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Jesus Guilty

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Was Jesus guilty?


3 signs of guilt for a convicted criminal.

1) You must carry your cross through the streets – God made sure someone else did that

2) There must be a sign put in public display listing your crimes – God made sure that there was no guilt on the sign, He used Pilot’s sarcasm to communicate the rugged truth about Jesus Christ. The sign said in Aramaic, Greek, and Latin, lest anyone in that multi-lingual, multi cultural city miss it.  -- Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews.

3) The execution must be a public display, convicted criminals were not dispatched in secret, they were to be made public spectacles. – God made sure that a thick blanket of impenetrable darkness covered over 3 of the 6 hours of Jesus’ agony.

God made sure that while the execution must take place, his son was not guilty.

God’s in control, and I love it.

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