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Great Commision Christian 8

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Great Commission Christians

Acts 3:11-26

To help the church realize the mission of the church to be able to share the gospel



The Big Mistake

New coke

            April 23, New Coke was launched with fanfare, including prime-time TV ads. Company Chairman Roberto C. Goizueta proclaimed New Coke “smoother, rounder yet bolder,” speaking of it more like a fine wine than a carbonated treat.

But public reaction was overwhelmingly negative; some people likened the change in Coke to trampling the American flag.


some software programmers used the number 9999 as a 'stop signal', i.e. an end-of-process or end-of-file trigger. This led some people to believe that the date 9/9/99 would result in computer processes shutting down all over the world. Media hooked on to this belief, blowing it out of proportions and creating a scare, as media tends to do.

The Edsel Sept 4 1957

Handed over

          Gave up. We give up on Jesus

                             When things in life get tough


Disowned him, denied, not recognized

            Admit they did not know him, we admit we don’t know him         by the way we live

          To refuse to acknowledge or accept as one's own

          No longer his witness

killed the author of life

          how do we kill (remove Jesus) Jesus in our lives

          allowing the world to control our lives

          1 John 5 12-15

The Bigger reaction to the Big Mistake

(Get white board)

God raised him from the dead.

your sins wiped out


How to avoid the Big Mistake

Repent and turn to God

Faith in the name of Jesus


855 time “Saith the lord” is used in the Bible

John 14:21

Love God and love your neighbor

Matt 22:37-39

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