonians 5 65 16 And then here's the Spurs about sacrifice when you opened the Sixth Seal. This is revelation 6:9. I found at the altar The Souls of those who've been slain for the word of God and for the witness, they had borne. They cried out with a loud voice o Sovereign Lord. Holy and true how long before you would judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the Earth. Then they which were given a white robe and told to rest a little longer until the number of their fellow servants and brothers should be complete who are to be killed as themselves have been.

next one Is your vision?

Revelation talks about I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in fire that you may be rich and white garments that need be clothed and shame your nakedness me revealed and anoint your eyes with eye Salve that you may see. If you start taking me up on your walk with the Lord, if you will do this for me, if you will take my Challenge and say I'm going to give you 30 days and I will be in my Bible with you watch how you start to see it will be like a guy going in there and he can't see a thing and he goes in to get glasses for the first time and then he get put on his eyes and now he can read your vision right now is screwed up. It is messed up and when you put on the Lord's Vision, you're going to start seeing needs around you and you're going to see a desire to fill those needs.

number 6 as a loving father Jesus disciplines and corrects those he loves. God loves you so much. He's not going to let you get away.

Without trying to shape you into becoming more like his son. And finally, I'm going to finish with this. our response to this call has to be a number Point number 7 and eager desire to repent the scripture says if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come unto him and dine with him and he with me to him who overcomes I will grant to sit with my Throne as I also overcame and sat down my father on his throne and verse 19 says as many as I love I rebuke and chasten therefore be zealous and repent. I know I'm wrong guys, but I can't leave without this. This is to this. This is my favorite part of my message so I get this part. When the greatest things about America in my lifetime was a 1980 US Olympic hockey game. And you guys remember this do United States and Russia home remember where you were when you was hurt it? Here's why it's so cool. Because I have a little bit of a unique view from this. I'm born up in the Northern parts of Minnesota where hockey players are born. The United States Hockey Hall of Fame is in Eveleth Minnesota, which is where my parents cabin is and I was six years old and I watched two guys play from my UMD Bulldogs John Markovich and John Harrington. They were watching them and those two gentlemen as well as Neal Broten who played who was from Roseau, which is Northern Minnesota. He went to the Minnesota Gophers. Those three guys were part of the 1980 Olympic hockey team and I saw them once before they were on that team. They were amazing. Here's the greatest thing about that story though. This US Olympic hockey team her Brooks was the coach. She was from that. He was a Minnesota Gophers coach and he brought these young kids in there and he if you ever want to see a great uplifting movie watch The Miracle on Ice because he took them so hard that one practice he kept saying again again and they would keep doing these lines and eventually they were just almost to the point of passing out an assistant coach with her brother going to kill him. again again And you work these guys so hard. Until they finally finally got the point where they're at. One of the captains yelled out. Who do you play for any goes the United States of America? He wanted to break them to be not individuals but a team and he wanted to get them in such good shape that even though they weren't the most skillful hockey players to go against the Soviet Union. They would be in the best shape. I have a video I'm going to give you from that movie just got one little part and then I'm going to silence and find out when I go on the back. I want this to be a symbol for you guys to remember about this message. I'm calling out to you as you are members of the United States. You are the Church of Jesus Christ. You wear the United States on your jersey. And I want you to remember who you play for who is your guy and you're going to see a scene as they go out into the go out onto the ice and you can see the snooze little All-America was sending them letters and how much they were behind them and how much they how much they meant to them. And here's the reason why because of 1980 our country was in such a bad shape. We had 50 American hostages in Iran. The economy was tanking Jimmy Carter was president and everything was falling apart gas was really expensive. Everybody interest rates have risen our country was was had a cold war with Russia and we were falling behind and morale was at an all-time low. and the people of our country Got behind this hockey team. So when you see the letters that they go bump their sticks on it. I want you to remember this always as being the children who are unborn right now. Because of the movies you're going to make in the future you could save. Let's watch it.

Great Moments

Are born from great opportunity?

That's what you have here tonight.

That's what you were here tonight.

one game

if we play them 10 times, they might win 9.

But not this game.

Not tonight.

Tonight we skate.

Tonight we stay with them and we shut them down because we text.

Are the greatest hockey team in the world?

You were born to be hockey player.

Every 1 a.m.

You were meant to be here tonight.

Their time is done. It's over.

I'm sick and tired of hearing about what a great hockey team the Soviets have

I finished with this. Great Moments are made with great opportunities and that's what you have your church today. If we look across 10 cities across America. Satan might win 9 but not the city.

Tonight we stand against him and his followers tonight. We say to him and we shut them down because we can tonight we call out to our god to fight for us. As we are the greatest Revival in Florida. You were born to be Christians everyone. And you were meant to be here tonight. This is your time. Their time it's done. It's over. Sick and tired of hearing about what a great team Satan has. Sick and tired of hearing how he owns the news media. I'm sick and tired of hearing. How humans are public schools are colleges and universities? I'm sick and tired of the brainwashing going on in our society. I'm sick and tired of his teaching at my daughter's that God's ways are wrong.

I'm sick and tired. I've been teaching us that drugs are good and have no consequences.

I'm sick and tired of him telling us that our children must be taught that we came from a monkey and not God. Sick and tired of him telling our kids that sex before marriage is okay. It has no consequences. I'm sick and tired of him teaching at women have no value if they're not working in the office but raising children at home. I'm sick and tired of his team telling women that they're doing something wrong by submitting to their husbands in marriage. I'm sick and tired of his team town at the men have no value raising children. Sick and tired of his team telling our team how the chain of command should work in our churches that what God word says about the office of a pastor and a deacon who qualifies as not right. I'm sick and tired of his team infiltrating our churches and place in women pastors and homosexual Pastors in the pulpit. It's not right. I'm sick and tired of the Steamtown as that divorce is good. If your needs are not being met, I'm sick and tired of his team telling us that our marriage vows. Do not matter and that our needs trump our bow before the Living God. I'm sick and tired of this team, as a broken marriage have no impact on her children. I'm tired of in teaching that discipline. Our children is wrong. I'm tired of this team teaching our kids that they do not have to honor father and mother sick and tired of this team teaching us. What true Christians are. Sick and tired of being called a bigot because I'm obedient to my God and teach that marriage is the union of a man and a woman. And I'm sick and tired of rock singers being the moral compass for children. And I'm sick and tired of 60 million babies being murder. I'm sick of it all. This is your time. Get on that ice and take it back.

your guy

get us to a point.

What do we care again? How about you?

So sick of evil. And I make my stand that hold the flag of Jesus Christ and I lifted High even if it's not popular even though I'm persecuted. Your ways are football. May those in our church make the right choice today to serve you in to get to work. In your name we pray amen. You're dismissed.

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