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            There is a considerable number of the sayings of Jesus which bring out, with unmistakable precision, the efficacious character of the atonement, or that the death of Christ had a special reference to a people given to Him.  The redemptive efficacy of His death is described as taking effect within a given circle, and as bearing upon a given company of persons.  What is that circle, or who are the parties described as participating in the fruits of Christ’s death?  The Lord’s sayings on this point are so express, that we are not left in any doubt whether the atonement was offered specially for the persons who receive the benefit of His death.  He indicates that they for whom it was offered and accepted, were the persons who had been given to Him, and to whom He had united Himself in the eternal covenant.

Atonement According to Christ and His Apostles, by Smeaton, Sovereign Grace Publishers, page 174

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