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            In another place, changing the metaphor, Paul says he is in the pangs of childbirth until Christ be formed in his people (Gal. 4:19).  Mothers may not like the pangs of childbirth, but I’ve yet to meet one whose self-esteem was wounded because of them.

            Grow up – that’s what my friend was saying.  Be realistic.  Your enemies are many:  the world, the flesh, the Devil, and sometimes even Mother Church, in a sense.  She doesn’t always soothe and serve milk and chocolate-chip cookies . She can be touchy and demanding.  Once one realizes that, her occasional snits and tantrums become a lot less hard to take.  It’s burden enough to serve Christ and his now less-than-perfect bride.  Don’t add to it the extra weight of feeling betrayed.

Leadership, Fall 1994, page 154

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