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Great Commisions Christian 7

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Great Commission Christians

Acts 3:1-10

To help the church realize the mission of the church to be able to share the gospel



            Review the previous scriptures

                   Jesus’ last words

                             You will be my witnesses

                   The ascension


                   Three thousand added

New years sermon

 They were going about their life.

            Going to pray, something important

                   Are we willing to be distracted?


They looked at the man.

            They saw a man. What did they see?

                   A child who did not have a childhood

                   A youth who did not develop a trade

                   A man who needed to be dependant on others

What else did they see?

          1) he was born lame, and all are born sinners;

          2) he could not walk, and no sinner can walk so as to     please God;

          3)The man was also poor, and we as sinners are bankrupt         before God, unable to pay the tremendous debt that we owe        Him

          4) he was outside the temple, and sinners are outside     God’s temple, the church;

          5) he was begging, for sinners are beggars, searching for          satisfaction 

Peter and John did not see this guy as a bum

 They saw this guy as a person who is hurting and poor

 They saw this guy as a person in need

 It would have been real easy to walk right by the guy

 I am sure many of people did that

 It would have been real easy to drop a quarter in the guy’s cup

 But they were more concerned then that

 Where is your level of concern?

 How much do you care?




Not all of us are bold enough to share with complete strangers, but if we are convinced that Christ is the only way to salvation, all of us can be bold enough to share with someone in need.

We Don’t Always Realize What We Really Need

            They shared Jesus

          They did not recite tracks or memorized scriptures


They touched him

            Sometimes all a person needs is a touch

New Year’s resolution

            Allow ourselves to be distracted from a daily life

            Really see people

            Share Jesus

            Touch someone



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