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            In a sense men are ruled by their memories.  But it is also true that men can choose which of their memories are to rule them.  The choice determines one’s outlook on life, and those whose outlooks always remain bright and cheerful are most careful in their choice.

            One can choose to remember the unpleasant things inflicted by others – the unkind words that need never have been said – the malicious acts which ought not to have been done.  One can remember the discouragement of being bested by someone with less ability but unscrupulous methods. one can remember the disappointment of being misjudged, the hurt of friendship betrayed

One can remember all of the frustrations and sorrows which are part of every normal If one so chooses then most certainly his outlook will be bitter and cynical.

            One can choose to remember unwise and hateful words spoken in anger to someone loved, or thoughtless acts which hurt unnecessarily.  One can remember misjudging others – the loss of friendships which could have been kept.  One can remember the many things he did do which he should not have done, and the many things he did not do which he ought to have done.  If one does remember these things, then his outlook on life will be one of recrimination and remorse. - Nuggets

Lifetime Speaker’s Encyclopedia, Jacob M. Braude, page 481

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