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He Named the baby Jesus

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He named the baby Jesus

Matt 1:18-25

To help believers to understand the significance of the birth of Jesus


Intro advent- arival

            How did the birth of a little child turn your life upside down?


            Boy how does the birth of a child causes your life to be turned upside down.

  1. Joseph had no idea of what was going to happen.

     1) The engagement: the parents usually determined who a child was to marry—often at a very early age.

      (2) The betrothal: at a determined time the couple agreed or disagreed with the engagement. If they followed through, the betrothal was immediately binding. A legal divorce was thereafter required. The betrothal lasted one year. When Joseph discovered Mary's pregnancy, they were already betrothed to one another.

      (3) The marriage: the consummation of the couple took place. It should be noted that in Joseph's case consummation did not occur until after Jesus' birth


a shock to find out

            found to be with child



how was he going to look and what was he going to tell his friends and family


he loved her but what was he to do


Sometimes Jesus takes us by surprise

          Talk ourselves out of making the decision

          Worry about what others may think about us

          Allow our emotions to rule our thinking






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