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Challenged for His Coming (Jan 13, 2019)

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All right. I want to thank you music since this morning. I tell you it's preparation for a heart to be open to God's word and to Worship the Lord and so it's a very pleasing and very important for us worship the music and song. So I can't thank you guys enough for all the preparation and things that you dying to get us a place where hopefully we're ready to hear and ready to let God speak to us today. Let's head on it ask you to turn into James chapter 5. I want to think about it very important. Teaching in scripture this morning, you know some things are so so good. They're just worth waiting for you guys, you know, maybe the sad thing you put in the oven and turn it on and it takes a while to get ready and your smelling it all over the house and you kind of experiencing it through your senses and you're just waiting and all of a sudden it's done and you take it out. You put it out you slice it up and you eat it, you know and then how how good it is, right. It was worth that way and that anticipation, you know, James gives a very important understanding to Christians today as well as he did in his day about something that's so important and so good and so radically different than anything that we've experienced that is worth the way and it's the second coming of Jesus Christ, you know, we thank God that he came in that he lived among I said that he was born as we celebrated and a humble of security. He lived his life and ministered and died on the cross was buried and then he rose from the dead the scripture goes on to say that not only that but he ascended into heaven and the Bible says he's waiting there until it's time for him to come back and that's an event that somewhere out in the future but it's certainly worth are waiting, you know, where the knowledge in the understanding of his return it brings encouragement to idolize. We think about that glorious event of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. It gives everyone of us as Christians hold hope that someday we'll be with him. Hope that someday he'll coming and right all the wrongs that we can plan about here on gas. Do you have a maybe you don't make a list but in your mind you can think about all the Injustice is all the things that just rub you the wrong way all the things that cause you ain't sir. I need your heart and they're going on today. And and and you know, the good news. Is that one day all that will it will stop when Jesus Christ comes all the Evil all the Injustice is all the prejudices all those things that we really really can't and don't control the day will be placed under his authority and he will rule and reign in a right way. The other knowledge of his return He is encouraging because one of the things that it does for us as Believers is that it gives us The calls are the reason of the way to end your suffering now, they always say things that are happening around is sometimes do cause us to be grieved or to be anxious or to be worried. And sometimes I am in many places on this Earth that the persecution against the church against other believers is so strong. And so powerful that many Believers are being killed for their faith and believe in Jesus Christ and it probably in the last 50 years in this world has been more Christians killed for their faith in her has throughout the rest of the generations. Can you imagine it go back in our minds that historically we think about ojala the Roman emperors persecuted Christians and how they threw me into the Coliseum and had them killed by wild animals in Bernal that is awful. But as far as there's never been a time when there's been so many Believers give up there. Why for the cause of Christ than the days that we live in today. How do they endure those things? They endure those things I believe because God is put firm in our hearts the understanding that he's coming again. And see what helps us in Deer the persecution we have to go through. I think it also helps us to enjoy our Salvation to enjoy the fact that we know Jesus Christ is our personal savior to to realize that that he died for us that he was buried and that he rose from the dead and that his second coming is is going to be the very thing that triggers I Resurrection. And so we can enjoy the fact that were saved in Jesus Christ by by the promise of his second company an event that we're looking forward to it helps us engage and service. It gives us a meaningful thing about our service for Jesus Christ that

