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Exodus 20:12

Gods positioning system

For the hearer to look to God for a realignment




Number one





Six feet under

Seven year itch

Go straight


A ten




Athlete who thanks his parents

After winning the 500 meters on Feb. 13, Cheek, 26, announced that he would donate the $25,000 bonus from the USOC for winning a gold medal to Right to Play, the humanitarian organization started by Johann Olav Koss, the Norwegian speedskating legend who was partly responsible for Cheek's entry into the sport. When he earned another $15,000 for winning a silver later in the Games, Cheek also donated that money to Right to Play. Each time, he called on corporations to match his gift (eight have so far) and individuals to give as they're able. On the day the Olympics ended, Right to Play was $500,000 richer.

What is Honor?

            Hebrew Kabad כַּבֵּ֥ד

to be heavy, weighty, or burdensome

to honor is to not take someone lightly but to treat them with seriousness

honor does not imply unilateral obedience but rather treating someone with care and respect

 wide-ranging verb; no one specific behavior is commanded

  children may respond in multiple ways to honor parents (respect, esteem, concern for, affection, love, consideration, appreciation, nurture, forgiveness. . .)

  involves positive acts to help them, bring them joy, improve their lives

  “obedience is not at the center of what it means to honor”

  includes among its meanings “be heavy” suggesting “give weight to.” Parents should be treated with seriousness.

The promise of long life

            Honor your parents lest your children dishonor you

            Do not do to your parents what you would not want your children to do to          you


Why should we honor mother and father?

            Because of our relationship with God

                        as the Lord your God has commanded you

                        if we love God then we will want to keep his commandments

we honor them not because



            some thing it for us


Parents bring us physical life



Parents are the agent of God we honor them because of our love and respect for the God who sent



What father and mother should I honor?

            To those who provide the parental function and influence

Tasks of "Honorable" Parents

to love (unconditional love for who they are)

 to direct (Proverbs: training a child in the way he/she should go. Giving guidelines for right living)

to nurture (guidance and support for his/her special needs/gifts)

. What if our parents are not worthy?

What if:

 our parents are not worthy? not “honorable”?

  there is on-going hurt and pain in the relationship that is detrimental or even harmful to us?

  there is a history of child abuse?

 There is no simple answer to how we should "honor" our parents in such situation. In such a struggle, we should keep in mind:

 honor is a wide-ranging verb; no one specific behavior is commanded. It is open-ended.

  The commandment to honor our parents is not based upon what our parents deserve, but rather on God's direct command: “Honor your father and your mother, as the LORD your God commanded you. . .” (Deuteronomy)

  In such a situation, honor can still involve positive acts to help them, improve their lives, to the degree we are able. Revere/fear can still involve not interfering with the esteem due them from others.

Honor may also involve forgiveness.


How it helps my neighbor

            Parents are our first neighbors, siblings    


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