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What new shows/movies came to Netflix? (Birdbox, tidying up, unfortunate events seaons 3, Carmen Sandiego)
Who won in the Cowboys/Rams game?
Who won in the Saints/Eagles game?
What was the score?(Dallas 22 - Rams 30) (Saints 20 - Eagles 14)
How many characters are allowed in a tweet on Twitter? (140)
How about, how many seconds can you view a snap on Snapchat?
Finish these song lyrics:
Bohemian Rhapsody
Is this the real life...
Life is a highway
Life is a highway...
Country Roads
Country roads, take...
Party in the USA
I put my hands up (they’re playing my song)
Love Story
It’s a love story, baby (just say yes)
Before He Cheats
i dug my keys into the side...
Call me maybe
hey i just met you and this is crazy
Eye of the Tiger
I got the eye of the tiger (a fighter, dancin through the fire)
Can’t stop the feeling
I got that sunshine in my pocket (got that good soul in my feet)
Let me ask you this then: What does Revelation 3:20 say?
Don’t know that one?
How about Joshua 1:8?
Why is it that we can remember numbers from football scores, or seconds on Snapchat, but when it comes to knowing Scripture, we fail?
Remember, this month we’re talking about how we can make this the best year ever!
Last week, we talked about why it’s important to be a giver, and how God uses that to mold us more into the image of Christ.
And that’s ultimately what this series will help you do.
You won’t automatically become more like Christ just by listening to these messages or hearing what we have to say this month—at some point you’ll need to actually DO SOMETHING to make this happen.
Transformation is what we’re aiming at this month.
This is month number 1 of the year.
The habits we start THIS month will influence how the rest of our year goes.
So we’re trying to transform ourselves – and if we do the things we’re talking about, we’ll set ourselves up to have the BEST year ever.
Tonight, I’m going to give you a resolution you can adopt that will help make this the best year ever.
It’s not rocket science.
It’s not something hard to do, or earth-shattering.
But if you do this one thing we’re going to talk about, you will experience …
● Transformation into Christ’s likeness
● Daily triumph over sin
● Comfort
● An ability to communicate the gospel to people who don’t know it
● Enjoy a closeness to God that you otherwise wouldn’t have
Sounds great, right?
Now, if you think you’re all set, if you don’t have any need or desire to be more like Christ, be closer to God, or even win battles over sin in your life… then tonight’s lesson probably isn’t for you.
But if you do want to experience some of these things, here is the New Year’s resolution I’m suggesting for you:
Memorize Scripture.
Memorize Scripture.
All of us, intentional or not, were able to memorize who won the football games, how many characters are in a tweet, and the words to our favorite songs.
But it seems as though Scripture is one of those areas that we don’t easily memorize.
Or, at least, one of those things we don’t want to memorize, for whatever reason.
So like we talked about just a minute ago, let’s look at three areas that where we can experience “transformation” this year by memorizing Scripture.
Becoming More like Christ.
1. Becoming more like Christ.
God likes to use His Word to reveal himself to us.
If we are constantly involved in his Word—close to it, involved with it, making it a priority— then we will experience life transformation, and we will become more like Christ.
You get to know who God by reading Scripture.
And what better way is there to interact with Scripture than memorizing it?
Look at what the Psalmist says:
Which leads us into our next area that memorizing Scripture helps us experience.
Feeling Close to God.
2. Feeling close to God.
One of the ways to commune, or fellowship, or be with God is by meditating on His attributes, or His characteristics, or what He is like.
Talk back to me: What are some attributes of God?
[Interact with the crowd and let them yell some back at you.]
How did you know what attributes to say?
Even if your answer isn’t “I got it from reading Scripture,” but “I heard it in Sunday school,” or “ I heard in in a worship song” or “My mommy told me,” all of those places had to get their answers from somewhere else.
That somewhere else is Scripture.
Imagine if you had Scripture memorized and could easily rattle off attributes of God.
Imagine if you had this Scripture memorized:
What if you could just recall this Scripture at any point during the day?
How close would you feel to God? How many of your doubts would be squashed if you could recall truthful things rather than the lies that the world feeds us?
God’s word is a tool for helping us see ourselves clearly.
When we examine our own lives according what scripture expects of us, we see where we need to grow.
Victory over sin.
3. Victory over sin.
When Scripture is hidden in our hearts, we can experience victory over sin.
In Matthew chapter 4, Jesus was led by the Spirit out into the wilderness and was tempted three different times by Satan.
Each time, Satan tried to tempt Jesus to do something Jesus knew wasn’t the right thing for him to do.
Jesus had been in the wilderness fasting for 40 days.
He was super hungry and Satan said:
This would have been a sin because Jesus would have put His physical needs above His spiritual needs.
God had told Jesus to fast, so eating anything would have been sinful.
Jesus responded by saying:
Check this out: Jesus is quoting a verse from
Jesus fought off Satan’s temptation with Scripture that He had hidden in His heart.
He didn’t know this tempting test was coming.
Jesus wasn’t cramming the night before.
Temptation doesn’t work that way.
It doesn’t give you a reminder: “Hey, tomorrow at 5 p.m.
I will be there and be tempting you.”
It comes upon you unexpectedly, without warning, and repeatedly.
Satan does this to Jesus two more times:
This time Satan thinks, “OK, if you’re going to use Scripture, I’m going to use Scripture, too!”
This is where Satan gets this Scripture:
But check this out: Satan leaves out a very specific phrase in his quote of Psalm 91:11-12: “... in all your ways.”
God will protect you.
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