gives us a reason to go out and to tell people about the good news. Play Jesus come we want to warn people right is coming. We want to warn people to be ready for his kind. And so it causes us to servants. All these things are beneficial when we understand the second coming of Jesus Christ and James being a practical as he is in his writings really challenges you and I based on the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. That was somebody says in James chapter 5. I just want to read a couple of verses this morning and then we're going to kind of move throughout the Bible just a little bit and then come back to these verses. I have been you look at James chapter 5 verse 7. It says there will be patient brother until the coming of the Lord see how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain. You also be patient establish your hearts for the coming of the Lord is at hand. Changes remaining it's listen to Hear What I Hear what he says the coming of the Lord. Is it in that way before you enlist pray? We'll come back and think about this Father in Heaven. Thank you today for the Glorious promise of the coming of Our Savior Jesus Christ the second coming of Our Savior Jesus Christ. Are we coming in power in mine? We thank you for the promise that we had that helps us to be faithful to you to be patient is James has patiently waiting for that event to happen. Now Lord. I just pray this morning that you remind us in these vs. And in your word this morning that we have this great. Hope of his coming Lord help us a hold on Lord help this truth to be an encouragement to our hearts that will give us strength and our inner person, but I pray for the scripture to be open this morning in Jesus name. Amen. You know, she looking as you think about the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ that there's promises of Jesus coming that we're at wherever you look we see promises of is coming at one of the places that we get a direct statement about the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is Jesus personally promises that he will return Think about Jesus giving his word. We think about you know, the faithfulness of the Lord Jesus Christ that he gave his word to us so we can count on what Jesus says you may remember is Jesus's about to leave from his first visit here on Earth that he spoke to his disciples and he brought them great comfort by reminding them hate this in the last time you're going to see me that I'm coming again and he says let not your hearts be troubled you believe in God believe also in me for in my father's house are many mansions as if it were not so I would have told you I'd go and prepare a place for you. If I go and prepare a place for you. I'll come again and receive you unto myself that where I am there. You may be also Jesus said look I'm leaving but I'm coming. I'm leaving to prepare a place for you, but I'm going to come again and I'm going to receive you to myself so that where I am you can be also Jesus promise is not only these Tell me the date he's coming for us and then he's coming for us so that we can be with him how wonderful is that in it? Encouraged. Jesus has verified and proved his faithfulness. I mean when he came and died on a cross and shed his blood and gave his life for us in that his statement of you can trust me that you can depend on me. And so he reminds us as Believers our Lord and savior. He's as what I'm doing for you. And that where I am you can be also now not only did Jesus personally. Give us his word that I'm coming back for you. But but also the angel said that Jesus is coming back the Angels Proclaim his return so Jesus and the angels that the Holy Angels by the way, I gave a proclamation about Jesus return the book of Acts chapter 1. Jesus is speaking the disciple. He died was very resurrected 40 days. He administered to the church and gave him some final instructions. And now we we see them together on a Mountainside and they're there and Jesus is speaking these last thing said in and he gives them their instructions and the Bible says that he began as it ascends into heaven. And at that Ascension there were Angels there as well and Looper Isis in Acts chapter 1 verse 11. He says this about Jesus Ascension and the angel speaking beginning of arson on he says now when he had spoken these things while they watch he was taking up on a cloud received him out of their side and while they looked steadfastly toward Heaven as he went up behold two men stood by them and white apparel who also said men of Galilee. Why do you stand gazing up into heaven this same Jesus who you who was taken up from you into heaven will so come in like manner as you saw him going to happen. So the Angels give us this great promise that you know, you see Jesus ascending and Habit to having this same Jesus not another Jesus not one like him, but this one personally is going to come back and and be with us and he's going to come back and do some significant incredible things here on Earth. So Jesus and the angels bear witness of this great promise that we have a Jesus return but but it even goes father because not only Jesus and the angels but listen the authors of scripture promises return. All the New Testament authors apart from Judy give a testimony in the writings about the second coming of Jesus Christ Paul and Peter and John and James and always they speak about the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ with frequency in the things that they've written to the charity. So so it's this truth that that's pound it is scripture over and over and over. Again. This problem is that Jesus is coming. Jesus is coming.

