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Remind them God loves hopeless cases

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Remind Them God loves Hopeless Cases

Titus 3:1-8

For the church to remember the love of God


          Catalina Island jump contest

                   Hopeless cases

Explain context of Cretans



          Given to public disobedience


          thoughtless, dull, senseless, and without   understanding in spiritual matters; to be ignorant of        God and unwise in dealing with God Disobedient


            The word means to refuse to obey by not doing what one should; to rebel against and to reject instruction; to refuse to be persuaded; to be obstinate against authority


          Passion, pleasures


          Kindness and love

                   Philanthropia,” -- God’s love and fondness for                mankind.


                   God not giving us what we richly deserve


                   God richly giving us what we don’t deserve.


                   Note that the new birth is so radical a change in a person's life that it is described as a "washing"  which means a bath, a complete immersion. Salvation is so dramatic it is just like the washing away of the old life and the receiving of a new life. All that concerns a person's old life is washed away, all the...


                   When a person really believes that Jesus Christ is his Savior, God takes that person's faith and counts it for righteousness The person is not righteous; he has no righteousness of his own. He is still imperfect, still sinful, still corruptible, still short of God's glory as a sinful human being. God counts that person's faith as righteousness. Therefore, that person becomes acceptable to God

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