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A Cognitive Reality of Hell v.23
Hell is a Reality
Hell is Eternal
Hell is full of Torments
Not only do we need a Cognitive Reality of Hell we also need...
A Certainty of Heaven v. 23
Heaven is an Eternal Pain Free Placed Prepared.
How does the Bible describe Heaven?
(Read Rev. 21:1-17)
What Are the New Jerusalem’s Dimensions?
The city’s exact dimensions are measured by an angel and reported to be 12,000 furlongs, the equivalent of 1,400 miles or 2,200 kilometers, in length, width, and height.
Even though these proportions may have symbolic importance, this doesn’t mean they can’t be literal.
In fact, Scripture emphasizes that the dimensions are given in “man’s measurement” (Revelation 21:17).
So how large is 1400 miles from corner to corner?
Just so we can envision just how big and massive this city is going to be let us use the geography of the USA.
If we place the city in the middle of the United States the city would stretch from Canada to Mexico and from the Appalachian Mountains to the California border.
Even more astounding is the city’s 1,400-mile height.
Some people suggest this is the reach of the city’s tallest towers and spires, rising above buildings of lesser height.
We don’t need to worry that Heaven will be crowded.
The ground level of the city will be nearly two million square miles.
This is forty times bigger than England and fifteen thousand times bigger than London.
It’s ten times as big as France or Germany and far larger than India.
But remember, that’s just the ground level.
Given the dimensions of a 1,400-mile cube, if the city consisted of different levels (we don’t know this), and if each story were a generous twelve feet high, the city could have over 600,000 stories.
If they were on different levels, billions of people could occupy the New Jerusalem, with many square miles per person.
Not only do we need a Cognitive Reality of Hell and a Certainty of Heaven be we also need
A Conscious Awareness of your own condition - v23
“he lifted up his eyes and saw”
Consciously aware he was lost
Consciously aware he was separated from all things good
Not only do we need a Cognitive Reality of Hell, a Certainty of Heaven and a Conscious awareness of our own condition be we also need...
A Call for Mercy v.24
You need to have a call to God for mercy now, before its to late...
Call out to the Lord and He will save you.
He will show you mercy, but the time is now don’t wait for once you cross over the threshold of eternity it then be too late.
Not only do we need a Cognitive Reality of Hell, a Certainty of Heaven, a Conscious awareness of our own condition as well as a Call for mercy, but lastly we need a....
Concern for the Lost v.27
How concerned are you about people all around us who may very well be perishing just as this rich man in this Luke 16 story?
The Apostle Paul had a deep concern for his lost kinsmen...
I'd like to tell you the story about an old lady that everybody called "Grandma Jones."
She had a close relationship with Jesus.
And she knew that Jesus wanted her to be a soul-winner.
She wanted to lead others to Christ.
However, Grandma Jones was pretty much home bound.
She didn't drive.
She had no family to take her places.
But she had a desire to tell others about the love of Jesus.
Every day, Grandma Jones sat in her rocking chair, looking out the living room window at all the people walking by her house.
She knew that many of them did not know Jesus Christ, and they would face an eternity in hell.
Grandma Jones had what it took to be a missionary.
Grandma Jones looked out her window on the fields.
She prayed that somehow she'd be able to win somebody to Christ.
But she didn't know exactly how to do that.
She had no way to get out much.
Very few people came to visit her.
But she made up her mind that if the Lord would open a door, she'd have the courage to walk through it.
Grandma Jones began to pray that the Lord would bring her someone to speak to about Jesus.
After a couple of days of praying and no answer, she was up one morning at 4:00.
She couldn't sleep.
She knew her days on earth were few and she desperately wanted to lead just one person to Christ.
Would the Lord never grant her prayer?
Grandma Jones cared!
She wanted to do something for Jesus.
So as she prayed at 4:00 in the morning, she heard a knock on her door.
She looked out the window...
And saw that it was a Deputy from the Sheriff's Department.
She opened the door.
The Deputy asked if anything was wrong.
He had seen her light saw her sitting in her chair.
"I was just praying that Jesus would let me lead somebody to Him before I die."
She explained.
The Deputy sat down with Grandma Jones...
And they began to talk.
The Deputy talked about all the problems he faces in his job.
He talked about the problems he and his wife were having.
After listening to the Deputy for several minutes... Grandma Jones said: "You need Jesus in your life!"
The Deputy asked, "What do I need to do?"
And Grandma Jones led that Deputy to faith in Jesus right there in her living room at 4:00 in the morning!
Grandma Jones was used by Jesus in his fields white unto harvest.
That Deputy's soul was saved... because Grandma Jones was #1 Aware of the need, #2 Bold enough to seize the moment.
And #3 Concerned for the lost.
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