The count on that and live with that expectation every day because Jesus is coming to me and Jane says listen, I want you to be patient. I want you to be faithful and here's why because you have a promise have promised God is giving his word. The Angels is smoking the same word and Riders a new task of the word of God verifies what Jesus said also saw all these things are his were you know, is he looking at scripts or not only should we get excited about the the promise of his coming out of the Bible gives a lot of detail about how he's County in NY is coming that out exotic just as well that to have that unveiling and that unfolding understanding of not only the fact that he is coming but why you know, it's one thing to know something is going to happen and it's even better to know why it's going to happen. Right? I mean, you know, we can I get news about events are going to happen, but why? What were the best all found sometimes in the pattern of Jesus coming? How's it going to come? What's it going to look like when Jesus comes again will one of the things that you know, what kind of alluded to already is the fact that he'll return personally that Jesus is going to send an angel. It's not going to be there is going to be the trumpet of the angel that it's going to sound and there's going to be a voice but Jesus himself is going to return that angel and Acts chapter 1 verse 11 said this same Jesus will come and so he's going to come the way in the manner they left, you know, not only that but scripture gives us some inside in the fact that when he comes he'll return personally, but he'll return his return will be visible. In other words. There's going to be some flared his return right, you know, when Jesus came the first kind of what Mets player is coming buzzer. He was born in the manger wrapped in swaddling clothes. Install somewhere in Bethlehem. And that was his first entrance in the world but is second entrance is going to be quite quite different than his first entrance and it's going to be visible to be noticeable by the whole world and Revelation 1:7 says it's behold he is coming with clouds and every eye will see him even though he who pierced him and all the tribes of the earth will mourn before because of him even so Amen to in Revelation. The Bible says when he comes every day is going to be not not done somewhere quietly or put off somewhere in a corner, but when Jesus comes there's going to be no question about that. It's him even with unbelievers. Clear layer, even with those who do not trust them as their savior. They going to know that this event is a coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. It's going to be a worldwide and world-changing event. We're not going to have to wait to see it on CNN or Fox News or MSNBC or anything that will be able to see the manifestation of coming Lord Jesus Christ. And so every and every eye will see him his return will be visible in not only that but his return will be powerful in the sense of how it comes that he came how to Bethlehem in humility in obscurity. But yet as we see him the second time it will be in power Mark rice is in Jesus words as he speaks and Mark record this he says then they will see the son of man coming in the clouds with great power and Glory you say here's the manifestation of the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ in that way and that he's going to now manifest himself in in in power and Glory read a passage of scripture about how Jesus emptied himself of his glory. He made himself of no reputation. How do you check on the form of a servant? And how is OBD2 got even the point of death? But listen this sentence the Jesus is coming back. He's coming back in power and in great Glory.

And so will see him in that way. And so when will you see him and understand how he's coming? It gives us understanding of this great event. Let me give you one of the thing and then I want to get back to the verses in in James. But we also have to consider the purpose of his coming why Jesus come what was the purpose of that one of the purposes? I know that is that very thing that he will come show his sacrifice can be celebrated so that what he did for us can't can be celebrated. You know, the scripture says that every me Shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord the glory of God the father. So there's going to be a celebration and at his coming this celebration will culminate in him being praised and give him glory for what he's done for us and said he's coming so to the sacrifice he celebrated in the church even on Earth, but he's not celebrated everyone on the Earth. But in his second coming he will be because the Bible says that everyone will recognize him over there on the Earth above the Earth around the Earth every knee will bow and confess that he is Lord to the glory of God the Father. There's going to be a drive celebration when he comes again. Not only that but he'll come to raise the dad is exciting in it, you know in 1st Thessalonians. Had the Bible says that Jesus that they'll be this sound of the trumpet and that they'll be this shout that gives a call for the, Lord Jesus Christ now in 1st Thessalonians chapter 4 this coming is in the air. It's what we know and believe is the rapture of the church that will be taken out and we'll meet him in the air and then they'll be up here tribulation here on this Earth. And then after that he'll come the second time. But in this coming in the air for his church, it's also has to do with the resurrection. He says this process but I do not want you to be ignorant concerning those who have fallen asleep less. You should sorrow as others and having no hole. He goes on to say for if we believe that Jesus died and rose again even so God will bring with him. Those who sleep in Jesus are those those are the ones that Christians believe her to trust in Jesus Christ. I have left this life through natural death and the Bible said Paul says and 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord and if we're a child of God, and if we were to leave the day before this coming then we'll be with him in spirit and soul. Waiting for this resurrection. And so these are Jesus bringing Whitney were those are within now and what's that that he comes back and bring me those in the air it goes on to say for this we say by the word of the Lord that we here still alive and Renee. That's you and I right now we're alive and we remain here on this Earth until the coming of the Lord if we see the coming of the Lord and I will by no means proceed those who are asleep and Edwards those he's bring it and he's talkin about the resurrection what he saying is those that he brings with him that they out their bodies will be resurrected first, then those who are alive and remain what's going to happen to us. We're going to be changed. Write 6 hours for the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of the Archangel on the trumpet of God in the dead in Christ. Shall rise first. Then we are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the class of Meet the Lord in the air and dust we shall always be with the Lord there for Comfort one another these words. And so Paul's reminding is of his coming and that there's a resurrection associated with he's going to raise a deaf person is, he will come to reward the faithful reward the faithful those Loving and loyal Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. He's going to come and he's going to reward those right wit wit wit. Another thing that we ought to be encouraged by is that God has something for us when he comes again Revelation 22:12 says this and behold I am coming quickly and my reward is with me to give today everyone according to his works. So Jesus has reward Paul speaks about rewards in 1st Corinthians, 13 and 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 all must appear before the Judgment seat of Christ why so that will receive that reward or not receive that reward, but he's coming to reward those who are faithful. Another reason he's coming he's coming to he's coming to judge. He will come to judge the wicked. Apple writes in 2nd Corinthians chapter 2 for me. Excuse me chapter one. It it should be to the unbeliever. One of the most frightening passes is Noah Bible, but in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 1 he says is Eddie's riding to unbelievers are persecuting Christians, and he's riding to encourage Believers. He's saying that listen you're being persecuted now, don't worry. I'm going to right the wrong. I want to I want to take care of that and then here's what Paul says he says since it is a righteous thing with God to repay with tribulation those who trouble use talkin about Believers and persecutors. He says and to give you who are troubled rest with us when the Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven with his mighty angels in flaming fire taking Vengeance on those who do not know God and on those who do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. These shall be punished with Everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of his power when he comes in that day to be glorified in his Saints and to be admired among all those who believe because our testimony among you was believe Listen Paul is talking about when it is 9 looking at the construction of the Greek words here when Paul talks about.

Inverse a inverse 90 says they shall be punished with Everlasting destruction from presents the Lord what it means it means to be in a state of always being destroyed but never being annihilated. It is those who who reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What was spending eternity separated from God always being in the process of being destroyed but never being wiped out. I want you to think about that just for men always dying but never dead.

and Paul warns people about that very thing that when he comes he'll Jazz the wicked. And then finally is purpose also is that he will come to establish his kingdom.

Matthew 25 horse RT 1 Jesus says it is when the sign of Mankind's in his glory and all the Holy Angels with him. Then he was said on the throne of his glory. Is he Jesus? Will right those wrongs and he'll establish adjust in the Holy government, which he'll rain over his people and I'll be exciting all these things. Listen that that the word of God promises for the believer to Comedy of the Lord Jesus Christ, or are are so important. They're so good that they're worth waiting for Now finally back to James again real quickly. I promise. I'll be quick James chapter 5 real quick verse or 7 Universe 7. We find some things that James said he says therefore be patient. You see there's an X education for patients. James has look Jesus come just be patient just said that hey, you know Christmas is coming just be patient or we're going on vacation. Just be patient in about a week and it's your birthday next week. Just be patient. because it's going to be so good. It's worth waiting. So James has be pacing. Is it a vegetation patience means putting putting up with things for long. Of time music durrance long-suffering? James is saying listen.

Just realize that what you're going through now.

is worth going through For what's going to happen when Jesus comes again? So there's this excerpt ation for patient. James says be patient. Be patient. Therefore be patient. Therefore is remind us a Jesus is coming he says because Jesus is coming. Be patient. Hang in there. resetti also number seven. He gives an example for patients. He says in verse 7. He says therefore be patient bread until the coming of the Lord see how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain change. Talk to you song about Garden. Is he saying big BP patient unions plant your seeds yesterday, and I remember when Jack and I used to try to grow Garden way to finally realized the futility haven't gave you that but that when we used to try it out to grow a garden with prepare the the soil we plan to see that everyday and I read on the seat bag in there. You should she should be sprouting and so many days and be counting the days to see something poked out of the ground to get smell out of this at all. That work that I done really messing.

SE idea James said be patient all that you're doing for the glory of Jesus. Christ is going to give a yield be patient. He saying that there's going to come things following that be patient. And in this example is way was a farmer Duty Wade's big part of the Farmer's Life Experiences is waiting that listen to Farmer is never waiting on the couch. Comedian so is prop and he didn't plan is filled and then sit back and and sit down on the couch somewhere and wait for it to grow now. He's busy he is getting a reaping equipment ready. He's getting the next stage of growing process ready. And that's what we're to do is believe we wait but we don't wait wait wait prayerfully. We wait expectantly. We weigh in ministering to others. We wait serving the lord Jesus Christ right not just into pee on Sunday morning, but out in the world that we live in everyday, we're winning games people who need to know Jesus Christ as your savior. We saw the sea, we encourage the message we bear witness of Jesus Christ. We encourage other believers. This is saying in our life walking, so that's how we patiently wait and so he reminds is that very thing. He gives us an example of patience and then reverse side finally. He he he he makes us realize that were established for patients and how to do that to be established. You know, that's that's a great idea citizen vs. 86. You also be patient establish your heart for the coming of the Lord is and ones that mean establish your heart. Do you know when we think about heart in the Bible is always has to do right with our our our inner person than our soul spirit. It has to do with who we are and James says establish that that there ought to be certain things that we do specially when it comes to our Hardy says it's a hard one of the ways that we can establish are hard. Is that that that we provide for the heart. Another words that are certain things that if we won a strong mind healthy heart love for Jesus Christ. I want two things you have to do in this provision. We have to feed it. Feed it. Right. You heard a heart healthy food about that on the day so good in it box of cereal heart healthy, but yeah it is and so what are we doing for my the right food for it for a horse to be established because James need it for these Believers are going to an onslaught of persecution. There were going to be all kinds of opportunities from the throw up and turn her back and say forget it. What James says establish your heart because Jesus is coming. And so that establishing a heart has to do with how we feed our Hardware. We focus our minds on what what's the things that were putting into to irr person? How's it going to help us not walking relationship with Jesus Christ. How much does the word are we getting in our minds and hearts and then it also has to do with the fact that we need to pursue persist without a heart and I would stay at it. That's that's that other thing that we don't like to do for our heart and I say exercise in exercise. No doubt. I can tell you love it and have their hearts exercise through Trials 2 trials. It's not that we want trials, right how many of you want to if I said come forward this morning and receive your trial, you know, it probably be about like most responses we have on Sunday morning. Wake up. I want to try I don't want to suffer. I don't want to I don't have to stretch my faith. I don't want it. I don't want to do that. It hurts. It's painful. It's difficult. Let me tell you guys going to prepare you to do anything in this Kingdom and accomplish anything for his glory. It's going to come through learning about him through trials. And that's at the idea of being persistent where to press those times. Find out what the reward is and then finally we have to the Bible talks about our heart being a spring at a beautiful thing spring and and we have to guard our hearts because you know, the thing about a spring is that it gives off wonderful wonderful. Clean Keurig Water. The problem is that some where the spring comes out of the ground. And maybe there's an opportunity before you can get to that water can become polluted.

And if we don't guard our hearts. Then it'll be completed. My great-grandmother had a place she lived on far as I know all of her life. We father bought this farm from the family after she passed away many years ago never had electricity, but she has Spring House. And that Spring House was bugged and there were Stones plays for the water be so so high as you put her milk and things like that. But the very thing that she needed to keep it from being polluted as they build a roof over. Do all the trash from falling and all the stuff and fall in? Because she needed that water to be pure. See if we don't guard our hearts as Believers in there's opportunity for our hearts and thoughts become in pure. We get so in that there's so much junk falling in our minds and Horizon in our vision in our ears today in the world. We live in today. If we're not careful. We can attach some validity to those things are we can begin to hold onto things that we shouldn't hold on to that really cause our minds and our hearts be polluted. You see if we're going to establish our hearts and Lord have to be on guard. Let's be ready to do what it takes to protect our lives are our heart issues. And as we do that, then we're going to find out that What flows through our life remaining of thoughts are going to be things that are going to establish us until the coming of the Lord. So James reminds us of that. He says be patient. Jesus is coming.

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